Best Time of Day for Golf - Electric Golf Caddies & Trollies

Best Time of Day for Golf - Electric Golf Caddies & Trollies

Get inside tips on the best time of day to play golf this summer. Shop the best remote-control electric golf trollies & caddies from Cart Tek for your golf game.
Best Drivers of 2019

Best Drivers of 2019

Last month, we reviewed the three best mallet putters of 2019. Next we turn to drivers. If you’re looking to go the distance with your next driver, take your pick from these top-rated drivers. Callaway Epic Flash Flash is the new flagship driver for Callaway, and with good reason. The increased ball speed you will experience from connection was developed by a supercomputer using the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI was able to fix age-old problems that occurred from simply not having enough viable research to optimize ball speed. The Flash also includes a stiff club head that creates more face flex, weight savings from a triaxial carbon crown, and a 16-gram sliding weight for adjustable balancing. Cleveland Launcher HB Cleveland Golf is best known for its wedges, but if you need a forgiving and powerful driver, look to this brand as well. The top model 460cc Launcher HB gives you an extremely light hosel, a HiBore crown and Flex-Fin sole design that optimizes impact compression for unprecedented power from this line. The Launcher HB is great for middle- and high-handicap players who are looking for more ball speed. Mizuno ST 190 The ST 190 is the most advanced driver from Mizuno to date. The SP700 titanium face increases the strength of the driver by about 10% over your traditional 6.4 titanium. You save a great deal of weight from the carbon composite crown, and the sole design is created to resemble an accordion for a more forgiving launch. Mizuno also provides a back weight to increase stability on shots that are a bit off center. Srixon Z 785 The Z 785 is designed for professionals by professionals. It is defined as a 460cc club, but its smaller profile gives it a higher workability than the Z 585, Srixon's game improvement club for higher handicappers. The extremely lightweight carbon crown works well with the Ti51AF Cup Face to give you improved speed as well as a low spin flight pattern for greater distance and accuracy. You also have the customization system and quick tune adjustment features to play around with, giving you the opportunity to tweak the loft dynamics and weight on your drive. Titleist TS2 The TS2 is arguably the best driver from the most well-known brand in the game, and that’s saying something. The Speed Chassis alone required two years to upgrade. The SureFit hosel, super thin and lightweight titanium crown, fully adjustable swing weight and customizable face thickness give you one of the most advanced 460cc shapes on the market. The level of forgiveness on this club alongside its great workability means that it’s great for professionals and recreational players who are looking for that perfect piece of technology to improve their game. You can’t go wrong with any of these top-rated drivers in your golf bag - so pick the one that is best for your unique style of play!
Putting Drills to Practice at Home or in the Office

Putting Drills to Practice at Home or in the Office

When the elements keep you indoors and off the golf course, hone your putting skills at home or in the office with these simple daily indoor putting drills. While you can practice on carpet, I recommend purchasing an inexpensive putting mat to most closely simulate the feel, control and speed of an actual putting green.

Distance Control

You can work on your distance control with several different exercises. First, place a something flat and small like a business card or playing card on the mat several feet away, then try putting the ball so that it stops on the card. Second, place a ball on top of a coin on the mat. Putt a second ball towards and as close to it as possible without knocking the first ball off the coin. Finally, just start putting around the room. Find different targets at various distances and practice, over and over again. All of these drills can help improve your putting accuracy.

Straight Line

To work on the straightness of your putt, place a yardstick or a three-foot strip of painters’ tape on the mat. Practice putting the ball from one end to the other along the yardstick or tape to find the sweet spot on your putter. If the ball veers right, then you’re making contact with the heel of putter and conversely, if it rolls left, you’re putting with too much of the toe. Try lining up additional yardsticks or three-foot strips of tape to practice from six, nine and more feet from the hole.

Putting Stance

Keep your putter close by and practice your stance as many times a day as you can in order to build strong muscle memory. Take advantage of the many online videos and tutorials that can help you with the correct putting stance and set-up and then practice in front of a full-length mirror as well as behind the ball. It’s also a good idea to also stretch really well before and after your practice drills.

