1500 V3



Take Your Game to the Next Level with the Revolutionary 1500 V3 Golf Caddy from Cart Tek

Introducing the revolutionary new 1500 V3 golf caddy from Cart Tek - the ultimate accessory for golf enthusiasts! With the help of valuable customer feedback avid golfers, we've made significant upgrades to our GRi-1500LiV2 to bring you one of the best electric golf caddies in the industry.

Crafted from high-quality, precision-welded, aviation-grade 6061 aluminum, the 1500 V3 boasts the most rugged and durable aluminum frame on the market. The sleek design hides both electric motors inside the axle tube, providing extra protection against the elements, while the efficient 24v high-torque motors and 10.4 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion battery deliver exceptional performance, with battery life lasting up to 36 holes depending on your course.

Experience complete control with the programmable, rechargeable remote control and active Steer Assist technology that ensures your electric golf caddie goes straight over even hilly terrain, while the active downhill speed control and braking system offers superior safety. This electric trolley also features four factory speed settings, or you can customize your own, adjustable turning force, and electronic tracking, providing you with total command on the course. Weighing in at only 21.5 lbs, the 1500 V3 is lightweight and easy to maneuver, with a fully adjustable handle that ranges from 37.5" when level to 46" at maximum height.

The V-shaped bag rest with quick attach bungee system easily accommodates a wide variety of golf bag options, and the standard anti-tip wheel ensures your electric golf cart stays upright on even steep hills. With a lightweight lithium battery rated at over 500 charging cycles, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your 1500 V3 has the battery power to be with you for many rounds to come. Plus, with a two-year warranty on the remote control golf caddy and a two-year limited warranty on the li-ion battery, you can buy this high quality golf equipment with confidence.

In addition to its impressive performance, this remote golf caddy also comes with a range of free accessories, including an adjustable scorecard holder, a large drink holder, a quick-fit umbrella holder, a caddie cooler, a tool kit, and free shipping within the Continental USA. In summary, the 1500 V3 is the perfect fusion of proven technology and sleek design, offering you the best full-featured remote control golf cart and electric golf trolley in one remarkable model. Get ready to turn heads on the golf course and elevate your golf game with the 1500 V3 electric cart!

1500 V3 Remote Controlled Electric Golf Push Cart Features and Benefits:

  • Programmable, rechargeable remote control with integrated belt clip.
  • Slope Control: Active Steer Assist technology keeps your caddy going straight where you pointed it over all terrain and active downhill braking.
  • Four factory speed settings, or program your own
  • Adjustable turning force and electronic tracking
  • V-shaped bag rest with quick attach bungee system - easily adjustable for a wide variety of golf bag options.
  • Standard anti-tip wheel included
  • Dual high torque motors and enclosed gearbox
  • Lightweight frame: Only 21.5 lbs!
  • Fully Adjustable handle: 37.5″ when level, 46″ max-height
  • 24 Volt, 10 Ah Lithium-Ion battery weighing only 3.5 pounds
  • Battery charges in 3-4 hours after a round, good for up to 36 holes on a single charge
  • Two Year Warranty on the Caddy.
  • Two Year Limited Warranty on Battery
  • Battery rated at 500 + charging cycles
  • Comes with 24v Lithium-Ion battery charger
  • Weatherproof ECU housing for use in wet rainy conditions
  • Quick transition to Free-Wheel Mode
  • Powder Coated frame available in Gloss Black or Metallic Silver
  • FREE Adjustable Score Card Holder
  • FREE Large Drink Holder
  • FREE Quick Fit Umbrella Holder
  • FREE Caddie Cooler
  • FREE Tool Kit
  • FREE Shipping within the Continental USA

In summary, the 1500 V3 is the perfect fusion of proven technology and sleek design, offering you the best full-featured remote control golf cart and electric golf trolley in one remarkable model. Get ready to turn heads and elevate your game with the 1500 V3!

    What's in the box?

    - 1500 V3 Electric Golf Trolley with Remote Control
    - 10.4 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery and Smart Charger
    - Quick Fit Umbrella Holder
    - Adjustable Scorecard/ball holder
    - Large Drink Holder
    - Caddie Cooler
    - User Manual
    - Tool Kit

    Tech Specs

    Assembled weight: 31 lbs. (w/ battery)

    Frame Weight(quick detach wheels removed accessories attached): 22.5 lbs.

    Battery weight: 3 lbs.

    Folded dimensions:

    - Without wheels: 25.75" wide x 30" long x 11" tall
    - With wheels: 26.5" wide x 41" long x 12" tall
    - With drive wheels, but not anti-tip wheel: 26.5" - wide x 36" long x 12" tall

    Free Shipping On All Caddies!
    Two Year Warranty
    30-Day Return Policy

    Our #1 Selling Caddy Since 2015

    The GRi-1500Li series has been Cart Tek’s #1 selling motorized golf caddy since 2015 and is one of the best golf caddies in the industry! We've taken a good cart and vastly improved every aspect. Featuring a brand new remote control with a wireless pairing function, improved upon ergonomics, and completely redesigned wheels! The 1500 V3 now includes our Slope Control 2.0! Technology that assists steering automatically, as well as automatic downhill braking.

    Pure Quality, Max Endurance

    Not only does the sleek design of this motorized golf caddy hide both motors inside the axle tube, but it also provides extra protection against the elements. The use of precision welded, aviation-grade 6061 aluminum creates the most rugged aluminum cart frame in the market. The Cart Tek 1500 V3 makes use of efficient 24v high-torque motors, as well as a 10.4 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion battery that lasts up to 36 holes depending on your course.

    Make Your Next Round, Your Best Round

    Learn why golfers everywhere are choosing the the 1500 V3 as their remote control caddy of choice for their next round.


    Sleek Design, Durable Quality

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