2015 Golf Gift Ideas For Someone You Love


The holidays are fast approaching as you need to start making your gift list for the people who are in your life. While getting the usual items are okay, you want to instead focus on their love of golf so they can enjoy the sport even more whether they are on or off the course. Here at CartTek, we have gathered together the top 2015 golf gifts to pass out to all the golfers you know. When you pick out any of these gifts, or several of them in case you know a lot of golfers, they will truly appreciate how much thought you put into giving them something that they will enjoy.

1: Garmin S6 GPS Watch

This year seems like the year for golf smart watch technologies and companies like Garmin are leading the pack with their S6 GPS Watch. It is preloaded with information for 30,000 golf courses as it has programs that collects data about your swing. It can then advise you on the appropriate adjustments to make for the perfect shot. The touchscreen is easy to use even if a person uses gloves as the watch is designed to improve a person’s gameplay without hampering it or slowing them down. For golfers who want to have more technology to their watch, the Garmin S6 GPS is something to consider.

2: ECCO Causal Hybrid Shoes

There’s nothing worse than getting to the 8th hole with aching feet because a person has the wrong type of shoes. Offer the golfer comfort by purchasing them the ECCO Casual Hybrid Shoes. These leather shoes are water-repellant and have molded traction bars for the golfer to have the sure footing they need when standing over the tee to make the swing. Let their feet feel comfortable so they can play all day long by getting them the perfect golf shoes.

3: Golf Accessory Package

There are some great stocking stuffer accessories out on the market that are perfect for golfers as you know they will always use the item every single time they step out on their favorite golf course. Types of items for stockings can be golf accessory packages that carry a ball marker, a vital divot tool and even a money clip when they are in the country club. Checking out the stocking will be as much fun as opening up a regular big present.

4: Arccos Golf Tracking System

If you know of someone who wants to improve their swing yet can’t seem to keep track of all the information they need to make the right improvements, then the Arccos Golf Tracking System will make the perfect gift. This system has a GPS tracker that can be placed on the top of the person’s golf club grips. It’s so lightweight that a person can easily forget it is there as the tracker will record all types of data such as driving accuracy and distance. Then this data is sent to a person’s smartphone app via Bluetooth setup. They can learn tons of things about their swings that they may have never knew about.

5: Resort Golf Package

Seriously, if you want your golfer to faint when opening the package or scream in excitement, then a resort golf package will definitely make their day. With the hundreds of golf courses available around the world, you are sure to select the perfect one that the person has mentioned time and time again about wanting to play on. You can get package deals at certain times of the year so the person can go when it is convenient for them. Arrange for a group of golfers to get even more discounts and savings.

6: Bushnell Tour X Laser Rangefinder

Some golfers need a little help on the course to map carry distances and other data without always whipping out a phone app during different types of rainy weather. If you know someone like this, then purchase a Bushnell Tour X Laser Rangefinder. Let the golfer find the exact distance for the green, the cup, bunkers, and a range of hazards without the need for a GPS device. This rangefinder comes with two faceplates: one for distance only and the other for slope so the golfer can pick the desired one they want and still play golf legally when engaging in a tournament.

7: Golf Head Covers

When it is time to store the golf clubs, let the golfer in your life keep the heads clean with golf head covers. These covers will keep clubs clean and dry as they come in an assortment of colors, decals and materials. Select leather and knit covers for a more professional look, or select fun animal shapes for younger golfers. These golf heads are a vital accessory that will always be wanted for golfers of any age or skill level when they want their clubs to look their best every time they hit the course.

8: Multipurpose Outerwear

Golf courses can get wet, cold and windy for the diehard golfer who won’t end the game until they reach the 18th hole. Keep them protected with multipurpose outerwear. Select sweaters or jackets with a waterproof liner to protect them from the rain yet is breathable

so it can wick the sweat away on those warm days. Having one great piece of outerwear will be cherished by the golfer as next year they will be asking you where you purchased it so they can pick up a few more.

Don’t forget to purchase the perfect remote control caddy and electric golf trolley as a gift this year. Here at CartTek, we offer a wide range of caddies for walking golfers so they can stay in shape while carrying their bags over the course. We also offer a range of accessories such as travel bags, seed containers, beverage holders and so much more. When you are looking for gift ideas for the holidays, then CartTek is the place to go as you can find the perfect presents for young golfers, senior golfers, amateurs, and professionals.

Tech To Step Up Your Golf Game

Fix&Mix 1500

Any golfer knows that the most important part of the game is not just knowing how to play, but how to keep your items close at hand. Golf is one of those sports that requires more than one piece of equipment and carrying it all with you can be a hassle. However, the new fad of electric golf caddies can help you step up your golf game, and here’s why.

Golf With Ease

Forget lugging your clubs with you everywhere on the course. An electric golf caddy can do it for you. Simply load up your equipment and let the caddy do the rest. It is easier to maneuver the course with these caddies and can also save your arms and back from the stress of carrying heavy clubs. Many golfers face health problems in their lower backs, arms, and wrists mostly from carrying around bags of clubs while regularly out on the course. Electric gold caddies take the stress off your body and let you play the game with ease and pain free.

Work On Your Swing

Golf is a game that’s all about mastering your swing. If it is not perfect you aren’t going to win. Perfecting your gold swing can take years of practice, patience, and, most importantly, focus. So, you can’t waste time being focused on the things that don’t really matter. An electric golf caddy makes sure all your equipment is always with you and that you have exactly what you need when you are ready for it. That way, you can get back to focusing on your swing and step up your game and play like a pro.

Maintains Your Privacy

With the ability to take your own clubs with you, you eliminate the need for a caddy to help you. Although caddies are often professional, they can make you feel like you are being listened to or watched. For some, this may throw off their game as they are not used to having an audience as they play. An electric caddy solves this problem because you can be by yourself or with friends and not have to worry about having a stranger follow you around and throwing off your focus the entire day.

