How to Elevate Your Golf Game

Learn how to improve your golf game this season with 4 easy tips. Play better and more confidently knowing that you’re improving some aspects of your game with hard work and a lot of practice.

Watch YouTube Videos

Do your homework. YouTube has a plethora of experienced golfers and golf pros waiting to share their knowledge with you. Watching golf videos offers some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses as inspiration for your next vacation. They also offer reviews on golf gear and most importantly, instruction on how to improve your swing, stroke, putting skills and overall game. You have a wealth of information at your fingertips and opportunities to learn something new from thousands of videos on all things golf. From getting information on how to play a better game to tips on the best golf courses and golf products, there are hours and hours of videos for learning new things about the sport you love.

Work on Your Short Game

Practice putting and fine-tuning your short game. This will give you more confidence on the course. By working on your short game, you’ll know you can tackle more difficult situations on the green. Finish smoothly when you’re putting the ball and practice chipping and making pitch shots. Learn how to use the ball’s bounce to your advantage.

Play With More Experienced Friends

If you have friends or family who are more experienced in golf than you, then ask to tag along on one of their games. There is a lot to be learned from people who play at a more advanced level than you. Talk to them about their favorite golfers, courses and pro tips, and be sure to watch their playing technique. Playing with friends, especially better players, is an important part of the game. Listen, watch and keep you mind open to learning new skills.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice when you feel like it, but also when you don’t feel like it. Practice in the morning, afternoon and at night. Practicing will give you the skills you need and muscle memory to perform your best. Get out and golf at least once a week. Make a habit of practicing every week to improve your stroke and accuracy. Work on your form over and over again. You’ll feel better when you’re on the course and hopefully take your game to the next level.

Hopefully, with these and other professional tips and instruction, you can elevate your golf game this season and enjoy doing it.

Best Drivers of 2019

Last month, we reviewed the three best mallet putters of 2019. Next we turn to drivers. If you’re looking to go the distance with your next driver, take your pick from these top-rated drivers.

Callaway Epic Flash

Flash is the new flagship driver for Callaway, and with good reason. The increased ball speed you will experience from connection was developed by a supercomputer using the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI was able to fix age-old problems that occurred from simply not having enough viable research to optimize ball speed. The Flash also includes a stiff club head that creates more face flex, weight savings from a triaxial carbon crown, and a 16-gram sliding weight for adjustable balancing.

Cleveland Launcher HB

Cleveland Golf is best known for its wedges, but if you need a forgiving and powerful driver, look to this brand as well. The top model 460cc Launcher HB gives you an extremely light hosel, a HiBore crown and Flex-Fin sole design that optimizes impact compression for unprecedented power from this line. The Launcher HB is great for middle- and high-handicap players who are looking for more ball speed.

Mizuno ST 190

The ST 190 is the most advanced driver from Mizuno to date. The SP700 titanium face increases the strength of the driver by about 10% over your traditional 6.4 titanium. You save a great deal of weight from the carbon composite crown, and the sole design is created to resemble an accordion for a more forgiving launch. Mizuno also provides a back weight to increase stability on shots that are a bit off center.

Srixon Z 785

The Z 785 is designed for professionals by professionals. It is defined as a 460cc club, but its smaller profile gives it a higher workability than the Z 585, Srixon’s game improvement club for higher handicappers. The extremely lightweight carbon crown works well with the Ti51AF Cup Face to give you improved speed as well as a low spin flight pattern for greater distance and accuracy. You also have the customization system and quick tune adjustment features to play around with, giving you the opportunity to tweak the loft dynamics and weight on your drive.

Titleist TS2

The TS2 is arguably the best driver from the most well-known brand in the game, and that’s saying something. The Speed Chassis alone required two years to upgrade. The SureFit hosel, super thin and lightweight titanium crown, fully adjustable swing weight and customizable face thickness give you one of the most advanced 460cc shapes on the market. The level of forgiveness on this club alongside its great workability means that it’s great for professionals and recreational players who are looking for that perfect piece of technology to improve their game.