Try some of these indoor putting drills to improve your game while you’re waiting to get out on the course and check out my previous post for more tips on perfecting your putt. Remember, practice your golf putting drills daily!

Build a Better Winter Golf Training Program

Build a Better Winter Golf Training Program

It’s halfway through winter and you may be itching to get out to make progress on your golf game but there’s snow on the ground and it’s 20 degrees outside. How can you prevent being rusty with your shots and putting once spring arrives? The answer is a simple one: Build a better winter golf training program for your game. Here are several tips for staying at the top of your game over the cold winter months. Hit the Gym. Even just a few days a week can be the difference between having power in your swing and stamina for the game or heading onto the course rusty and out of shape. Strength training and cardio for endurance are essential to performing well, in golf and in life. There are numerous exercises for building and strengthening muscles, including squats and lunges, core work and dumbbell raises. Find a trainer who can put together a program for you to work on your shoulders, back, abdomen and legs. Then after the strength training, hit the treadmill and work up to several miles without stopping. Remember, it’s important to stretch before and after each workout to prevent injury. Practice Indoors. Leave your remote control golf caddy in the garage while you visit an indoor driving range or set up a putting green in your family room to practice because it’s all about maintaining that muscle memory for your swing or put. Many major urban areas have indoor driving ranges where you can work on your swing throughout the cold winter months. If you can’t find an indoor facility near you, then try setting up a putting green at home with a chipping turf mat you can find online. Then practice, over and over again. Take a Vacation. This tip may seem like an obvious one, but it truly is a great way to get in some real practice and continue to improve your game. There are many warm-weather golf destinations to visit in the winter, from Florida to the Bahamas and Arizona to Baja, for some great rounds of golf. It’s also a great way, given the time and expense, to benchmark where you’re at with your game and what you can continue to work on the rest of the winter. Take your own clubs and golf bag on the trip! Watch Lots of Videos. It goes without saying that you can learn by watching the pros. In between your workouts and indoor practice, watch as many videos with professional golfers as possible, studying their technique and learning new tips. There are virtually hundreds of golf videos online and great instructional videos you can purchase as well. With a little bit of planning and a healthy dose of discipline, you can build a winter golf training program that keeps you strong, sharp and in practice for your game come spring.

Best Golf Shoes on the Market

When shopping for your next pair of golf shoes, you’ll want to keep some main points in mind. You can always play a round of golf in any pair of athletic shoes, but if you are serious about the sport, investing in some golf shoes will keep your feet happy round after round. Even if you plan on using an electric golf trolley, you'll definitely want to invest in a good pair of golf shoes! Golf shoes are specifically designed for the amount of walking that takes place, as well as the way the golfer swings their body, pivots, and twists. Golf shoes are designed to handle the pivots and twists, keeping the movement fluid and easy on grass. The sole of the golf shoe is much different than your normal athletic shoe, it typically has a wide, rubber sole that allows the shoe to grip the grass, preventing any slipping. Golf shoes use to have metal spikes on the sole, for an even better grip, but those are no longer allowed on courses. Instead, there are often rubber or plastic spikes on the sole. Comfort is key, so make sure you try on several pairs before you purchase the ones you are going to be stuck with long-term. The style is important as well, so have fun looking at your options and settle on the ones that give you both style and comfort. The following four shoes were rated as the best golf shoes for this year, so check out the brief descriptions and consider trying some on before you invest in a pair. FOOTJOY TOUR S CLEATED TPU SADDLE STRAP These shoes are liked by many professional players for their style and comfort. The classic style offers a lightweight shoe that doesn’t take forever to break in on the course. These are waterproof, which is a great option for wet golfing conditions. These run about $270. PUMA IGNITE POWER ADAPT DISC These are also a waterproof golf shoe, and well-liked by many serious golfers. They have adjustable disc closures that give the shoe a tight, snug fit. They give off a bouncy effect which makes your feet comfortable and feel lightweight. Puma also makes this shoe for women and they run about $150 per pair. ADIDAS GOLF TECH RESPONSE These shoes are a great investment for several reasons, one is the fact that they are very affordable. Each pair runs about $100 and has been called one of the most comfortable options for a golf shoe. They are mostly mesh which provides a lightweight feel and gives more flexibility across the entire shoe. The mesh also allows for breathability and they make it in women’s sizes as well. ECCO GOLF BIOM HYBRID 3 GTX This shoe is made for women and has been popular with both casual and professional golfers. Known for good support and style, they are also 100% waterproof. They provide a generous base with a wide sole and are made from Gore-Tex. These will run you about $180.