Saves Money

Let’s face it. Golf is an expensive sport. The best clubs have a hefty price tag, but having them can mean the difference between your perfect game or a big error. How many times have you gone to a course and rented a motorized golf cart only to realize that it does not give you the freedom you want and is way too expensive? Probably many. An electric caddy is a one-time investment that can stop you from renting overpriced golf carts and can help you save up your pennies for what you really need to make your game truly perfect.

Protects Your Shoulders

Manual caddies that you have to pull around a course can save you money but may compromise the most important part of your game—your swing. Caddies you pull behind you CAN be convenient while you walk, but it really can impact your game in a negative way. They put strain on your shoulders that can make it almost impossible to tee up correctly and give you the delicate yet sturdy swing to make your game the best it can be. An electric caddy takes that stress away from your shoulders and preserves them so that you can stay at the top of your game.

If you want to be the best golf player you can be, then investing in some tech may be the best move you can make. Electric golf caddies are stylish, help protect your health, and are simply convenient. They’re an investment that lasts and can help make your game better than ever.

Things You Need To Know About Your Equipment

Closeup golf in a golf club, outdoor

Playing golf can be a rigorous sport for your mind and your body. Yet don’t forget the equipment that you are using each time you are on the course. Being more aware about your equipment and things that can happen to it will allow you to prepare yourself before each tee time so you will have working equipment that provides the optimal performance based on your skill level. Here are several things that you should keep in mind about your golf equipment.

Grips Don’t Last Forever

In fact, if your grips seem to be lasting forever, it means you don’t use your clubs often enough and you need to head out to the course more. Otherwise, the grips will begin to crack and split. You don’t have to buy new clubs. Instead, you can regrip the clubs. Ask a clubfitter for the best recommendation for grips. Then make sure the new ones last longer by using dish soap to tackle the signs of wear-and tear.

Having the Right Balls Matter

Not every ball is the same and it will perform differently based on the skill level of the player. Check out both the less expensive and premium priced balls to see how they work with your swing as some will give you less spin and are better to work with if you are a mid-handicap player.

Remove the Rust

Irons and wetness produce rust as there really is no way to prevent it. Yet you can remove the rust from your clubs by using some home cleaning solutions that won’t damage them. Using a small bit of vinegar is the best solution as you can scrub the rust off gently with a toothbrush. Then rinse the irons with clean water and dry them off. They will look as good as new and your performance won’t be negatively impacted.

The Clubs Might be Holding You back

If you have worked consistently to improve your golf game, using everything from high tech gadgets to having the professional lessons, then the clubs might actually be the problem. They may not be the perfect fit for you based on several factors including your height and the length of your arms when gripping the clubs. A clubfitter can help you get the perfectly fitted clubs that will work to improve your skills tremendously. You may see a notable improvement with a pair of fitted clubs versus the ones that you just purchased right off the rack or online.

Always understand everything there is about your equipment to take proper care of the items and to ensure that you are working with equipment that is right for you. Don’t forget to think about the equipment that can help you have a great game of walking golf such as electric golf trolleys and remote control golf caddies. Here at CartTek, we offer all the caddies, caddy parts and accessories so you can have an easier time traveling with your clubs along the course. With a variety of electric trolleys and caddies at great prices, you can tackle any terrain and enjoy the beauty of the course even more when walking to each hole.

Best Golf Etiquette Tips

A golfer takes a cell phone call while his fellow golfer asks him to get off his phone and just play

Golf is called a, “gentleman’s game” for a reason. When taking to the links, a person is supposed to adhere to etiquette rules so that everyone enjoys this great sport. By showing respect to other golfers, keeping the game flowing on time, and showing your professionalism no matter at what skill level you are will also encourage other golfers to demonstrate the same respect toward you.

Here at CartTek, we are providing the golf caddy tools to make the game easier to play. We offer a wide range of remote golf caddies, electric golf trolleys and golf cart accessories so you can enjoy walking golf. We have gathered together the best tips for people to show their golf etiquette whether they are playing on their own or out with a group.

1: Turn off the cell phone ringer

It is fine to use your cell phone apps to keep track of your golf skills and find out information about the current course you are playing. But to have a ringing phone out on the green or talking to someone while another golfer is walking up to the tee is not good etiquette. If you have to take calls while out on the course, move away from other golfers and speak softly. Then keep the ringer off for the rest of the game.

2: Make your tee times

It’s always a good rule of thumb to arrive early for the tee time so you are out on the course with your entire group. You want to leave yourself with enough time to warm up without causing other groups to miss their tee times. Also, have everything you need to play the game so you are not heading back to the car because you forgot a box of tees.

3: Keep up a steady pace

Slow play can annoy everyone in your group. It should take between 30 to 40 seconds to make your shot, not 4 to 5 minutes. Keep up your pace with the group ahead of you so you are not slowing down the group behind you. If the slow play is because you are carrying your bags, select a CartTek electric trolley or remote golf caddy to help carry your bags.

4: Always fix the ground after a shot

You wouldn’t want to swing on ground that is damaged, and neither does anyone else. If your swing took a big chunk of turf out, replace the divot if you can. If you can’t find the divot because it broke apart too much at impact, then use the seed mix container that you attached to your golf caddy or use the toe of your shoe to push in the dirt edges and then smooth the grass with your club.

5: Always keep your anger in check

Yes, golf can be a frustrating sport. But it doesn’t mean you can scream loudly to distract other players or throw your clubs up into the air. These actions are rude to the other golfers on the course and can be a dangerous safety hazard. Take a small walk to let off some steam while the other golfers in your group make their shots, or let out the frustration on the next ball you hit and let it fly.