Arnie Wear: You Might Not Play Like Him, But You Can Look Like Him


Arnold Palmer.  Just the name conjures up not only a legend in the game of golf, but in the emphasis he places on his appearance.  It doesn’t matter whether he’s on the course or anywhere else, part of being good is looking good, and Arnold Palmer has that part covered.  Now, so can you with Arnold Palmer golf shirts.  It’s no secret that for almost as long as Arnold Palmer has been playing the links, he has also been known for his looks, his stylist wardrobe preceeds him wherever he goes.  It doesn’t matter where you look, you would be hard pressed to find a golf shirt that has the looks that one by Arnold Palmer has.  The Arnold Palmer men’s core short sleeve polo shirt is known as being among the finest in golf apparel to be found anywhere.  But this applies not only to the styling, but also for the wide choice of colors that are available to anyone who wants to be known for his style as much as Arnold Palmer is.  Arnold Palmer golf shirts come in sizes that fit practically everyone, from chest sizes M (40-42″), L (44-46″), XL (48″), and 2XL (50-52″).  These shirts are made from 100 percent Poly pique, a weaving style that not only allows it to keep its shape, but that allows you to wear it in any condition, and it comes right back to life to look just like it did before your toughest round.  This fabric and method of manufacturing also means that Arnold Palmer golf shirts are quick-dry, anti-bacterial, and odor-resistant, so you can wear it as much as you wish without worrying that it won’t look it’s best.  Go ahead and clean it, since its moisture-wicking and pilling-wrinkle resistant abilities virtually guarantee that it will last and look great for as long as you own it.  Shop for Arnold Palmer golf shirts wherever find golf clothes are sold.  And you will know that whenever you buy an Arnold Palmer golf shirt, you will see the embroidered Arnie emblem on the left front collar, your assurance that you are getting the real thing.  You might not play the game like Arnold Palmer does, but with Arnold Palmer golf shirts, you can look as good as he does, whether you’re on the course or off. Pair off your new look with Carttek’s electric golf trolley or other Carttek cart accessories and you’ll be par for the course!

Walking Golf for the Health of It

Out on the golf courseStanding with the golf clubs on your shoulder, you look out at the beautiful course while feeling the breeze rustling through your hair and the fresh scent of the great outdoors rushing over your face. As you watch the humming golf carts streaming past in single file, you place your bag onto your trolley and head out on foot to the first tee. You will let your feet make their own path across the greens and fairways throughout the 18 holes you play as you try to improve both your golf experience as well as your health.

Walking Golf Gaining Ground as a Way to Health

When most people think about golf, they don’t see it as a very active sport because a person is always stopping periodically to take a swing and to line up the shot. Yet walking golf has proven to be a great way for a person to stay physically healthy. It is estimated that a golfer can burn up to 2,000 calories while walking all 18 holes, depending on the length of the course and how well you play — as experienced golfers may walk less because they are making more accurate shots. In fact, you could effectively walk 4-5 miles every time you play a golf game.

It’s been proven time and time again that walking is good for your health. From young children to adults, everyone can gain a range of health benefits such as increased mobility, flexibility and improving the circulation to strengthen the heart. People everywhere will strap on pedometers to measure the number of footsteps they make when they are walking around the house and running errands. Walking the golf course is the same, as going out there 3 times a week would be the same as engaging in an aerobic exercise.

Consider Your Own Physical Needs When Doing Walking Golf

Just like any vigorous sport or exercise, keep in mind your own physical limitations and capabilities. If you have problems carrying a heavy golf bag on your shoulder, then consider using an electric trolley or remote-controlled caddy to hold your bags when going along the course. You can also use a golf cart partially along the course. Very young and very old golfers may have problems walking all 18 courses, as you may want to only walk 9 holes or take breaks while walking without holding up any other golfers who want to partake in the game.

Walking golf gives you a wide range of benefits for both your health and your golf game. Get into shape and enjoy the scenery more as you get your feet walking across the grass to your next hole.

Best GPS Golf Watches To Consider

Runner using heart rate monitor training running smartwatch checking performance or GPS. Man athlete looking at stopwatch. Healthy runner closeup on trail running workout. Wearable technology for tracking activity.

While the game of golf has been around since the 15th century, this invigorating and intense sport is not without its technological advances. Golfers are using a wide range of tech to help improve their skills, learn more about the course they are playing, and figure out their distance to the green. GPS golf watches are popping up everywhere as they offer pre-loaded course information such as dog-legs and hazards, as well as GPS tracking to tell you how far you are from the front, middle and back of the green. These watches are convenient tech that can be worn right on the wrist, so they don’t impede the golfer’s swing.

Best GPS Golf Watches You May Want

There are a number of different technology companies interested in creating GPS watches for golfers: Garmin, Sky Buddy, Bushnell, SkyCaddie and TomTom. The types of wearable tech to keep an eye on will be based on your personal preferences depending on what features your desire, the amount of battery life the watch has before it needs to be recharged, and any annual fees that must be paid for the GPS features. Here is a list of the best GPS watches you may want to consider if you are heading out to the links.

GolfBuddy WT5

GolfBuddy has been steaming ahead with their ingenious line of WT GPS watches. They have introduced the WT4 watch that has easy operations as the watch features pin placement features and a wide range of views of the course. If your money is tight when it comes to purchasing this expensive watch, then go for the GolfBuddy WT5 as it offers a sportier design at a more affordable price. Features you will find include over 37,000 pre-set course maps, shot tracking, precise yardage information, a digital scorecard and 8 hours of GPS battery life.

SkyCaddie Linx

Precise distance information definitely makes the SkyCaddie Linx a GPS watch to consider. It is sleek and stylish as it offers both a fitness odometer and stopwatch features along with golf technology to make it a well-rounded watch. There are over 35,000 course maps, precise yardage features, and a digital SkyGolf Mobile Scorecard for more in-depth stat analysis. The only downside, unlike the other featured GPS watches, is that the SkyCaddie Linx requires an annual fee.

Garmin Approach S6

When it comes to all the features you could desire in a GPS watch, Garmin knows their business. The Garmin Approach S6 GPS watch comes with shot tracking as well as stat tracking to learn about putts, greens and fairways. You can also access information for over 38,000 pre-set course maps. Yet what makes this watch stand out is the fact that you can see the course from an overhead view map to get a more precise look at the green. There are no fees involved as the watch will last for up to 10 hours on