golf ball falling into hole after putt on green
Today at our Demo Day, I had a conversation with a friendly fellow, who we will call Jay, wanted to debate that a power caddy is for “Lazy” folks. Here at Cart-Tek, we whole-heartedly disagree with that statement. If we were to ask you if you wanted to play better, would you say yes? Jay certainly did. Most people seem to think that new oversized driver, or the fancy new putter developed by engineers from NASA is the only thing that can improve their game. Those same folks may not realize that an electric cart can also help. When do you end up making the most mistakes? Is it near the end of the round, usually when you are tired from carrying or pushing your bag? Stressed from climbing the hills while lugging your heavy golf bag? When you take the load off of your body, you’re able to save both physical and mental energy. Now imagine for a minute that you can focus that energy on your swing. Do you think you’ll be able to improve your game? At the end of the conversation, Jay decided to give our GRi-1500Li a try for a round. Jay was extremely impressed with how fresh he still felt, the ease of use and how much fun the remote caddy added to his game. He even indicated that it was one of the faster rounds that he has played so far this year as he was able to increase his walking pace overall. At the end of the day, Jay decided to place and order with us for a new GRi-1500Li in Black. I’m happy that we were able to educate someone that power carts aren’t only for lazy folks, but for those who would like help increasing their enjoyment of this wonderful game we call golf.
June 14, 2018 — Natalie Montoya

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