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Keeping up with your Golf Game in the Off Season

The holidays are here, and it’s definitely the off season for golf. But there’s no reason that you have to let your golf game slack, just because you can’t get out on the golf course. If you’re planning to spend loads of time fantasizing about the beginning of golf season in the spring, you’ll have plenty of time to do a few exercises to ensure that you’re ready when the snow melts.

Easy Golf Tips

If you have a local golf range, visit it. It can be out of sight and out of mind, but when the golf courses are covered in snow and your remote control golf caddy is stored away for the winter, you can still head out to your local golf range. Get out and get your golf muscles working, and taking swings. If you stop doing something for too long, your muscles may have a harder time in the spring, so keep them moving throughout the winter.

If you have the space, try setting up some putting on your carpet. Consider that the friction of your home carpet, and the friction of the fairway can really be similar.

This next tip is an easy one: watch golf. If you’re keeping yourself in the mindset of golf, you’ll get back into it that much easier in the spring.

New Golf Tips

If golf is your only sport, and you don’t participate in any cold weather sports, it may benefit you to hit the gym. Try hitting the weights to keep your golf muscles in the same shape year-round.

If you’re looking for a nice low-impact workout, that can help your golf game, try some yoga or Pilates. Yoga can really help improve your flexibility which can only help your swing come spring.

Use your floor length mirror. If you try practicing your swings in the mirror or even on video, you might see things you’re doing that you weren’t previously aware of. Take a look at your form, and work on it in the mirror. Memorize how any small adjustments to your swing feel, and make improvements. Try using weighted clubs to help your swing even more.

If you keep up your practice throughout the winter, you’ll be that much more prepared for golfing in the spring. So spend time working on these techniques, and come spring you’ll be ready to hit the course with your electric golf trolley.

Storing your Remote-Controlled Golf Caddy for Winter

After the holidays arrive, and the snow starts to fall, it’s always a sad time for golfers. While it can be easy to forget to store your gear, it’s important to properly store your golf caddy, to ensure it lasts for golf seasons to come. Here are our best tips for storing an electronic golf caddy.


Keep your remote controlled golf caddy in a dry warm place. If you have a temperature controlled area, like a heated garage, that’s best. Because your golf caddy operates with batteries, you want to avoid storing it somewhere that’s damp or cold, as it could harm the electronics. Changing temperatures can wreak havoc on it as well, so it’s best to keep it somewhere warm and dry.

If you can find a place to store your caddy that’s upright, that will be best. If stored on it’s side, it’s more likely to become warped or stepped on. Find a place where it can stay upright, where it’s out of the way, and not in danger of being jostled in a closet, or having heavy storage boxes topple onto it.

Clean it

Clean out the pockets in your golf bag or electric golf caddy before you store it. Be sure you’re not leaving a spare granola bar, or old wet towel in your bag. If you don’t want it to sit there all winter, it’s best to clean your bag out.

 Battery Care

It’s best for your electric golf caddy to be stored in a cool stable environment, like a heated basement or garage. It’s better for the lithium batteries to remain in a stable environment. Avoid storing them on a cement surface.

For your lithium batteries, it’s important that you charge them every 12 weeks. It ensures that you get the longest lifespan out of them, and your remote control golf caddy. If you’re using sealed lead acid batteries, they require a charge every 6 weeks.

The Best Golf Gifts for the Golfer in your Life

The holidays are here, and there might be one person in particular that you’re having a hard time finding a gift for. If that person so happens to be a huge golf fan, we’re here to help.

While those of us at CartTek would recommend one of our remote control golf caddies, or electric golf trolleys, there are plenty of other gifts out there for the avid golfer.

Golf Gear

Any golfer love receiving new gear. Anything from hats, shirts, shorts, shoes, gloves, etc. Chances are they’re always looking for gear to wear while golfing.

Golf Iron Sets

If you know they’ve had their heart set on a pair of new irons, perhaps it’s time to spoil them. It’ll be hard receiving irons for the holidays, when they’ll have to wait so long to test them out, but come spring, they’ll thank you.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are changing. We’re getting away from the classic type of golf shoe, and headed toward a newer more versatile and comfortable style. If the golfer in your life has hinted that they need new shoes, now is the perfect time to get them.

Golf Watch

Check out newer golf tech like the Garmin Golf watches. They come preloaded with courses from around the world, and provide precise yardage to hazards, greens, and more, all of which is displayed on a full color map. Just like any other smart watch, it comes with notifications of calls or texts, so there really is no excuse for losing time, and missing calls out on the green.

Golf Grips

Finding the perfect new grips can make or break anyone’s golf game. If you know a golfer in need of new grips, find something that helps with their hand placement and alignment.

Golf Bags

Who doesn’t love a new golf bag, to move all their stuff into? Finding the latest and greatest in golf bag features, will be a treat for any avid golfer.

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What to do when your Swing Falls Apart

Even the best golfers have bad days. Even the pros doubt their ability from time to time. If there’s a golfer you play with whom you admire, chances are if you asked them, they would admit to feeling less than perfect on the course at times. Sometimes you just can’t hit at well as you want to, and that feeling can compound, and make you feel more frustrated.



What to do

A bit of advice from some of the pros: head back to the range when this happens. If you’re in the middle of a game and you feel like your swing is gone, sometimes it’s best to stop play, and head to the range to practice. Finishing a game when your swing isn’t acting like normal can mess with your head, and make it harder to head back out on the course again.

Focus on the swing drills that you know and love, and work on getting your swing back. Sometimes it’s a small something that’s off, maybe you haven’t played in weeks or months, and you need to go back to basics. Golf is a game of drills and practice, so don’t feel ashamed to head back to basics to build your game back up.

Stomping Drill

Take a look at the stomping drill, used by pros. Some claim that it helps you improve your timing, balance, shifting weight and your footwork. Most people let their body rotate toward their target too soon. When they’re hitting the iron, they let their body go, and it rotates, throwing off their swing. If you can delay your rotation during your practice, you’ll improve your swing path, and you won’t cut across the ball too much.

Start the drill by grabbing an iron and getting your posture set. Stand with your feet close together. When you’re starting your backswing, sidestep away from your target, using your back foot. When you reach the top of your backswing, take your front foot and lift it up, sidestepping toward your target. Before you swing down into the ball, plant your foot like a stomp.

If you do this drill correctly, you’ll learn when exactly to shift your weight for the best swing. By practicing this drill, your backswing will be completed before you start your downswing, which syncs your swing up nicely. The benefit of the stomp is that it teaches you exactly when you push off the ground, which gives your swing more power.

Golf Practice

As with anything you need to practice to make it work. Sometimes if something feels off on the course it’s best to head back to basics and focus on the small stuff. Take a second to collect yourself at your remote control golf caddy, and move on. Try different drills and see which make you feel like you’re improving your swing, or bringing you back to speed. Practice doesn’t make perfect, unless you’re willing to put in the right amount of practice time. If your swing falls apart, find the right drill to bring it back together.