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Are you addicted to golf?

So your phone is filled with golf-related apps, April is your favorite month of the year, you obsessively research the latest electric golf caddy and you own way too many favorite golf balls. But if you’ve ever missed an important event to spend a day on the golf course, you may have a golf addiction.

Signs that you’re addicted

Most golfers brag about the best round of golf they ever played, the best shot they had or the fastest round. Maybe the conditions of the game what made it tricky, high wind or freak blizzard conditions, and you’re proud that you made it through. Some golfers have lucky gloves, shoes, shirts, whatever they feel has affected their game in the past.

The science of addiction

Studies have shown that addictive personalities may be more drawn to the game of golf. Intermittent reinforcement, the same power behind gambling, is what makes it happen. Most golfers hit only a couple of great shots during every round of golf, but the thrill of those shots is what keeps them coming back for more. It’s the anticipation of the next great shot that can get golfers through many rounds of bad golf. Shooting a great score in golf is the equivalent to a powerful surge of endorphins in the brain.

Another aspect of golf addition, that varies from gambling addiction, is the drive to be successful. Skills in golf are quite important, and not left up to chance, such as a great roll of dice or a lucky card. Addicted golfers spend most time not golfing, practicing for their next round of golf, whether it’s practicing your swing mid-conversation, visualizing the course during a meeting or talking technique at the water cooler. If you’re hitting the driving range to improve, when you really should be taking care of other things, it’s a sign.

A healthy addiction

As far as addictions go, you’ll probably be safe with golf. The side effects of being addicted to golf are far less harmful than other common addictions. At least you’re getting outside, and getting some exercise.

Try to maintain a golf and life balance. While the sport may be important to you, chances are there are other things in your life that are just as important if not more; work, family, friends. So if you’ve tried time and time again to introduce loved ones to the wonderful game of golf, and they’re still not interested, let it go. You can go play some other time. It’s their loss for not understanding the greatness of the game.

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Why is walking golf good for you?

Golf is a beneficial sport for many people, while it takes patience and practice it can be a great hobby for everybody. The benefits of walking while golfing, instead of taking a golf cart can good for both you and your body, and the environment.
It has been said that golf is not a great workout because it tends to be stop and start, but if you start walking while playing it can become a great form of exercise.

Physical benefits
The physical benefits are clear, instead of riding along from hole to hole, you are forced to walk and get exercise. You can burn almost double the calories walking, as you would while riding in a golf cart. Some courses might offer an electric golf trolley for your golf bag, to make walking that much easier, or you always could use a golf caddy.
Given the opportunity for burning calories, you also are able to get your heart rate up to a peak level while walking and playing golf. Walking nine holes on most courses, especially on a hilly course, can be the equivalent to a 2.5-mile-long walk. When you ride in a golf cart, you typically only get a half mile walk. Giving your back a break by using a remote controlled golf cart for your golf bag, is always an option, when walking.
Another benefit of walking from hole to hole, is that your body stays loose throughout the entire round of golf. You can also see the course from a different perspective while walking, perhaps see a shot from another vantage point.
Some think that the social benefits of walking outweigh riding in a cart. You have opportunity to interact with all of the players, rather than only those riding in a cart. Perhaps you can exchange techniques, or a great golf story with another player.

Better experience
A walking golfer has less of an impact on turf than a golf cart. Some clubs feature walking-only courses, which save money overall, due to no path and cart maintenance. Golf carts are actually quite rough on turf and grass, so by eliminating the cart you can make your playing field better, literally.
A common misconception is that walking makes your game longer, but walking can make your golf game a shorter one. Instead of driving to each player’s ball, everyone walks individually to their own. An electric golf caddie, or push cart can make walking the course much easier.
There are many ways to fit walking into your golf game, whether you ditch the cart altogether, or alternate walking holes with your golf partner, or ride the cart only on the path and walk to and from every hole. Some believe that those who walk and play golf shoot better scores than those riding in a cart, but we haven’t done enough research to confirm or deny this. So go ditch the golf cart, maybe try out an electric golf caddie, and enjoy the sights, sounds and health benefits of golf.

Remote Control Golf Carts Increase the Fun to the Next Level

Remote Control Golf Carts Increases the Fun to the Next Level

You grab the golf club bags out of the storage closet in the garage and head into the house. In a loud voice, you declare that you are going golfing. In a flurry of running feet, everyone scatters out of the house or up into their rooms as the kids hide away.

It is not that your family doesn’t like playing golf. They simply don’t like the task of becoming your personal caddy or having a sore back from lugging the clubs to all 18 holes. You can’t really blame them.  While you love hitting the golf course and feeling the grass underneath your shoes as you enjoy walking across the manicured grass, the golf bag can hamper such enjoyment, especially on days where there might be a little wind, rain or challenging terrain.

Remote Control Golf Carts Letting You Enjoy Walking Golf Again

Instead of considering a motorized golf cart to ride across the course, consider remote control golf carts and caddies. There are a wide range of caddies available that can fit into your preferences. They can handle the tough terrain and keep up with you along the course. The best electric golf caddy will give you complete control when going up and down steep hills as it can follow behind you or easily move at only a touch. It will handle your golf bag without losing speed or power throughout the entire time you are on the course.

With a remote control golf cart, you can get the desired exercise from walking golf without putting a strain on your body that can hamper your golf swing. The caddy can prevent back pains and sore arm muscles, as you can completely focus on hitting the ball. You also won’t have to worry about walking off with the club while leaving your bag behind.

Consider an Electric Golf Caddy for the Next Time You are on the Course

Remote controls golf carts aren’t just for young kids or senior golfers. They can be used by people of all ages who don’t want to carry their bags yet can’t volunteer their kids (or bribe the neighbor’s child) for the task of carrying your golf bags for you. The best electric golf caddies will also allow you to carry a wide range of accessories such as score cards, bottle holders, multimedia holders, sand and seed holders, battery baskets, umbrella holders that will make your golf outing complete.

So skip looking for a caddy for the day, or for a few courses, by getting the best electric golf caddy. It will always be there when you need it, and will keep up with you no matter the course conditions that you will face. Then you can spend more time improving your golf performance and skills.