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remote-golf-cart-bagThe Winner of the Smart Golf Bag Contest is:

Jerry B. from Franktown, Colorado

Thanks to all for stopping by our booth at the Denver Golf Expo. The weather was rough, so we know it took an effort to get to the Denver Mart. If you have an interest in one of our golf trolleys or remote control caddies, we want to extend the Show Special for another week. Just call us at 541-633-4308 and we will honor the prices we discussed. Thank you again for your interest in Cart Tek Golf Carts.

Understanding A Golf Club Fitting

Golf Clubs In A Row

When it comes to golf, getting the right gear is at the top of the priority list. Golf equipment isn’t like other sports equipment when one size fits all. The length, flexibility, weight and other factors can affect a person’s golf game. Golf clubs that have been properly fitted to the person will build on their strengths and be flexible to their weaknesses as they learn to improve on their skills. An improperly fitted golf club will be detrimental to a golfer as it can cause inconsistent swings and power given to the stroke.

And yet, every day people are are selecting improper golf equipment right off the rack at their local pro shop. They are placing the equipment into their GRi-1000Li electric trolley and hitting the links. They are standing with bad posture because the clubs are too short, or hitting the ball with a major slice. Golfers of all skill levels should look into getting custom clubs so they can see which woods, irons and hybrids will complement their skills to lower their handicap.

Basics About A Golf Fitting

Getting customized clubs will require a golf fitter to take measurements and evaluate the golfer’s speed and swing to determine what clubs will work best for them. The golf fitting may take place outdoors or indoors with the use of launch monitors. Several factors that the fitter will consider.

Gender: Golf clubs are created with different lengths for men and women.

Wrist Distance: Wrist distance from where the wrist is from the floor allows the fitter to determine the length of the club.

Height: Your height is another factor in determining the length of the club.

Swing Speed: By watching the speed of the swing, the fitter can determine if you need a stiffer or more flexible shaft.

Age: Age is an additional measurement for golfers to have the right shaft flex as older golfers normally need more flex to their clubs.

Skill Level: As the fitter watches your skill level, he will be able to determine if you need a club that is more forgiving for your handicap.

In time, the fitter will come to see what your ball speed, spin rate, club path and launch angle is to give you the best advice in regards to golf club measurements. You’ll be able to go through the specs of each club to see if it will perfect your swing. Also, keep in mind that not everyone will have to buy a completely new set of golf clubs. You may decide to get your old clubs re-shafted and adjusted.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Golf Lessons

senior couple playing golf on a summer afternoon, the male partn

Whether you are a pro or someone new to the great game of golf, at least once in your life you may decide to have a few lessons to improve on your technique, figure out your weaknesses and gain tips so that the game becomes more enjoyable. Golf teachers come in all skill levels as they dedicate their learning and expertise to their clients. So it is in your best interest to make the most out of your lesson so you have s great experience.

Tip #1: Don’t Arrive Late

Arriving late at the lesson is a bad way to start. Besides the fact that arriving on time (or even early) is polite and considerate of the teacher’s time, it also allows you to prepare for the lesson mentally. Instead of arriving late and stressed out, you should arrive early as you can relax yourself. Get to find out more about your instructor and what will happen at the lesson.

Tip #2: Warm Up

Your body will thank you if you stretch muscles and warm up before the lesson. By stretching and loosening up, your body will be prepared for the lesson and you will feel physically better. You will can also get in some good swings as you will be eager to get the lesson started.

Tip #3: Don’t Tell The Teacher What His Job Is

Too many people are quick to start the lesson by telling the teacher what they suspect is wrong and what they believe will fix the problem. It is the teacher’s job to evaluate your skills and see problems that you may be missing. Then using his knowledge and experience, he will tailor the lesson so you get the most benefits it. You wouldn’t go to the doctor and tell him that you think you have an ulcer all because your stomach hurts. Instead, you tell him what you are experiencing and allow the doctor to evaluate the problems to come up with the best solution. The same situation holds true for your golf lesson. Let the teacher do his job.

Tip #4: Practice

You are not going to be perfect the moment the lesson is over. Just like anything new that you learn to do for the first time, you will need to constantly practice at it until the new golf technique becomes second nature to you. And don’t become discouraged if it takes longer for you to get the swing down pat. Be committed to the lesson and you will find yourself improving at your golf game.

Just going through the motions of the golf instruction won’t perfect your swing. Get the most out of your lessons with these simple tips from Carttek. For more golf information and links visit our resources page.

Is Golf Exercise? The Answer May Surprise Yo

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When you are watching golf on television, you may think that it is a very sedentary sport. People are stand there swinging a club as the cameras focus on the ball flying through the air. After the commercial break, you see the golfer bending down judging the distance of the ball from the hole as he gets ready with his putter.

Yet you will be surprised to hear that golfing offers great exercise to the cardiovascular system. What you don’t see during those commercial breaks are golfers who are walking the course. They may be carrying their clubs or using a GRX-1200R remote control caddie to guide their clubs to the 18 holes. Walking around those 18 holes is the equivalent of a person walking 4-5 miles. You can burn up to 300 calories in an hour while this endurance exercise strengths your heart muscles.

Walking golf is steadily becoming the preferred way to playing this great sport versus riding in a golf cart. While people with health issues, the elderly and young children should use a golf cart to get around the course, healthy adults should be skipping the cart and walking along the trimmed grass. Playing golf 3 times a week while walking with your clubs would be like going to aerobic exercise classes.

This low cardiovascular exercise is perfect for young and older players who want to be fit. Like any exercise, golfers should perform the necessary warm-up exercises before playing to prevent injuries. Stretch your back, arms and shoulders for 15 minutes to loosen up the muscles. If you feel as if you are experiencing a health problem, treat it as you would any other injury when playing a highly active sport. Rest and ice strains and aches, use compression and elevation techniques, and seek out your medical professional for more serious injuries.

Golf is an exercise. Do not allow any naysayers to discourage you in engaging in this active sport as you can enjoy all the health benefits while out on the course. Get started with walking golf and push your bags on an electric trolley. You will feel your muscles getting the exercise they need as you may even see your swing improve.