CartTek Blog: Why Choose Electric Golf Trolleys

GRi-1500Li-BL with bagAs a golfer, you want to have the opportunity to enjoy a good game of golf. You also know that walking is the best way to keep in shape, as walking an 18-hole course is almost the equivalent of engaging in an aerobic fitness workout. Yet lugging the bags on your shoulder simply is not an option for you. The weight of your clubs can create sore shoulders that eventually begin to affect your golf swing. You may also have health problems that you don’t want exacerbated by the bags being on your shoulder.

Walking golf is a great sport that you can enjoy without having to carry your own bags, ride in a golf cart, or hire a personal caddy. Instead, consider electric golf caddies offered at CartTek. Electric trolleys are motorized as it uses electrical power to carry golf bags and accessories everywhere you want to go. Here are several reasons why you may want to choose an electric golf trolley.

Handles Most Terrain

An electric golf caddy can travel along most course terrain just like a regular three-wheel push cart. The only difference is that you don’t have to push it forward. All you need to do is keep pace with the electric trolley from CartTek or set it on a timer so it will move on its own for a short distance. The powerful battery for the electric trolley can handle all 18-holes. So you can roll along hills and straight courses without the trolley running out of power.

Stays in Your Control

You are always in control of your trolley even when going down a steep hill. Several electric golf caddies provided by CartTek have AMB braking capabilities. So the golf trolley won’t pull you off your feet if placing your hand on the handle to keep yourself steady and balanced when walking downhill. If you feel your feet slipping or need to play on an incline, the trolley can park without tipping over as you can play your shot and continue down the course.

Carries Additional Items Besides Clubs

These electric trolleys can also carry all the items you require when playing a game of golf. It comes with cup holders, smartphone holders, ball baskets, score card holders and a seed and sand fill cup. You can have everything you need without having to stow items into your pockets or carry any extra items in a bag. There is even an umbrella holder in case it begins to rain on the course as you can keep dry and continue playing the game or head to the country club.

Easily Stores in Your Car or Trunk

Electric golf caddies are foldable just like the regular three-wheel push carts. So you can fold it up and store it in a travel bag so it is out of sight while in your car as you reserve a tee time or take a break to have some lunch. The trolley can also easily be stowed in the trunk of your car until you get home. Then you can just place it in a closet or a cabinet in your garage. When the golf season is over, the electric trolley will be kept safe and dry while folded up in the carry bag until next season.


Can Enjoy Walking Golf Without Aches and Pains

Golf bags can get heavy for any person whether they are a junior golfer, adult golfer in his stride, or an older golfer who is just out to enjoy a slow game. Lugging the bag along all 18-holes can cause aches and pains in the body, which can be detrimental to your golf swing. When you purchase an electric golf caddie from CartTek, you are getting rid of that heavy weight on your shoulders.

Even if you push a regular three-wheel push cart around, the weight can stress arm muscles that you want rested to play each hole. You may actually see a noticeable difference when playing your golf game by not putting this stress on muscles when operating an electric trolley.

Also, for older golfers, they may have considered giving up golf. While they can still walk the course fairly well, they cannot do it when carrying their golf clubs. An electric golf caddy gives them the freedom to love this sport again while staying active for their health.

Runs on Electric Power

What can ruin a golf game more when you are standing on the course with the wind whipping through the air and carrying the ocean scent across your face? The smell of the exhaust from a gas-powered golf cart rolling along.

If you are environmentally-conscious about your carbon footprint and about keeping golf courses around the world beautiful, then you may want to consider walking golf and using an electric golf trolley. The trolley won’t create any harmful emissions that can ruin the environment. Then you can enjoy some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world in the way that they are supposed to be enjoyed.

Let CartTek Give You Even More Reasons to Invest in an Electric Golf Trolley

The convenience, versatility and reliability that electric golf trolleys give to golfers are abundant. There are tons of benefits to why you may want to make such a sound investment so you can have a device that carries your golf clubs and needed accessories out to every course.

At CartTek, you have a wide assortment of electric golf caddies to select from based on the number of features you desire. You can also decide to select a remote-controlled electric caddy that will allow you to move it about with even more freedom. You can send it rolling ahead of you while you enjoy a casual stroll across the course to gaze at the beautiful scenery (without holding up the golf party behind you). With all the options available at CartTek and affordable prices, you will be buying an electric trolley for every person in your family because you will not want to share yours.

CartTek Blog: Golf Cart Accessories Available at CartTek

When you think of CartTek, your first thought is quality electric trolleys and caddies that can help you tote your golf clubs along any course. You may consider upgrading from your entry level GRX-950 trolley to the newer GRi-1000Li or the GRX-1250Li remote-controlled caddy. Then you can head out to the golf course with all the equipment you need for a great day of walking golf.

