Stay Warm on the Course No Matter What the Temperature

carts and next tee sign on a snow covered links golf course in ireland in snowy winter weather

Don’t let frigid temperatures outside strip you of the joy of getting in a round of golf this weekend.  Yes, it may be cold outside, but that doesn’t have to keep you off of the course.  The trick to enjoying a winter game is keeping warm. But how?

Take Mom’s Advice

Mother really does know best – even when you’re a grow-up. When you were a child your mother likely had a lot of rules when it came to playing outside. Well, those rules still apply!

  • Keep Your Head Warm:  it is a fact, your head leaks body heat.  Be sure to wear a tight (but comfortable) hat that covers both your head and your ears.
  • Dress in Layers. Yep, mom was right; dressing in layers can help keep you warm no matter what the weather. Plus, it enables you to easily take off a jacket or sweater in order to swing better.  Depending on how cold it is outside, start with a thermal layer and then add a long sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt and jacket.  Look for thin temperature controlled clothing at your local sports store. There are plenty of lightweight options available designed to keep you warm while leaving your arms free to swing.
  • Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry: be sure to wear long, heavy and moisture wicking socks while playing in colder temperatures.  Warm toes make for a more pleasant game.

Keep Your Hands Warm

One of the biggest problems golfers face when playing in colder weather is keeping their hands warm.  After all, stiff hands can’t hold the club properly and that can mess up even the best shot.  Invest in a good pair of gloves that you can easily take off while hitting, but wear in between shots.  Strategically placing hand warmers in your jacket pocket is an inexpensive option for keeping  your hands warm and limber during the game.

Keep Moving

Cold weather is not the time to be lazy.  Leave the golf cart behind and walk the course. The extra exercise will keep your blood flowing and help warm your entire body. Walking golf is best if you are using a remote control golf cart. This will allow you to keep your blood flowing but not have to lug around your clubs.

Have a Drink Along the Way

Now, you may be tempted to fill your thermos with a little whisky toddy, but keep those alcoholic warm-ups for after the game. Alcohol may feel like it is warming you up; but it actually has the opposite effect. Instead, fill a thermos with coffee, hot chocolate or even tea.  Staying hydrated in colder weather can help warm your body; plus the warmth of the liquid feels good. Keep drinks, heat packs and extra snacks all in your electric golf caddy for easy transport on a cold day.

Don’t Forget To Warm Your Ball

Okay, so switching out your golf ball by keeping one warm in your pocket isn’t going to do anything to keep your body toasty during the game, but it will make you play better. It has been shown that playing with a cold ball loses 3-5 yards per swing.  Simply using a covered ball or keeping one in your pocket and switching it out between holes can improve your cold weather game tremendously –and that will make you feel warmer inside.

Playing golf in the cold can be fun if you are prepared for withstanding winter’s whipping winds and freezing temperatures.  Take the time to dress properly and warm up your body with plenty of stretching before heading outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Don’t be fooled. Golf isn’t just a warm weather sport. You can enjoy a round or two no matter where you live or what the temperature is outside.

Beat the Cold with a Little Sun and a Round of Golf

Golf Course

The winter winds will soon be whipping and the snow flying in much of the nation. If you live in one of the country’s colder regions, you may already find yourself dreading the chance in seasons.  If you already miss the feel of the sun on your back and a club in your hand, you may need to plan a quick (or maybe a long-term) golf weekend somewhere warm, sunny and just plain beautiful.

Whether you are an amateur golf enthusiast, or someone who has what it takes to play with the pros, you don’t have to set aside your game for months on end just because of where you live. Bad weather doesn’t;t mean the end of your game.  Colder temperatures shouldn’t keep you from hitting a few rounds.  There are plenty of warm weather golf courses strategically located around the country that can satisfy your need to hit the course and give you a place to retreat during winter’s worst. So grab your remote controlled golf cart and hit the links!

Florida Has a lot to Offer

Florida is known as a warm weather retreat for those living in colder northeast climates.  With several fantastic gold courses in the state, it is a great place to plan winter golf outings:

  • Fort Meade (about an hour’s drive from Tampa) features one of the most impressive golf courses in the East at Streamsong Golf Course. Ranked among the top 100 courses in the nation, the Streamsong resort offers a stunning array of dunes, lagoons, and lakes along its greens. Offering two separate courses, this resort is famous for its scenery as well as its challenging golfing.
  • Ponte Verde is unmatched when it comes to offering challenging golfing at its renowned TPC Sawgrass Resort. Featuring two-par 72 courses, it is the home of the Players Championship.  The courses most impressive challenge: the 17 hold island green that even the pros have to work at to master.  Worried that you can’t keep up at this one-of-a-kind course? No worries – plenty of golf enthusiasts with little knowledge (or even  talent) plan weekend getaways here to enjoy this professional course and beef up their game.

Arizona Golf Unmatched

The weather … the scenery .. the atmosphere… these are all things that makes Arizona a prime spot for warm weather golfing.  Offering unique courses that sport picturesque scenery of rolling crags and cacti, playing here offers every golfer a dream setting.

