What is the Truth About Lifting Weights and How It Can Affect Your Golf Game?

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Throughout the decades, golf players have been trying to figure out the best ways to stay in shape. From running to performing stretches to stay flexible, golfers of varying ages have been adopting certain exercise methods for the home and at the gym to help their bodies. Yet one exercise that is often overlooked, and negatively opined about, is weight lifting.

Often seen as an exercise that builds up so much bulk that the weight lifter’s muscles are about to explode out of their arms and chests, a common fear golfers have about lifting weights is that this exercise causes muscles to become short and “too bulky,” which can seriously hamper a person’s golf swing. Golfers believe lifting weight causes too much muscle gain that leads to inflexibility.

The Truth about Weightlifting for Golf

Weight lifting is designed to strengthen muscles. As you lift weights, you are actually helping to protect your joints while also stretching your muscles to increase your flexibility. Performing weight training can lead to a wide range of benefits for golfers. With stronger muscles, you will feel your body become more stable while you can put more force into your swing.

So the truth is that lifting weights is good for your golf game as it can strengthen your muscles significantly. People shouldn’t avoid such an activity when the benefits are so abundant.

Yet What About Muscle Bulk?

There are many different types of weight lifting regimens that you can adopt that won’t lead to muscle bulk like you would find on Olympic athletes and World Championship weight lifters. In fact, trainers around the world have developed exercise programs specifically designed for golfers that incorporate lifting weights.

Keep in mind that muscle bulk found on professional weight lifters is due to resistance training programs that are designed for the athletes to build muscles by continually using heavier weights, lifting the weights for several hours every day, and performing fewer repetitions. It also requires weight lifters to increase the amount of calories they eat. This program is not the same as one designed for golfers.

For a golfer, you would use moderate size weights for shorter periods of time with an average number of repetitions. You would also maintain a leaner and healthier diet without so many calories. With this kind of training, you strengthen muscles without putting on the bulk.

Don’t Say No to Lifting Weights

Consider adding weight lifting as part of your overall exercise program along with running, stretches and other aerobic exercises. Always keep in mind that, before you start picking out weights, to speak with your doctor to ensure there are no current medical issues that may be affected when adopting any weightlifting program for golf. Then begin strengthening your body to help improve your golf game.

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Why People Are Using GPS Devices and Watches to Improve Their Golf Game

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You can’t turn around in a pro shop without seeing the latest and greatest GPS watches and devices for golfers. These products are available in a range of sizes, looks and functions that can leave your head spinning. Yet instead of jumping on the best one to use, you are still a little confused over what a GPS device actually does to help your golf game? The only GPS devices that you are used to are the ones that give you driving directions or tell you where the nearest restaurants are in your neighborhood. How does a GPS device work out when you are out on the green?

Basic Functions of GPS Golf Devices

Before getting into what GPS devices can do to improve your golf game, you should understand some of the basic functions of these devices. There are three basic types of GPS used by golfers: handheld devices, golf watches and smart phones. The most basic feature of these devices is to show the yardage of the course you are playing, as some devices have a database of golf courses available in their systems. You can find the distance to the front, back and sides of the green. The device may also tell you the distance to hazards.

Additional features the device may have include tracking your shots so you can evaluate your golf game. It will tell you the number of hits you made on the fairway, driving distances and other information including your score card. Some devices also allow you to sync this information to your smartphone or laptop to review your stats.

Improving Your Golf Game with GPS Devices

A golf GPS device can benefit your golf game in a number of ways. You can use the distance feature to create more accurate shots. Everyone knows that playing golf is much more than how far you can hit the ball towards the green. It is also important to know where the best place is to put the ball so you can make the hole in as fewest shots as possible. A golf GPS device helps you figure out the best place to put your ball on the fairway and gives you shot distance information for each club so you can decide on the best one.

By having the course information, shot distance information and other stats available, you can make adjustments to your game continuously. Sometimes it can be hard to perform a self-evaluation on your own performance, as you can only rely on your score card as an indicator of how well or how poorly you did out on the course. A golf GPS device records this information and lets you further evaluate your skills. The device breaks down this golf information in easier ways so you can pinpoint the exact issues you have so you can do better the next time you pack your bags in the car and head out to your favorite golf spot.


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Seek Out The Best Tee Times in Las Vegas

Everyone loves Las Vegas for the entertainment, night life and casino action. Yet golfers also flock to Las Vegas due to the fantastic golf opportunities that can be found throughout the Sin City. There are over 50 courses for players to practice their swing, set up a game with business clients, or book a golf vacation. Yet certain times of the year are more ideal to set a tee time than others, as knowing when to go will allow you to save money, avoid the crowds and enjoy great weather in this frenetic city.

Best Tee Times and Seasons – Las Vegas

Typically, there is hardly any rain to contend with in Las Vegas that can spoil your game. Even the wettest month there will only result in about a half-inch of rain at worst. Summers are extremely hot with temperatures averaging well above 100 while winters are cool yet still comfortable. One thing to take note is that it can get very windy in this state all year round, and the wind is very unpredictable as it can get as gusty as 90 mph. Check out the following breakdown of the best tee times and weather based on the season.

Spring: March – May

When spring weather arrives, people are out on the golf course in droves. Definitely a crowded season, spring rates rise just like the warmer temperatures. In fact, golf courses can get very pricey, as you need to shop around for the best rates and an open tee time. There is no specific time of the day to get the best chance at a round of golf during this season. Just keep in mind that the temperatures can drop into the 40s or lower at night so you want to layer up for the cooler weather. The high temperatures usually range from the 50s in March to the high 80s in May during this season.

Summer: June – August

It’s hot out there, baby! June temperatures are in the 100s and it gets even hotter in July and August. So people aren’t standing out on the golf courses during the heat of the day. Instead, they are seeking the coolest spots in pools and enclosed, air conditioned spaces. If you can stand the heat, book a tee time early in the day. Mornings can let you play a few rounds before the heat gets to you. If you play during the day, seek out the best methods to stay cool by keeping hydrated, resting in shady spots, taking breaks and cooling yourself down with a wet towel on the head.

Fall: September – November

Fall temperatures drop so hotels are booking more people as golf courses will become crowded this time of year. Also, golf rates will begin to rise as you’ll have to look for courses that offer the challenges you want at the prices you can afford. The interesting thing about the Fall golf season is that people will be getting more tee times in the early morning hours so they will be finished in the afternoons to pursue other entertainment, such as watching football and hockey games at the sports bar. So booking a tee time in the afternoon is the best option when you want to get a game in.

Winter: December – February

Golf courses don’t close down in the winter in Las Vegas except on holidays. The cool temperatures appeals to many golfers who will bundle up and spend the entire day on the course. So you still might find high prices at certain golf course. Shop around and compare the rates and tee times to pick the right place for a few swings of the iron.

There is so much to love about Las Vegas, including the professional golf courses that are available. So get your electric trolley or Remote Control Electric Golf Trolleys from Cart Tek and get out to the Sin City for a few rounds. You’ll love the weather when stepping up to the tee.