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If you are a golfer currently using a three-wheel push cart with only manual mode capabilities, and play on a flat to moderately hilly golf course - you may want to consider an Electric Golf Push Cart. Think of electric golf carts as your three wheeler, but with an electric motor - no more pushing and putting extra stress on your shoulders, neck, and back! The Electric Golf Trolley takes all of the pushing out of your round. Walk freely beside the electric push cart and occasionally adjust direction with a simple twist of the handle while you focus on the next tee.

Here at Cart Tek, every Electrical Golf Cart has the following:

  • Lithium ion battery
  • Battery life equal to about 36 holes
  • Variable speed
  • Cruise control
  • Fully adjustable handle heights

Some options include:

  • Distance Control Function (DCF)
  • Automatic downhill braking or down hill control.
  • High end materials such as Titanium!

You can also stop the lithium battery powered electric trolley with a simple push of a button and resume at the same speed. And with the DCF you can send your golf bag cart out on a short timer.

The electric golf cart affords a quick and easy transition from carrying your bag or pushing a three wheel cart or even pulling a two wheeler. An electric golf caddy cannot tell you the distance to the pin but will help you feel stronger as you walk up the 18th fairway.

If are deciding on an electric vehicle for your golf clubs and you have a lot of steep downhills to contend with, consider the new GRi-975Li with it's downhill braking, or AMB. It is our best electrical golf cart Take a closer look at our line-up to see which electric cart is right for you.

If lightweight is a necessity, make sure to check out the Galaxy Titan, the lightest electric golf caddie on the US Market!

In addition to our high quality electric carts, we have a selection of remote control caddies, golf cart accessories (scorecard holder, umbrella holder, etc.), parts, and more to up your golf game. Golfers are our first priority, so use one of Carttek's electric vehicles. You and other golf cart owners will not be disappointed!

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