7 Golf Etiquette Tips

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing golf for years, or if you are a beginner in the sport, you may need a few reminders of the appropriate etiquette for a game of golf. The following are suggestions for proper golf etiquette and tips for respecting the course.

Fore!: You have probably seen or heard it in golfing movies or perhaps while watching a game on tv. A player takes a shot and yells “fore,” but perhaps you’ve noticed that it doesn’t happen as often anymore. We can’t express the importance enough, even if you think it’s unnecessary, it’s better to warn someone than to have someone get injured. It is a great way to give other players, golf cart drivers and spectators a warning. Safety first, always.

Cell Phones: Absolutely no cell phones on the course or in the clubhouse. This is a show of respect for other players as well as your own teammates. Cell phones can be a huge distraction and the last thing you want is to be thrown off by someone’s annoying cell phone ringer. Most people keep their phone close at all times, so consider putting it on silent and placing it in your waterproof designed golf bag while you are on the course.

 Divots: Be sure to always replace your divots. Fill them in and try to leave the course as you found it, the more you do it, the more it sets the stage for the person behind you to follow suit.

Game Talk: It’s normal to have a conversation going while you’re playing the game, but if you are planning to talk about the details of the game you played last weekend or get into some heavy topic, no one really wants to hear about it. Try to keep prior game conversation to a minimum and overall, keep the conversation light and polite. A golf game is not the time or place to discuss drama, anger or heavy emotions. Some players like to play music while they walk the course and this is okay as long as your Bluetooth wireless speaker is set at the lowest volume. Remember that other players on the course might not want to have to listen to your choice of music.

Rough Day: Bad days happen, and typically we humans like to push through and try to right the unpleasantness of a rough day. Know your limits and call it quits if you are struggling on the course. You can’t expect to have great rounds every time you play. Sometimes it’s better to pack up and try again the next day.

Practice Swings: We’ve all been taught that practice makes perfect, and for the most part it’s true. But there are also times when too much practice becomes a hindrance to your game. It’s normal to take a few practice swings, but don’t overdo it. If you make too many practice swings, you can burn yourself out before you even start your game.

Have Fun: The most important tip of all is to remember to have fun! This is a game after all and if you aren’t having an enjoyable time, you are in it for the wrong reasons. Try to remember that you might have a rough game here and there but it’s all for the greater good of being on the course, outside and usually with good company. Enjoy yourself!

Make a Date with the Driving Range

Perhaps your swing hasn’t been feeling right lately, or you just feel like you need some extra practice, but whatever the case, there’s nothing wrong with getting in some time at the driving range. Spending time practicing is the best way to get comfortable with your swing and brush up on the minute details that can make a big difference out on the course. The driving range is also a wonderful place to practice your mental game as well as your swing so that when you’re out on the course again, you’re even more prepared for that difficult shot.

Something to always keep in mind during the game of golf is your mental game. If you are feeling off mentally, it can really disrupt your game out on the course, so while you’re busy taking practice swings, work on how you view your game. Take the time to go through your clubs and feel the difference between each one. Focus your thoughts in an organized and positive way to your mental strength is at its peak while on the course. This is a huge part of any sport, but it’s often overlooked when thinking about the perfect golf game.

Stretch It Out!!

It’s very important for your muscles to stretch before you start swinging, whether it’s at the range or at the course because your body will always respond better to practice if it’s loosened up. Take the time to start with smaller swings, and slowly stretch out your muscles. Try just swinging a club back and forth until you feel warmed up enough. Use your remote-control golf caddy to support yourself as you stretch out your leg muscles.

Start Swinging!!

After you’ve warmed up, it’s time to work your way through all of your irons. Try starting with your 9 and then continue with your lowest to your highest. Take a variety of shots and you will notice you’ll start to get into a groove. You can always begin with chip shots and then slowly work your way up to take a swing.

Taking shots with each one of your irons gives you the opportunity to focus on your swing and realign your stance if necessary. You can watch the way the ball falls, and notice if it’s hooked or not, which will then tell you if you need to adjust the way you are standing.

A great drill to try is to pick three different areas of the range and practice hitting the ball there as if it were a hole on the course. Try to get everything right, your stance, your swing, everything. If this is a drill that you can do consistently, it will really start to help your swing motions.

Practice That Putt!!

Some people forget how important putting can be. If you’re at the practice range be sure to devote around 15 minutes just to your putting game. We all know that putting can make or break your game, so take the time to practice it, a little bit of practice goes a long way. Routine and consistency are key so make sure you give it the full 15 minutes each time.

Try working on your longer putts while you’re at the practice range. Line up 10 balls and try putting them from farther away. You could also try focusing on your technique because that will help with the longer distance putts.

With a few reminders, your body will create muscle memory and your putt will become consistent and accurate. So go ahead and make that date with the Driving Range, you’ll be glad you did!


“I’m not lazy. I won’t use a power cart!”

golf ball falling into hole after putt on green

Today at our Demo Day, I had a conversation with a friendly fellow, who we will call Jay, wanted to debate that a power caddy is for “Lazy” folks. Here at Cart-Tek, we whole-heartedly disagree with that statement. If we were to ask you if you wanted to play better, would you say yes? Jay certainly did.   Most people seem to think that new oversized driver, or the fancy new putter developed by engineers from NASA is the only thing that can improve their game. Those same folks may not realize that an electric cart can also help.


When do you end up making the most mistakes?   Is it near the end of the round, usually when you are tired from carrying or pushing your bag?   Stressed from climbing the hills while lugging your heavy golf bag? When you take the load off of your body, you’re able to save both physical and mental energy. Now imagine for a minute that you can focus that energy on your swing. Do you think you’ll be able to improve your game?


At the end of the conversation, Jay decided to give our GRi-1500Li a try for a round. Jay was extremely impressed with how fresh he still felt, the ease of use and how much fun the remote caddy added to his game.   He even indicated that it was one of the faster rounds that he has played so far this year as he was able to increase his walking pace overall.


At the end of the day, Jay decided to place and order with us for a new GRi-1500Li in Black. I’m happy that we were able to educate someone that power carts aren’t only for lazy folks, but for those who would like help increasing their enjoyment of this wonderful game we call golf.