Make a Date with the Driving Range

Perhaps your swing hasn’t been feeling right lately, or you just feel like you need some extra practice, but whatever the case, there’s nothing wrong with getting in some time at the driving range. Spending time practicing is the best way to get comfortable with your swing and brush up on the minute details that can make a big difference out on the course. The driving range is also a wonderful place to practice your mental game as well as your swing so that when you’re out on the course again, you’re even more prepared for that difficult shot. Something to always keep in mind during the game of golf is your mental game. If you are feeling off mentally, it can really disrupt your game out on the course, so while you’re busy taking practice swings, work on how you view your game. Take the time to go through your clubs and feel the difference between each one. Focus your thoughts in an organized and positive way to your mental strength is at its peak while on the course. This is a huge part of any sport, but it’s often overlooked when thinking about the perfect golf game.

Stretch It Out!! It’s very important for your muscles to stretch before you start swinging, whether it’s at the range or at the course because your body will always respond better to practice if it’s loosened up. Take the time to start with smaller swings, and slowly stretch out your muscles. Try just swinging a club back and forth until you feel warmed up enough. Use your remote-control golf caddy to support yourself as you stretch out your leg muscles.

Start Swinging!! After you’ve warmed up, it’s time to work your way through all of your irons. Try starting with your 9 and then continue with your lowest to your highest. Take a variety of shots and you will notice you’ll start to get into a groove. You can always begin with chip shots and then slowly work your way up to take a swing. Taking shots with each one of your irons gives you the opportunity to focus on your swing and realign your stance if necessary. You can watch the way the ball falls, and notice if it’s hooked or not, which will then tell you if you need to adjust the way you are standing. A great drill to try is to pick three different areas of the range and practice hitting the ball there as if it were a hole on the course. Try to get everything right, your stance, your swing, everything. If this is a drill that you can do consistently, it will really start to help your swing motions.

Practice That Putt!! Some people forget how important putting can be. If you’re at the practice range be sure to devote around 15 minutes just to your putting game. We all know that putting can make or break your game, so take the time to practice it, a little bit of practice goes a long way. Routine and consistency are key so make sure you give it the full 15 minutes each time. Try working on your longer putts while you’re at the practice range. Line up 10 balls and try putting them from farther away. You could also try focusing on your technique because that will help with the longer distance putts. With a few reminders, your body will create muscle memory and your putt will become consistent and accurate. So go ahead and make that date with the Driving Range, you’ll be glad you did!

3 Ways to Continue Walking the Golf Course During Your Later Years

3 Ways to Continue Walking the Golf Course During Your Later Years

As you grow older, you may experience some problems with endurance when walking the golf course. While there are golf carts available, you would rather continue walking the greens to experience the beauty of the course and to provide your body with the exercise it needs. We have gathered 3 tips for walking a golf course into your later years. Lighten the Load It's true that you can carry the full set of golf clubs in your bag. Yet do you really need to? Many golfers can trim down the number of clubs they need to 8 or 9. With less clubs, your golf bag will feel lighter as it will take the load off your back. Your body will feel better as you can keep up your endurance. Use an Electric Golf Caddy If you can't simply do without having all your clubs at the golf course, you can place your golf bag on an electric or remote-controlled caddy. Then you will have none of the bag weight sitting on your back while you walk to each hole. You just have to steer the electric caddy along the path. Walk Shorter Courses Another option is to pick a golf location that still offers 18 holes, yet it has shorter courses. Then you can save your energy and strength while still enjoying the walk along the links in your later years. Before you consider walking the golf course into your later years, always consult with your doctor if you have any medical conditions that could be impacted. In addition, always listen to your body if you experience any aches or sudden pains. Take your time and take breaks while you allow other groups to pass through so you don't hold up their game.
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Seek Out The Best Tee Times in Las Vegas

Everyone loves Las Vegas for the entertainment, night life and casino action. Yet golfers also flock to Las Vegas due to the fantastic golf opportunities that can be found throughout the Sin City. There are over 50 courses for players to practice their swing, set up a game with business clients, or book a golf vacation. Yet certain times of the year are more ideal to set a tee time than others, as knowing when to go will allow you to save money, avoid the crowds and enjoy great weather in this frenetic city.

