Care for Your Golf Equipment During the Colder Months

Preparing your golf gear for the winter months doesn’t have to be a big chore, in fact, it can be quite easy if you follow a few easy steps each year. If you live in a climate where the temperatures vary from summer to winter, knowing how to best preserve your equipment will help ensure your gear stays golf-ready for the season ahead. Check out our top 3 golf equipment tips.


It’s likely your clubs have some mud and dirt in the groves of the heads, so you’ll want to clean your clubs before you store them for the winter. There are golf cleaning kits available or you can follow a few easy steps to get those clubs cleaned up. All you need is a bucket of warm, soapy water and a good brush. Start by soaking the heads in the water for a few minutes, to loosen the residue. Once they’ve soaked for the time you think is necessary to moisten and loosen the dirt and grass, remove the heads and use the brush to remove any remaining dirt. Once cleaned, be sure to dry the heads thoroughly before you store the clubs.


Taking an inventory of your gear can help you identify any defects, so you can replace the equipment before next season. Check your golf bag zippers, your gloves for holes, your scorecard inventory, and any other supplies you use on the course. This would be a great time to replace anything you’ve been meaning to get rid of, as well as decide if there are new supplies or equipment that would make your golf game more successful.


We recommend you don’t store your clubs in the trunk of a car during the winter months. The extreme temperatures can weaken the epoxy bond from the expansion and contraction of varying temperatures. Most people store their clubs in the garage or a storage unit, which is fine if the temperatures are controlled and don’t get too cold. Storing your golf clubs in a consistent, comfortable room temperature will preserve them for the long haul.

Like any sport, golfing has best practices that help keep you and your gear in good shape. Consider taking some time to follow these golf equipment tips and you’ll be set for your golf game whether it’s during the winter months or next spring when the days aren’t as chilly!



Best Golf Shoes on the Market

When shopping for your next pair of golf shoes, you’ll want to keep some main points in mind. You can always play a round of golf in any pair of athletic shoes, but if you are serious about the sport, investing in some golf shoes will keep your feet happy round after round. Even if you plan on using an electric golf trolley, you’ll definitely want to invest in a good pair of golf shoes! Golf shoes are specifically designed for the amount of walking that takes place, as well as the way the golfer swings their body, pivots, and twists. Golf shoes are designed to handle the pivots and twists, keeping the movement fluid and easy on grass. The sole of the golf shoe is much different than your normal athletic shoe, it typically has a wide, rubber sole that allows the shoe to grip the grass, preventing any slipping. Golf shoes use to have metal spikes on the sole, for an even better grip, but those are no longer allowed on courses. Instead, there are often rubber or plastic spikes on the sole.

Comfort is key, so make sure you try on several pairs before you purchase the ones you are going to be stuck with long-term. The style is important as well, so have fun looking at your options and settle on the ones that give you both style and comfort.

The following four shoes were rated as the best golf shoes for this year, so check out the brief descriptions and consider trying some on before you invest in a pair.


These shoes are liked by many professional players for their style and comfort. The classic style offers a lightweight shoe that doesn’t take forever to break in on the course. These are waterproof, which is a great option for wet golfing conditions. These run about $270.


These are also a waterproof golf shoe, and well-liked by many serious golfers. They have adjustable disc closures that give the shoe a tight, snug fit. They give off a bouncy effect which makes your feet comfortable and feel lightweight. Puma also makes this shoe for women and they run about $150 per pair.


These shoes are a great investment for several reasons, one is the fact that they are very affordable. Each pair runs about $100 and has been called one of the most comfortable options for a golf shoe. They are mostly mesh which provides a lightweight feel and gives more flexibility across the entire shoe. The mesh also allows for breathability and they make it in women’s sizes as well.


This shoe is made for women and has been popular with both casual and professional golfers. Known for good support and style, they are also 100% waterproof. They provide a generous base with a wide sole and are made from Gore-Tex. These will run you about $180.