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Tips for Good Golf Etiquette

It can be hard when you’re playing a terrible game on the golf course, and secretly, you’re the most competitive person in your group. It’s important to consider proper golf etiquette while you’re playing a round. Here are a few tips from the pros.

Don’t be the slowest player on the course. It can be hard when you want to take lots of time to line up the perfect shot, but the time you take may be aggravating people you’re playing with. Speed up your game especially if there are people waiting to play the hole your group is at. It may be proper etiquette to let them pass you, if you are stressed by the fact that people are waiting on you to play.

Another good rule of thumb: Never search for a lost ball for more than 5 minutes.

Keep your temper in check. No one wants to play with a poor sport. Even if you absolutely ruined that shot, keep your shouting and swearing to a quiet minimum. Never throw your club. When people get loud and aggressive it ruins the golf game for everyone. If you wouldn’t act like this at a dinner table with your boss or in-laws, don’t do it on the golf course.

Leave a hole as best as you found it. Replace divots if you can, or use provided seed mix to fill in holes. Sometimes if it’s an especially bad hole with sand, people won’t take the time to rake the sand as they should, because they’re so frustrated by the hole. Take the time to rake the sand as it should be. Think to yourself, would you want to play this hole in the way that you’ve left it?

Respect the course with your electric golf caddies and golf carts. Try not to leave unnecessary damage done with your golf cart. Only drive in permitted areas, and respect the turf.

Turn off your cell phone. Respect the time you have set aside to play golf with friends, and respect their time as well. It’s rude to make time to play golf with someone and then spend the whole time checking emails, sending texts, or making calls.

There are many more parts to good golf etiquette, but it really comes down to common courtesy and common sense. Leave the course the way you’d like to find it, respect other players time, ability and space. You’re out to enjoy yourself and a game of golf. Don’t make it not enjoyable for others.

Consider how important your putting game is

If you’ve ever played a game of golf you’ve realized that it’s not just a long shot that determines how your game goes. Due to the scoring scheme of golf, putting makes up nearly half of your score. So it’s important to work on your putting game and stay up to date on the latest putting tips and technology.

Most golf players practice their putting game year round. It’s key to playing  a great game of golf. If you can whack a long shot in the direction of the hole, you’re doing well. If you can’t concentrate that skill to a smaller spectrum and make a smaller but more calculated shot, a put, then you will never be truly successful at golfing.

Players are starting to drive the ball longer and longer these days, which means that the short game is getting more important. Spend time practicing your put. With longer driving shots, comes shorter puts, making precision that much more important. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to witness a pro play, you’ll notice how much time they spend analyzing their shots, especially those short ones that come down to count at the end.

There are three kinds of putters:

Blade putters are the oldest kind of putter. This is what the traditional golfer will use. It features a relatively small head.

Peripheral weighted putters or heel-toe weighted putters is the next evolution from the blade putter. This putter is long and thin, but with added weight in the heel and toe portions. This putter adds more consistency to a shot.

Lastly, there are mallet putters. These feature a much larger head, which was designed to make tee shots more consistent for the player. These putters can be made with different alignments and shapes to help players align their shots better.

Putters also have an inface, which is the side of the putter that you hit the ball with. Typically this face is made with steel, but it can also be made with bronze, aluminum, brass, copper, zinc and titanium.

There are many different types of putters, but it’s important to find one that works for you and your swing. Heading out on the golf course with many different styles of putters in your electric golf caddy is a great way to see which ones you like hitting with, and which you get the best result with.

Putting is an important part of your golf game that you don’t need a golf course to spend time practicing. So work on your putting game during the off season, and come back next spring with an improved put.

What you should carry in your golf bag

We’ve all been out on the course and lost our last ball or gotten a chill and needed an extra layer. Here’s a list of things that you should keep in your electric golf caddy at all times, to ensure you can play your best game.

Golf Balls – Seems silly really, but it can never hurt to have extra sets of balls in your golf bag. Maybe you’re having a terrible day and you keep losing balls off the course. Carrying an extra set can be a lifesaver to your or friends you’re playing with.

Old Golf Balls – Older balls, or shag balls, can be great for getting in a practice swing or two while you’re waiting to play the next hole on the course. They can also come in handy if you’re having a bad day on the course and can’t manage to keep balls on the green. It’s better to lose an older ball than a brand new one.

Business cards – While golf is a hobby of yours, it can also be a great chance to network and meet people on the course. It’s best to never be caught empty handed when people that you meet start handing out business cards. Throw a couple in your bag and always be prepared.

Rain Gear – It’s always important to be prepared for the elements. Throwing a rain coat and umbrella into your golf pack could save the day.

First Aid Kit – Having one of these around is always a great idea, no matter where you are.

Sunscreen – A growing number of golfers are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. So lather up before you go, and bring sunscreen with you. Wear a hat to avoid extra sun exposure as well.

Towels – Bring one for you and one for your balls and clubs, in case things get wet or dirty.

Extras – Tees, scorecards and extra socks. It can never hurt to have a few of these in your golf bag, just for when you need them. A granola bar or two will always come in handy if you get hungry in the middle of your game.

Water Bottle – It’s important to stay hydrated where ever you are. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle out onto the course with you. An excessive thirst could ruin your game.

Consider this list, and make additions to the golf bag in your electric golf caddy. Help yourself to be prepared for any condition and anything you might forget when playing golf. There’s nothing better than realizing you’re prepared, when you initially thought you’d forgotten something.