Best Tee Times and Seasons - Las Vegas

Typically, there is hardly any rain to contend with in Las Vegas that can spoil your game. Even the wettest month there will only result in about a half-inch of rain at worst. Summers are extremely hot with temperatures averaging well above 100 while winters are cool yet still comfortable. One thing to take note is that it can get very windy in this state all year round, and the wind is very unpredictable as it can get as gusty as 90 mph. Check out the following breakdown of the best tee times and weather based on the season.

Spring: March - May

When spring weather arrives, people are out on the golf course in droves. Definitely a crowded season, spring rates rise just like the warmer temperatures. In fact, golf courses can get very pricey, as you need to shop around for the best rates and an open tee time. There is no specific time of the day to get the best chance at a round of golf during this season. Just keep in mind that the temperatures can drop into the 40s or lower at night so you want to layer up for the cooler weather. The high temperatures usually range from the 50s in March to the high 80s in May during this season.

Summer: June - August

It's hot out there, baby! June temperatures are in the 100s and it gets even hotter in July and August. So people aren't standing out on the golf courses during the heat of the day. Instead, they are seeking the coolest spots in pools and enclosed, air conditioned spaces. If you can stand the heat, book a tee time early in the day. Mornings can let you play a few rounds before the heat gets to you. If you play during the day, seek out the best methods to stay cool by keeping hydrated, resting in shady spots, taking breaks and cooling yourself down with a wet towel on the head.

Fall: September - November

Fall temperatures drop so hotels are booking more people as golf courses will become crowded this time of year. Also, golf rates will begin to rise as you'll have to look for courses that offer the challenges you want at the prices you can afford. The interesting thing about the Fall golf season is that people will be getting more tee times in the early morning hours so they will be finished in the afternoons to pursue other entertainment, such as watching football and hockey games at the sports bar. So booking a tee time in the afternoon is the best option when you want to get a game in.

Winter: December - February

Golf courses don't close down in the winter in Las Vegas except on holidays. The cool temperatures appeals to many golfers who will bundle up and spend the entire day on the course. So you still might find high prices at certain golf course. Shop around and compare the rates and tee times to pick the right place for a few swings of the iron. There is so much to love about Las Vegas, including the professional golf courses that are available. So get your electric trolley or Remote Control Electric Golf Trolleys from Cart Tek and get out to the Sin City for a few rounds. You'll love the weather when stepping up to the tee.

The Top 8 Benefits Of Using A GPS Golf Watch

Happy New Golf Year

Golfing gadgets are being created constantly to help golfers improve their skills and find enjoyment during their game play. One type of device that is constantly getting a makeover is the rangefinder. Rangefinders are used to calculate the distance to the green so golfers can select the right club to use to improve their pars and beat their friends. For years, laser rangefinders were used to create the calculations. They could be held up in one hand while a person stood at the tee, or the rangefinder was in the shape of binoculars that were held in front of the face.

With the growing technologies, these laser finders have been slowly replaced by GPS golf watches. These watches can do mostly the same thing as their larger cousins while offering a host of other benefits. As more technological advances are done to improve the way people play golf, these GPS golf watches will increase their design capabilities. Here are some of the benefits to using a GPS golf watch.

1: Portability

It can't get much easier than slapping on the watch and taking it to the golf course. Portability is the top benefit that these watches have over handheld devices. The watch is lightweight and thin, so it doesn't feel cumbersome to wear as all a person has to do is flip their wrist to check out the information featured on the display. It also can speed up the golf game as the golfer doesn't have to constantly go to their bag to get the larger type of rangefinders and then placing them back into the bag to make the shot. A GPS golf watch is definitely something a person won't be able to lose when walking along their favorite courses.