Yet before you pack your car, consider all the electric golf trolley accessories that can be added to your caddy to make it even more versatile and golfer-friendly. Here are several accessories you may want to pick up to make your golf game one to remember every single time you hit the course.

Golf Bags

CartTek carries a wide range of golf cart bags, travel bags and carry bags based on the items you want to store inside. The GB-25 golf cart bag is designed to fit every type of trolley and caddy offered at CartTek and will fit some electric trolleys offered by other manufacturers. Have a remote-controlled caddy? No problem. The GB-24 bag will keep your clubs clean and dry when you are ready to use them.

When you are looking for a travel/carry bag to fold your trolley and caddy inside when keeping it in the car or at home, we offer you sturdy and durable bags that will last for years. Our travel/carry bags will hold the 1200, 1250, 975 and GRX-950 models of electric and remote control caddies. Don’t forget to pick up the padded storage seat for the caddy too.

Device Holders and Baskets

Snap on holders and baskets can fit perfectly onto the handles and bars of your CartTek caddy or trolley no matter the model it is. We provide a stainless steel holder for balls and scorecards so you don’t have to place the items into your pocket. When you get thirsty, take a drink from the water bottle in the mesh bottle holder before it is your turn at the tee. Then, when the rain falls down from a random spring shower, keep dry with the umbrella attached in the umbrella holder until the storm clouds pass.

With more people keeping track of course information and golf swing stats, we decided it would be a good idea to have a holder for their mobile devices. At CartTek, we provide multimedia holders for smartphones, MP3 players, GPS devices and other electronics. You can keep a steady flow of power to your caddy with the battery basket to store your lithium-ion battery for GRi-1500Li or GRi-975Li trolleys. We also provide a battery extension when you want to hide your battery in a travel bag to keep it safe from bad weather.

Sand and Seed Container

Divots happen. Yet as a responsible golfer, you try to fix any that you make to the course. Have a Fix and Mix, seed and sand container handy. This accessory fits right on your trolley or in your bag as you can keep the green looking great for the next golfer who is playing that hole.

Don’t be without the electric golf trolley accessories that will make your golf game easier. CartTek offers what you are looking for and much more at the prices you desire. You will be glad to have these items with you every day when playing a golf game by yourself or with friends.

Best Men’s Golf Shoes for Walking

Golf Golf Shoe Equipment Golf Ball Shoe Tee Ball

Offering the finest collection of Electric golf trolleys and remote controlled caddies, CartTek provides golfers with the chance to get into walking golf to promote a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the scenery of the course. You can enjoy walking flat and hilly courses as the caddy keeps up with you at the touch of a button. Yet to enjoy the walk and golf game even more, you need to have the right golf shoes on.

Golf shoes need to have three important elements: traction, stability and comfort. If the golf shoe lacks any of these elements, then you could end up having sore feet or a poor golf game before reaching all 18 holes. We are providing a list of the best Men’s golf shoes that you may want to try on so you can enjoy a better game in comfortable footwear.

ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2

Guessing about what types of shoes will satisfy the needs of male golfers was not something that ECCO wanted to do. They wanted actual measurements and opinions before producing the right shoes. That’s what the company did when creating the ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2 men’s golf shoes. They scanned over 2,000 feet to make a shoe that is more anatomically supportive. The shoe is lightweight, has 800 traction angles on the outsole, and a silicone insole to cradle your foot and keep it from shifting about.

TRUE Linkswear Game Changer Pro

The street-style movement for golf shoes still holds strong with the TRUE Linkswear Game Changer Pro. The shoe company has recently focused on cleated models as they have placed in PMT technology into these men’s shoes to offer increased balance. Other desired features are the ethyl vinyl acetate midsole combined with the lighter thermoplastic polyurethane outsole for the flexibility a golfer needs in his shoes for making a great swing as well as walking from hole to hole.


When you are looking for a golf shoe that will cause as much envy as your gameplay, then the FootJoy HYPERFLEX can catch the attention of anyone rolling along on their golfing cart as you walk with your GRi-1500Li remote controlled golf caddy from CartTek. This golf shoe has a waterproof mesh for breathability and comfort as the FlexGrid exoskeleton prevents the foot from slipping or rolling during the swing. Combine these features with a flexible and conforming insole and you will wear these shoes no matter what the weather is at the course.

Your feet are your livelihood whether you are walking around the office at your job or going from hole to hole on the golf course. You want the right shoe that can handle the course terrain as well as keep up with your electric trolley or remote-controlled caddy. Get the shoes that will work for your preferences in style, comfort and flexibility to have a better time playing golf.

Then let CartTek provide you with an electric golf trolley to help carry your clubs. Here at CartTek, we provide electric trolleys and caddies with remote controls so you don’t have to lug around heavy clubs. You will find more energy to play additional golf games when not dealing with the aches and pains in your back and shoulders created from your golf bag.