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GRX1200R Customer Favorite

GRX950Li Electric Golf Trolley
  For over three years, the GRX-1200R has been CartTek's best selling Remote Control golf caddy. The 1200's tubular steel frame makes it the workhorse of all remote control golf caddy's.  The GRX1200R is CartTek's solution for the avid golfer, golfing 2....

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Sale Price: $799
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GRI975Li NEW Electric Golf Trolley

GRX1250 Li New Remote Control
CartTek's latest foray in the Electric Golf Trolley Market is the GRI975Li.  The beautiful GRI975Li has a stylish European design.  The GRI975Li electric motorized golf trolley has dual one hundred watt integrated motors and gearboxes....

Manfacturer Price: $1295
Sale Price: $999
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Become a Walking Golfer in 2014!     Here’s Why;

Improve Your Health: Stay fit, walk over 5 miles a round - burn calories.


Improve Your Game: Stay connected with the course. Walking golfers have a better feel for the course. You will lower your handicap.


Save Money: A CartTek Caddy or Trolley will pay for itself in one year - No more cart fees.


Buy With Confidence: Get a quality caddy or trolley for your course. Let us help you decide which model is best for you.  Dependable Customer Service.  Call 541-633-4308


Enjoy Free Shipping: Free Shipping in the Continental United States.  Discounted Shipping fees for Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.  Yes... We do ship to Canada.  Call 541-633-4308


At CartTek we believe that a walking golfer is a happier golfer. CartTek wants your golfing experience to be effortless and relaxing as you walk down the fairway to make your next shot or sink that birdie putt. Electric Golf Caddies save your back and shoulders the strain you experience from pushing or pulling an electric trolley cart.  With an electric push cart or a remote control golf cart you still feel great at the 18th hole.  You will have enough energy for 27!

Walking a golf course not only improves your health, but also improves your connection to the game.  Traditionally golf was designed as a walking game.  Studies prove that walking golfers actually lower their handicap, which we all know makes for a serene golfer.  Walking the course also gives you the added benefit of enjoying the beauty of the course. Not only do walking golfers have more fun and experience a better game, walking golfers save money on cart rental fees.  A typical remote control golf cart owner that plays twice a week and rents a cart will recoup their money in one season.


If you'd like to talk to our customer service representatives or learn more about CartTek, you can contact us at 541-633-4308. To optimize your golfing experience, our staff will help you to select the right remote control caddy or trolley for your style and your course. Whether you'd like more information or are ready to purchase a remote controlled golf cart or electric golf trolley, please call us today at 541-633-4308.