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Tom Miles!  Congratulations Tom.

Tom Sent Us A Picture of Himself with the New Bag


Received my new bag and wheels. They are awesome.

I am attaching a couple of pictures. I am the one in the middle. Ken Falk is on the left and Bob Bodis is on the right.

We have over 12 Cart Tek owners at Western Hills at last count.

We love your product. But your service is what makes you product superior.


Tom Miles

3 Ways to Continue Walking the Golf Course During Your Later Years

As you grow older, you may experience some problems with endurance when walking the golf course. While there are golf carts available, you would rather continue walking the greens to experience the beauty of the course and to provide your body with the exercise it needs. We have gathered 3 tips for walking a golf course into your later years.

Lighten the Load

It’s true that you can carry the full set of golf clubs in your bag. Yet do you really need to? Many golfers can trim down the number of clubs they need to 8 or 9. With less clubs, your golf bag will feel lighter as it will take the load off your back. Your body will feel better as you can keep up your endurance.

Use an Electric Golf Caddy

If you can’t simply do without having all your clubs at the golf course, you can place your golf bag on an electric or remote-controlled caddy. Then you will have none of the bag weight sitting on your back while you walk to each hole. You just have to steer the electric caddy along the path.

Walk Shorter Courses

Another option is to pick a golf location that still offers 18 holes, yet it has shorter courses. Then you can save your energy and strength while still enjoying the walk along the links in your later years.

Before you consider walking the golf course into your later years, always consult with your doctor if you have any medical conditions that could be impacted. In addition, always listen to your body if you experience any aches or sudden pains. Take your time and take breaks while you allow other groups to pass through so you don’t hold up their game.

Spring Electric Golf Caddy Prep Checklist

Spring is here and you are itching to get out to the golf course. Yet before you grab your golf bag, you have to get your electric golf caddy prepped so you can have an easier time walking the course. We have gathered together this important checklist to use so your electric golf caddy will be up and running smoothly for all your trips out to the links. 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

When taking it out from the storage bag, give it a good cleaning to remove dirt, grass and grime left over from last year. Check all the mountings and tighten screws that may have come loose. You also want to load on your golf bag (with clubs inside) to inspect all restraints and straps. 

Checking the Battery 

Since the battery was in storage, it may have a lost some of its charge. You want to top off the battery charge. Also, don’t forget to change or recharge the batteries for the remote control if you have a remote-controlled caddy.  After the battery is charged, you want to inspect the cable connections and tighten them. Then mount the caddy battery to evaluate the retainer and connections for any issues. 

Operational Inspection 

Take your electric golf caddy outside to check the caddy wheels. You want to listen for any unusual noises, watch for wheel turning issues and check for any wheel mounting problems. It is also a great opportunity to adjust the tracking. With remote-controlled electric caddies, this is your opportunity to ensure all remote control functions are working properly. 

Getting your electric golf caddy prepped and ready will allow you to notice any problems that need immediate repair. Then you won’t have to worry about the caddy breaking down along the golf course as you have to lug everything back to the car.