Coolest Golf Related Jobs

Electric Golf Caddie
You live, breathe and dream golf. When you are not out on the course playing this great game, you are boring your non-golf friends to tears with your tales of swinging the iron. There isn’t a single aspect that you don’t love about golf even when it is pouring rain and there are hurricane warnings. You are out on the course or staring at it fondly while driving by.

If you love golf from the depth of your being, you have probably imagined about having a job related to it even if it means you can’t get out onto the course and swing the clubs every hour and every day of your life as a touring professional. In the golf industry, there are tons of related jobs to select from as you can become a starter, course mapper, electric golf caddy designer and even club designer. Select a job that you are passionate about and can use your existing skills to create a successful career.


Golf starters ensure that players have a wonderful time when starting out at the first tee. They make sure that every players start their tee time in a prompt and professional manner so there are no delays. They can help people who are alone on the course find the right partners so they can have a pleasant game. The starters also make sure that the players have paid for their round and didn’t just jump a fence and sneak up on the course.

Golf Bloggers

You love golf, talking with golf professionals, and voicing a strong opinion about the rules and regulations governing the sport. Throw writing into the mix and you could become a professional golf blogger. You can provide game recaps, interview pros, and talk about the newest technologies in the golfing product industries. Select a writing niche or cover a wide range of golf topics so that readers can learn more about this popular sport.

Club Fitters

A golfer is only as good as the clubs that he swings with on the course. Yet only a small percentage of people play with the right clubs that will help with their skills and performance. A club fitter can help people select the right clubs based on the person’s swing dynamics. They take everything into consideration from the length of the shaft, shaft flexibility, a person’s strength, club weight and other factors to select a set of specialized, custom clubs for each person.


Even teens can become caddies at the right golf courses. A caddie carries the golf club bag for the player, cleans the balls, and can select the the right club to play on certain courses. You will need comfortable shoes and the endurance to constantly walk and be up on your feet. In time you may move up to carrying the clubs to PGA Tour professionals who travel all across the country as you give them tips on which club to use. Of course in more cases, people are using the highly reliable golf push carts.

Pro-Shop Personnel

Your dream job doesn’t have to be out on the links. You can focus on giving the players the best experience when they come to play golf at the resort. You handle the registration aspects as you set up tee times, collect player fees and manage tournament registration. You can also supply the products and merchandise that allows players to become masters.


A player can’t play golf on a bad course. Groundskeeper ensures that the upkeep of the course is managed to the best playable level. You would oversee all landscaping aspects such as mowing the grass, trimming trees, replacing the sand, and shaping the shrubbery. You also ensure the course is safe for players as you can spot potential problems such as sink holes, debris or flooding on the fairway.

Club designers

Imagine designing the clubs that the PGA Tour pros use during the tournaments. You could put your imagination and your golf dreams to the drawing board to create the latest technologies used in golf club manufacturing. You may work with the biggest manufacturers from Titleist to Ping to create the newest line of clubs that players of all skill levels will demand to have.

Marketers of Resorts

Sales and promotions are your strong points. You can talk the birds from the trees on a good day. If you also love golf, you can become a marketer of golf resorts as you can entice customers to stay at the resort, make tee times, or create tournaments. You can also attract new business by bringing in other clients that will make the customer’s experience even better.

Golf Course Designer/Shaper

When you go out to the golf course, you might have said to yourself, “I would have designed it this way, shaping the course to wrap around this bank of trees and have this type of water hazard placed on the left side.” If you are always imagining about how courses should be designed and shaped, you could become a golf course designer or shaper. Golf course designers use their architectural backgrounds to create courses that can appeal to different sets of skill levels. They can look at the lay of the land and see how the course can be set up to make it challenging for the players.

Golf course shapers enjoy taking those design elements and bringing them into reality with the use of bulldozers and excavators to make the best shape to the course. They shape the bunkers, fairways and greens until each hole not only becomes a playable course, but is also pleasing to the eyes as it becomes one with the environment.

Equipment Mechanic and Maintenance

So much happens behind the scenes that we are not aware of or take into consideration when going out to play a game with friends. We just ask for a cart and motor out to the first tee. Yet it is the equipment mechanic and maintenance crew that ensures all the equipment is in working order. From inspecting the golf carts to fixing the mowers that cut the grass, you can become a mechanic or be a part of the maintenance crew so that the rest of the groundskeepers and staff can keep the course running optimally.

This list above just scratches the surface regarding the number of golf related jobs that are available to people of different skill sets and career ambitions. If you long to get out of the cubicle and out to the green, then you may have a future in this great industry. Take the time to decide on your interests and then select the job that you can excel at as you can make a happy and rewarding career.