2: Functionality

Every GPS watch will offer different capabilities to be competitive in the product market. So a golfer will have to compare devices to find out what each watch has to offer. Basic features will include yardage information, stopwatch meter, odometer, and of course tell the person the time. There may also be advanced features based on the manufacturer that could include a scorecard that will let you input the information right into the touchscreen without worrying about hitting a multitude of buttons, flag pin locations and the ability to connect to other mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

3: Simple Design

Nobody wants to fiddle with an over-complicated and flashy device that is more of a distraction than it is a benefit. The GPS golf watches are a simple design and they come in black and white colors. The fact that a person can just touch the screen or the convenient buttons to instantly get the information is a plus when you are playing a competition against golf friends. Also, the watch will go with most golfing attire as it won't clash against a golfer's great fashion sense when out on the green.

4: Durability

If a golfer wants durability, they will find it with the GPS golf watch. It has a long-lasting battery life so you won't find it shutting down by the 12th hole. Also, most watches are water resistant. So if a golfer happens to lose a ball right at the edge of a water hole, they can retrieve it without worrying about the watch getting wet and malfunctioning.

5: Affordability

The GPS golf watch is more affordable right now than other GPS devices because they are still considered new to the golf market. With many people already having golf rangefinders, manufacturers are trying to coax new golfers and those people looking to replace their old rangefinder devices with these golf watches. As technology becomes more advanced and when the GPS golf watch gains in popularity, a person may find the prices will increase as brands become more competitive with each other. A person can wait to see what new watches come on the market or take advantage of a GPS golf watch now as the prices are still low.

6: Course Database

A golfer doesn't have to input information about the resort or club where they are playing a course. The watches are pre-loaded with a course database so the golfer can pull up thousands of courses right on their wrist. They don't even have to tell the watch about the golf course that they are playing. The GPS golf watch will automatically recognize the course that the person is playing and instantly provide the information about the back, front and center and greens in moments.

7: Memberships and Warranties

Most watches won't come with added fees except the purchase price, while others will have membership plans and warranties. While some golfers may find this a hassle, others will enjoy the added benefits in case something happens to the device and it needs repaired or replaced. Always compare the membership fees to decide whether it is something that a person wants to take part in.

8: Software Compatibility

Many of the GPS golf watches will be compatible with other devices such is an iPhone. The type of connectivity a golfer will have will be based on the watch and the manufacturer, so check out to see which personal computers and mobile devices will work the best with the devices before purchasing. Then a person doesn't have to worry about having a device that is not compatible.

GPS Golf Watches Will Appeal To Plenty Of Golfers

From the beginners to the pros, golfers across the country will find numerous benefits leaving the old rangefinders at home and strapping on a GPS golf watch. The number of manufacturers will increase the more this golfing gadget becomes a trend on the golf course. So the number of products that will be on the market will slowly increase. With all the benefits that the watch can give to a person's game, never forget that a person has to decide on the best way to play the course. So use the golfing gadget to its fullest to make the game more enjoyable to play while seeking out to improve skills and shots. In time a golfer may use the device less and less while feeling more confident in their gameplay.

Top Ten Myrtle Beach, SC Golf Courses

Beautiful View Of The Golf Course To The Sea And Palm Trees. Por Talk about Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and you will have dozens of people telling you their own personal stories about spring break. Yet Myrtle Beach also inspires tales of glory and competition for those who love wielding a nine iron. Golf courses abound in Myrtle Beach as this location has well over 100 courses to select from based on skill level, price, and every other preference in-between. When you place the clubs in the car and put your foot on the gas for a road trip across the country, you have to stop at the following 10 golf courses that make Myrtle Beach a memorable golfing experience. Once you've played these courses, you can compare them to each other and create your own list of the must-play locations during certain parts of the golf season so you can enjoy your time out on the links.

Caledonia Golf & Fish Club Bring a bit of historic plantation life to your golf game at the Caledonia. Spanish moss-draped oak trees, an antebellum clubhouse, and the relics of rice plantations can be found among the 6,526 yards of playable courses. Designed by architect Mike Strantz, Caldeonia is where you can find rich history, good old-fashion cooking and golf times among a course that can challenge your skills.

