Golf Drills To Keep You In Top Golf Form

remote golf cartsJust hitting the golf ball as much as you can on the course won’t solely improve your swing. You need to recognize the problems with your golf play and improve on your good elements to see better performance. Practice is a necessity for every golfer whether they are beginners or professionals. Golf practice drills will help you improve in your swing, stance and concentration until you will see noticeable improvements. Try out the following golf drills offered by Cart Tek.

Putting Drill

Improve the way you putt with this simple drill. Place down 3 balls that are positioned at 5-foot intervals from the putting green hole. Attempt to hit each ball with the same putting strength as you concentrate on your stroke length. You should be able to swing the putter with the same strength for each putt and simply adjust the amount of your backswing.

In time, you will be able to hit the ball with the same strength at any distance and only increasing or decreasing the amount of your backswing. Keep varying the distance the balls are to the hole to improve your putting.

Bunker Drill

Hitting a ball from the sand is very different from hitting it from the green. Yet most people don’t adjust as they end up getting no height as the club just digs itself into the sand. To eliminate low shots that have very little spin, you can use this bunker drill.

Placing your left hand on your hip, use only your right hand to swing at the ball. You want to aggressively get the right hand going at the ball and sand as the wrist releases. This drill will allow you to put more spin and height to the ball.

Driving Range Drill

A top problem that golfers face is lifting their head during the swing. You should be keeping your head down and concentrating on the ball, not looking out at the course constantly as you perform the backswing.

To keep your head down, place a dot on the ball using a bright marker. Take your stance at the tee, place your ball down, and keep your eyes focused on the ball as you follow through with the club. Keep practicing the drill with your eyes focused on the ball and having your head down as you make each swing.

Get your practice in and concentrate on your drills. In time, you will see improvement to your golf performance.

Colder Weather Calls To Winter Golf Players

electric golf caddiesWhen fall weather hits your local golf courses, many operators close up shop in anticipation for the winter season as the crowds decrease and people head home to dream of golfing to great success when spring arrives. Yet a few people simply wash off their clubs and hit the course even when the snowflakes start to fall from the sky.

Winter Golf Is Out There For The Diehard Player

Obviously, winter golf isn’t for the faint of heart or for people who hate the cold weather. Yet by making a few adjustments to your game, you can enjoy the number of benefits to playing this sport throughout the winter. One of the top advantages are the absence of players as you can literally have the course all to yourself.

Just keep in mind that playing winter golf should be more of a fun activity to have something to do during this season rather than trying to improve your golf swing. The winter conditions might throw you off your usually performance. Just grin and keep swinging the club as you can spend time out with your golf buddies.

Tips for Playing Golf in Cold Weather

Dress Warmly

First off, dress for the weather. You have to keep the fingers warm and your body moving to generate the needed heat. So layer up in clothing that won’t restrict your swing, wear mittens or even two pairs of gloves, and keep the hand warmers handy. You should also just get the idea of using a golf cart out of your head. Walking is better for the body and will keep you warmer. To ease the burden of carrying your clubs, use a trolley or caddy to make it up those hilly courses. Also, keep hydrated.

Use The Right Golf Balls

A white golf ball against freshly fallen snow will disappear from sight. Switch over to colored golf balls so you can find it on the course. Some people also suggest that you warm the balls on a radiator and keep them in your pockets when on the course. Warm balls supposedly will travel farther than colder balls.

Use The Preferred Lies (Winter Rules)

There are rules in place for fair gameplay during the winter. Read through the rules to avoid penalties and to take advantage of the benefits so you can increase the fun when out on the golf course. One rule allows you to pick up the ball, mark your spot and clean it when playing in adverse weather. So make sure to wipe all the mud away so you have a better shot toward the hole.