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Top 10 Golf Courses in California

the golf course at the ANA inspiration golf tournament 2015

Golf courses abound throughout the United States as the greatest architects and pro golf players took their design ideas and created fairways that are challenging to golfers of all skill levels. We have blogged about the best courses in Myrtle Beach, SC, the best golf courses in Oregon and now we travel to the sunny state of California. You will find some of the best courses that combine sand, surf, and rolling greens into a memorable game experience. We picked out some of the top 10 golf courses to play in this state, although there are sure to be a few that you have played and think should be included in this list. If you plan on making a golfing trip out to California, make sure to stop by these courses and check out what they have to offer.

1: Cypress Point Club

Sometimes called the “best 17-hole course in the world” by a few of the pros, Cypress Point Club is where every golfer dreams about playing in California yet very few can enter. The course is set at the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains as it was first designed by Alister MacKenzie in 1928. Emerald green fairways, sand dunes, and cypress trees makes for a gorgeous setting as it is a thrilling course to be played by amateurs and pros alike.

2: Pebble Beach

If there was ever a course that Jack Nicklaus would play one more round before relaxing for the day, it would be at Pebble Beach. Many golfers make their way to this course every year as the beautiful ocean views create a sight to behold. Douglas Grant and Jack Neville first designed the course in 1919, yet it was remodeled by Henry Chandler Egan ten years later. Some of the best holes to play are at Pebble Beach if you can afford the price as it can put a hole into your wallet.

3: Spyglass Hill

When you are looking for a difficult course to test your elite golfing skills, then you head out to Spyglass Hill. The land is hilly as it makes its descent down to the Pacific Ocean as the winds pick up the white sand and spread it over the course. The fairways have rows of California pine trees and cypress trees as the wind can unexpectedly pick up to send your ball in a different direction. The course was designed by Robert Trent Jones in 1966 as the 6,810 yards can challenge players that have even the strongest strokes.

4: San Francisco Golf Course

Along the rolling pines near Lake Merced with the Golden Gate Bridge nearby, the San Francisco Golf Course was one of the best courses constructed of the highest quality on the West Coast when it was designed in 1915. Architect Albert Warren Tillinghast designed the course as he stretched it over valleys and ravines to give it a dramatic layout. Over 9 years ago, the course suffered from a damaging nematode infestation as the bunkers and holes were rebuilt while still following Tillinghast’s original design. Some people consider the course an act of architectural brilliance.

5: Los Angeles Country Club

When you head out to the Los Angeles Country Club, it is a sight to behold. The course has a beautiful layout of the land as you can view downtown LA from the 11th hole. Yet the course is also a challenge as sports hills, valleys and swales. First developed by Herbert Fowler and later re-designed by George C. Thomas Jr., the course has 18 holes situated on the north and south sides, as people will refer to the course as North and South. They may play one side or the other when they only have a few hours of golf time to spare.

6: The Olympic Club

One of the oldest athletic clubs in the nation, The Olympic Club was designed in 1860 when it purchased some of the course from Lakeside Country Club. The course is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the freshwater Lake Merced as these features are the only water that you will find near the course. With the lack of water hazards, trees take up predominance on the course as there is only one fairway bunker. Yet the course is still extremely challenging because it is built on a slope. Five US Opens were hosted here.

7: Monterey Peninsula Country Club

While Pebble Beach gets the most publicity, there is also a little known place call the Monterey Peninsula Country Club. This private course was first designed in 1962 by Bob Baldock yet it was later restored by Mike Stranz until its completion in 2004. The layout is considered an act of true artistry as the rolling fairways allows the course to blend in with the land. The AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am has been hosted at this course for decades as it again returned to the course after the restoration.

8: Riviera Country Club

To play on a course with legendary actors and singers such as Gregory Peck and Dean Martin can be a dream come true for some golfers. Well, you can play on the same courses that these legends once walked at the Riviera Country Club. In 1926, the golf course was first designed by George C. Thomas Jr. as over the years it has gone through numerous changes. Each hole has its own story to tell as it can keep players on their feet. The Los Angeles Open has been hosted at the Riviera Club since 1973 as it is the one course that Jack Nicklaus has never claimed a victory at.

9: Quarry at La Quinta

Along the foothills of the Santa Rosa Mountains and situated in Coachella Valley, the Quarry at La Quinta has natural wonders all along its perimeters including a 70-foot waterfall, an abandoned mine and an Indian trail. It is considered one of the best conditioned courses to play on as only members and their invited guests can take to the course. Quarry walls became a part of the design by Tom Fazio in 1944 as it is a course that is a wonder to play.

10: The Valley Club of Montecito

Sophistication without the pretentiousness is what players can find at the Valley Club of Montecito. Designed in 1929 by Dr. Alister MacKenzie, this golf course is simple yet subtle in its design. With the ocean sea breezes blowing over the course and a backdrop of mountains, it shows off its stylish design to all those that venture here. The course has high quality greens and camouflaged bunkers that makes it challenging. When looking for a peaceful place to play golf, the Valley Club of Montecito will not disappoint players.