You can’t go wrong with any of these top-rated drivers in your golf bag – so pick the one that is best for your unique style of play!

Putting Drills to Practice at Home or in the Office

When the elements keep you indoors and off the golf course, hone your putting skills at home or in the office with these simple daily indoor putting drills. While you can practice on carpet, I recommend purchasing an inexpensive putting mat to most closely simulate the feel, control and speed of an actual putting green.

Distance Control

You can work on your distance control with several different exercises. First, place a something flat and small like a business card or playing card on the mat several feet away, then try putting the ball so that it stops on the card. Second, place a ball on top of a coin on the mat. Putt a second ball towards and as close to it as possible without knocking the first ball off the coin. Finally, just start putting around the room. Find different targets at various distances and practice, over and over again. All of these drills can help improve your putting accuracy.

Straight Line

To work on the straightness of your putt, place a yardstick or a three-foot strip of painters’ tape on the mat. Practice putting the ball from one end to the other along the yardstick or tape to find the sweet spot on your putter. If the ball veers right, then you’re making contact with the heel of putter and conversely, if it rolls left, you’re putting with too much of the toe. Try lining up additional yardsticks or three-foot strips of tape to practice from six, nine and more feet from the hole.

Putting Stance

Keep your putter close by and practice your stance as many times a day as you can in order to build strong muscle memory. Take advantage of the many online videos and tutorials that can help you with the correct putting stance and set-up and then practice in front of a full-length mirror as well as behind the ball. It’s also a good idea to also stretch really well before and after your practice drills.

Try some of these indoor putting drills to improve your game while you’re waiting to get out on the course and check out my previous post for more tips on perfecting your putt. Remember, practice daily!

Build a Better Winter Golf Training Program

It’s halfway through winter and you may be itching to get out to make progress on your golf game but there’s snow on the ground and it’s 20 degrees outside. How can you prevent being rusty with your shots and putting once spring arrives? The answer is a simple one: Build a better winter training program for your golf game.

Here are several tips for staying at the top of your game over the cold winter months.

Hit the Gym.
Even just a few days a week can be the difference between having power in your swing and stamina for the game or heading onto the course rusty and out of shape. Strength training and cardio for endurance are essential to performing well, in golf and in life. There are numerous exercises for building and strengthening muscles, including squats and lunges, core work and dumbbell raises. Find a trainer who can put together a program for you to work on your shoulders, back, abdomen and legs. Then after the strength training, hit the treadmill and work up to several miles without stopping. Remember, it’s important to stretch before and after each workout to prevent injury.

Practice Indoors.
Leave your remote control golf caddy in the garage while you visit an indoor driving range or set up a putting green in your family room to practice because it’s all about maintaining that muscle memory for your swing or put. Many major urban areas have indoor driving ranges where you can work on your swing throughout the cold winter months. If you can’t find an indoor facility near you, then try setting up a putting green at home with a chipping turf mat you can find online. Then practice, over and over again.

Take a Vacation.
This tip may seem like an obvious one, but it truly is a great way to get in some real practice and continue to improve your game. There are many warm-weather golf destinations to visit in the winter, from Florida to the Bahamas and Arizona to Baja, for some great rounds of golf. It’s also a great way, given the time and expense, to benchmark where you’re at with your game and what you can continue to work on the rest of the winter. Take your own clubs and golf bag on the trip!

Watch Lots of Videos.
It goes without saying that you can learn by watching the pros. In between your workouts and indoor practice, watch as many videos with professional golfers as possible, studying their technique and learning new tips. There are virtually hundreds of golf videos online and great instructional videos you can purchase as well.

With a little bit of planning and a healthy dose of discipline, you can build your own winter training program that keeps you strong, sharp and in practice for your golf game come spring.