Walking Golf Leads You On The Path To Better Health

Out on the golf courseGo out to the fairway, and the sound of motorized carts fills the air. You see people zipping by one way to head to the country club, zooming past to get to their tee times, and just gabbing with other motorized golfers. While the golf course operator pulls your motorized chariot up to you, you politely decline. Instead, you place your golf bags on your GRi-975Li electric trolley and walk out to the first hole.

Walking golf is making a comeback, fighting against the golf cart trend that has become so prevalent for the past decade. While golf carts are perfect motorized vehicles for disabled people, small children and the elderly who have mobility issues and need help making their way across the course, the young and healthy should be looking at their own two feet to move them across the fairway during their golf games.

Health Benefits To Walking Golf

Researchers around the world are studying the health benefits of walking the golf course versus riding in a cart. Studies provided by Golf Science International have shown that walking while playing four hours of golf is the equivalent of participating in a 45-minute fitness class. The Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences has determined that a golfer who engages in 36 holes of golf in a week can burn up to 3,000 calories by walking. Several medical studies have also shown that walking golf can reduce bad cholesterol and keep good cholesterol levels steady.

Yet, all these facts should be common sense to golfers. We all know that walking is a great exercise when not out on the course. So it should be obvious that walking the course will give the same health benefits. When engaging in 30 minutes of walking a day, a person can find the following benefits:

  • lessen the risk of coronary heart disease
  • improve blood pressure
  • reduce the risks of becoming overweight
  • reduce the chances of developing certain types of breast and colon cancer.

Perhaps the biggest reason that more golfers are not walking is due to the weight of carrying the heavy golf clubs around all 18 holes. Yet using motorized caddies and electric trolleys can easily help keep the golf bag off the golfer’s shoulders and within easy control as they walk their way to better health and reducing the risk of back injury from carrying or pushing a 3 wheel cart up steep hills.

Golf Gifts Perfect For The Holidays

Remote Control Golf CartThe holiday season has been made even more joyous with the types of golf gifts and accessories that you can purchase for a loved one. So place the tacky reindeer sweater back on the store hanger and leave the bath products on the shelves. Instead, look at these great golf gift ideas available here at Cart Tek.

GRX-1200R Remote Control Golf Caddies

It happens to even the best of golfers. The moment you hit golf ball you see it taking a sharp slice to the rough. You “think” you saw where it had landed, as you dig through the brush and long grass searching for the ball. When finally you do find it, you have to make the long trudge back to your golf bags.

The GRX-1200R Remote Control Golf Caddy can make your life a little easier. By using the remote control, the caddy can come to you so you don’t have to make the trudge back to where you left the bag. The full-feature remote is programmable and has 4 different speed settings. With ring and pinion gearbox and high torque motors, the caddy is perfect for people who love walking along the links or need that bit of extra help when walking up hills.

Original ClubClean

There’s nothing worse than getting dirt caked on the clubs or your golf balls when playing the 18 holes. Always enjoy a clean game with the Original ClubClean from Cart Tek. Constructed from high-grade polypropylene with built in brushes, the ClubClean can be mounted to your remote control caddy so it is within easy reach whenever there is a bit of grime affecting your gameplay.

Travel/Carry Bag – 1200/1250/970

You pay to have the best golf clubs and caddies to fully enjoy your time on the links only to find someone has broken into your car or SUV to swipe your things. The best way to deter thieves is to keep the caddy out of sight.

Travel/Carry bags are large enough to store your GRX-1200R Remote Control Caddy in your vehicle or carry it home after an exhausting day playing golf. Cart Tek has several different travel/carry bags available for certain models of remote control caddies or electric trolleys, so ensure you order the right one for your particular caddy.

Stainless Beverage Holder

Always have a drink handy when you get thirsty on the green. The stainless beverage holder has a universal mounting device so it can fit on any type of caddy or trolley. Water bottles and soda cans can fit comfortably in the holder. There is also a place to have two extra golf balls for quick play. Have a refreshing cold drink on those hot days or a relaxing hot beverage in cooler weather as you’ll always keep hydrated.