Grande Dunes Located along Grand Strand is the longest course in the country at 7,618 yards. Grande Dunes has a resort style layout with intracoastal views of the waterway that can take your breath away. The course was designed by Roger Rulewich and can be considered very challenging due to the high winds, water hazards and multi-level fairways. The course is located north of the Myrtle Beach International Airport if you want to take a quick flight out to get in a few rounds on the course.

The Dunes Golf & Beach Club Oaks and coastal terrain greet golfers at the revered Dunes Golf & Beach Club. It was designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. and has been named one of the top 100 courses since 1948. The course has hosted the Senior Tour Championship and the 2014 PGA Professional National Championships. The course sports water holes, elevated greens, and penal bunkers that will test even the fiercest golf warrior.

Heritage Club Along Pawley's Island is the Heritage Club where you can enjoy rolling green hills and enjoyable cocktails. Avoid the water holes and you could find a great time here as you sharpen your skills among the tall oaks. You will put this course on your list to go to year after year to unwind from a hard day's work.

True Blue Plantation Looking for more golf after leaving the Caledonia? Then head on across the street and play at the True Blue Plantation. Although these two golf courses are located so close to each other, they both have different elements that set them apart. Also designed by Mark Strantz, the course has many surprises that can make it entertaining each time you pick up the golf clubs. You will discover hidden greens and pitfalls that will leave you chuckling and determined to conquer the course.

Rivers Edge Golf Course Head up to the northern tip of the Grand Strand and you will find the Rivers Edge located among the marshes and low country. Erik Larsen and Arnold Palmer designed this location as they made the course go with the flow of the land without removing dirt. The rolling hills and fairways will appeal to people of all skill levels as the Rivers Edge will let you find the right holes to truly show off your skills.

Barefoot Resort Want to find the best elevated greens combined with some remarkable tree-lined fairways that may be considered the best in Myrtle Beach? Then try the Barefoot Resort. Considered one of the top 100 courses by Golf Magazine, the Barefoot Resort has chipping areas and turtle-back greens located among old plantation relics that were recreated to give a southern flavor to your golf game. Take off your shoes and hit the course, or leave them on. Whatever way you desire to play golf, you will make the most out of your golf game when you visit this resort.

Tidewater Golf Course & Plantation When you are not taking photos of the marshes and forested bluffs at the Tidewater, you are getting your golf arm ready to play a rigorous game. The Tidewater has 7,000 yards of playable terrain that also provides you with the gorgeous scenery of the Intracoastal Waterway and the sailboats. When concentrating on the course, you will find twists, bends and rises, as each course is unique. You will find the one that you will want to play again and again, but first let the other golfers have a swing at it.

TPC Myrtle Beach Travel south from the Myrtle Beach International Airport to Murrells Inlet and you will find the TPC Myrtle Beach course. Tom Fazio designed this course back in 1990 as it had the honor of hosting the 2000 Senior Tour Championship. If you are looking to really show off your golf skills, this course will challenge you with its abundance of water along the back side. The semi-island green will test your mettle to see if you can make it in two shots on the par-3 17th.

Pine Lakes Country Club Looking to get nostalgic with your golf game? Head out to the Pine Lakes Country Club that was the very first course located in Myrtle Beach. Once called Ocean Forest in 1927 and nicknamed "The Grandaddy," part of the course was created by PGA inaugural President Robert White as it was later revised by architect Craig Schreiner. Go along the 6,675 yards as you will find amazing hazard placement and contouring. You will step back in time when playing this course.

Enjoying Golf In Myrtle Beach Since there are so many wonderful golf courses located in Myrtle Beach, you will probably find one that is on top of your favorite's list that was not mentioned here. Take advantage of great golf located all throughout this area as you will find the one that will appeal and challenge your current skill level. Get outside and play this great game throughout the year while avoiding the college crowds on spring break that have been hitting the beaches. When the crowds depart, the golf courses will remain as you will create long-lasting memories and great stories about your golf game that will inspire others to pick up their own golf bags, dust them off, and head out to Myrtle Beach. Remote Controlled Golf Cart | Bag For Electric Golf Trolley