With dozens of quality courses scattered throughout the state, it may be difficult to find the one right for you.  Here are just some of the top-notch warm weather golf resorts this state uses to impress amateur and pro golfers alike:

  • Troon North in Scottsdale:  a great place for the entire family,this resort not only offers the golfer two great courses; beautiful backdrops; and an amazing staff of helpful pros, it is kid friendly making it a great getaway spot for the entire family to enjoy.
  • We-Ko-Po Gold Club in Ft. McDowell: not the place to go if you are looking for other amenities, this golf club is designed for serious golfers only.  At We-Ko-Po, golf is the only game in town. This one-of-a-kind 36 hole course is nestled far away from it all in the desert.  A great place to enjoy the game without any other distractions, the solitude here makes it the perfect backdrop for both an intense game or a leisurely one that allows each player to simply enjoy the game in a picturesque desert surround.
  • Grayhawk Gold Club of Scottsdale: a more modern approach to the game, this unique course combines rock and roll and golf to offer an eclectic blend of music and play. Set among both desert and mountains, the course offers a different viewpoint depending on which hole you are standing at. Players can enjoy hitting balls on the green with piped in rock and roll music coming from an array of speakers scattered throughout the area.  While not every golfers dream, this modern approach to the game is a big hit amongst younger players. This is a great course to play walking golf with an electric golf trolley.

California Golfing Offers It All

Known for its exquisite courses and naturally warm weather, California is a big hit amongst golfing fans.  Offering an eclectic array of courses that cater to all level players and multiple interests the resorts found here attract players from all over the world.  Among some of the most popular include:

  • Pebble Beach Gold Links (Pebble Beach) is well known in the golfing world having hosted the U.S. Open five times (with the next scheduled for 2019).  Although it features one of the priciest greens fees in the industry, golfers of all ages and levels flock to this impressive course simply to experience this “course of the pros.”
  • Spy Glass Hill another popular Pebble Beach course is the unique Spy Glass Hill who names its holes after the characters found in the famed novel Treasure Island. Recently named one of the op favorite public golf courses in the nation by industry experts, this course offers both newcomers and experts to the game a fun and interesting experience.

Everything is Bigger in Texas

When it comes to offering a beautiful setting and impressive courses, Texas, of course ranks high for warm weather golfing.  Among its favorite courses is Austin’s’; own Barton Creek.  Named just this year s as the #1 golf course in the state, Barton Creek features beautiful limestone caves, waterfalls and a gorgeous lake complement its greens and make any round of golf here a real experience.  Designed by famed architect Tom Fazio, this course leads itself to drawing those who enjoy both nature and golf itself.

Don’t let the start of winter rob you of the chance to hit the golf course and enjoy the game you love.  There are plenty of warm weather courses strewn throughout the United States that can curb your need to pick up a club while enjoying the beautiful scenery and warm weather of a different region.  Don’t dread winter – beat it instead with a round of golf on one of these spectacular courses.

Carttek GRi-1000Li Electric Golf Trolley Review


For those who play golf religiously, there is no better option for a golf trolley than this one. Not only is it affordable, it is comfortable, and practical for all types of golf courses you may be playing. I myself have played for years, and have always been looking for that “perfect fit.” Something durable yet easy to maneuver to help me travel through the course and not disrupt my game. Luckily, I stumbled upon the GRi-1000Li and I haven’t gone back to using any other trolley since.

The first aspect that made me really love the product was the way it looked. Although I never buy a product on looks alone, this trolley looks trendy and isn’t something I’m embarrassed to be pulling around the course with me. The stainless steel frame also not only adds to the look, but I believe that it is more durable than some of the other caddies and trolleys I have used throughout my time golfing.

I also love that this model is electric, as some others I have used are manual. You can easily pick a speed that works for you and go hands free. This means you can save all your energy for what matters—you’re game. This model also comes standard with speed memory, meaning it saves your perfect speed so that you do not have to reset it every game. This saves time and since I play on the same course, most times, it stops me from having to constantly be adjusting my speed before I play. This way I’m ready to go every time I step out onto the course. Also, it is easy for me to lend my trolley out to friends, as arts of this cart are adjustable. I can keep it to my specifications when I play, yet have no qualms about lending it out to others. Overall, this trolley has great features that make it a time saver and simply better than other trolleys out there.

I also enjoyed having a parking brake, which allowed me to park the trolley anywhere, on an incline or not. Past trolleys I have owned did not have this feature, and I would have to stake out flat ground to ensure that it did not roll away. However, with this model I can just park it and play, no worries.

For those who play golf regularly a good trolley is something you need. It is too tiring to carry your bags and equipment by yourself, and let’s face it, most of us can’t afford the “bag boy,” that you see in the movies. If you’re like me and want to have a great experience without stressing out your body, this electric golf trolley is definitely for you. Besides just being a place to put your equipment on the course, it’s electric, and you don’t have to push it. I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to have that feature while out playing.

So, take it from me, if you are looking into getting a new trolley try out the GRi-1000Li. If you love to golf this trolley is perfect for all your needs.

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