How to Play on Any Golf Course

Playing a new course can be tough. Whether you’re playing with other people who play there all the time, or it’s a new course for all of you, it can still be tough to play it for the first time. It’s important to keep your mental game as close, as your clubs, gear, and remote-control golf caddy. Keeping your mental game strong, will help you get over small setbacks and prevent them from becoming larger hang-ups.

First Steps

Focus on getting off of the first tee, and start getting ready for your next shot. If you don’t dwell on any mistakes you made on the first tee, and you’re constantly looking forward to your next move, chances are, you’ll play a better game of golf.

Next, choose your next club. Don’t spend too much time trying to find the perfect one. Just choose the one that will allow you to hit the way you want to, whether it’s hitting the ball entirely on the green, or if you’re just trying to get the ball closer to home.

Remember that shorter clubs are easier to deal with than longer clubs, so if you just want to hit the ball down the fairway use the club you like best. Rather than spending time deciding which one you think is best to use, go with the club that you like best or that you’re most comfortable with. Chances are if you like it best, or it feels most comfortable, you’ll make a better shot with it.

Moving On

Remember not to let yourself get nervous. It can be extremely fun to play a course for the first time. Let yourself be challenged, but don’t let it overwhelm you.

When you’re hitting your ball, don’t over think things. Don’t try to scoop your ball with your club. Only focus on making good and solid contact with the ball, and you’ll find that this works best.

Enjoy yourself

Have fun playing a new course with friends. Having a challenge like a difficult new course can only improve your golf game. Stay hydrated, and keep your mental game positive. Enjoy being out on the golf course with friends, and soon you’ll find that you’re ready to take on any new course with your remote control golf cart. Relax and let the swings come as they may.

5 Tips for a Better Golf Swing

It can be hard to focus on everything you’ve been told to do when you play golf, and sometimes you just want to get out there and block it all out. We’re here with five tips for improving your golf swing, and keep you mentally and physically prepared for your next swing. Breaking it down to five things keeps it easy, and helps you relax and enjoy yourself out on the green. Read on, and grab your golf gear, a buddy, and a remote control golf cart, and head out for a game of golf.

Before you swing

Before you swing make sure that you have everything in place. Make sure that your club-face, feet, hips and shoulders are all aligned. And not just aligned together, aligned so that they’ll hit your target. This is the most important part of your swing. Whether or not your actual swing is great, depends on your alignment. If you don’t take the time to align your swing, you’ll have difficulty getting the ball on the green. A note for your alignment: Anything you do should feel tension-free and comfortable. If you’re tense while you’re swinging, it will never work like you want it to. So align your swing, and make sure you stay relaxed while doing it.

Starting your Swing

Stay connected to your swing. That can mean a lot of different things for different golfers, but it’s important to feel connected through each stage of your swing. Remember to keep your club, hands, arms and body moving in one direction together. Disconnecting from your swing, can bring trouble about your downswing. Keep your hands from taking over, by delaying your wrist right until your golf club shaft is parallel to the ground.


Your backswing is important to the entirety of your swing. If your body doesn’t feel right, or your body feels like it’s blocking your club from completing your backswing you should probably analyze your entire swing. Be sure to make a full turn in your backswing, with your upper body going back.

Your Hips

It’s important to let your hips lead in a swing. By letting your hips lead, you’re getting your swing started correctly, and letting whatever happens follow. If you finish your swing and realize that something is off, go back to your hips.

Take Away

It’s hard to listen to every bit of golfing advise, and it’s important to take what works for you and leave the rest. You know your body best, so do what works for you. These are tips that pros and the majority of golfers swear by, but if it’s not for you, and it doesn’t work for your swing, keep working on it your way. The most important part of golf is to relax and have fun. Grab a friend and your electric golf trolley and head out to work on your swing, and play a round.

Fall Golf: Helpful Warm Ups

Fall is here, and so begins fall play. The course is, thankfully, less crowded and slightly chillier. Now, more than ever, your warm up is important. If it’s colder out it can be harder to loosen up and play like your normal self. So here are some tips for warming up before a cool game of fall golf.

Putting green or driving range?

It’s important to hit both, but don’t get preoccupied over which you go to first. Most people hit the driving range, before they hit the putting green. And some even forget to hit the putting green. It’s important to work on all of your strokes, so plan time at both the putting green and driving range. If the driving range is full, spend some quiet time working on your short and long putts, or vice versa. Try working on a few drills, talk to your fellow golfers and see what they’re doing before a game.


With the colder weather, comes tighter bodies. Be sure to spend some time before a round of golf stretching. Your muscles will thank you later. Be sure to get all your muscles working before you head out and play. Some pro players even head to the gym for a bit before they head out on the course. Nothing too intense that will tire them out, but just enough to get their blood flowing and muscles looser.

Be relaxed

Remember the stiffer you get, the worse your shots are. Head to the course with a relaxed mind set. Any golf player knows that golf is much more of a mental game that you think. Keep your focus, and keep your body relaxed. You’re more likely to injure yourself if you’re tighter.

What Works for You

At the end of the day it’s important to do what works for you, when you’re warming up. Spend time stretching out the muscles that you know are tight, and practice the shots that you know you need help with.

Don’t forget to bring your essentials for a game of golf, like your remote control golf caddy, and take into consideration the cooler temperatures. Be sure to through a light layer into your electric golf trolley and anything else you might need. Make the time to warm up before you head out to play a game. Enjoy the relaxed time you have to focus on a shot you’ve been missing, and nail it this time. Fall golf is perfect for that, because the pace of play out on the course has slowed down. It’s time to grab your remote control golf bag and get out there, while you still can.