Golf Gifts Perfect For The Holidays

Remote Control Golf CartThe holiday season has been made even more joyous with the types of golf gifts and accessories that you can purchase for a loved one. So place the tacky reindeer sweater back on the store hanger and leave the bath products on the shelves. Instead, look at these great holiday golf gift ideas available here at Cart Tek.

GRX-1200R Remote Control Golf Caddies

It happens to even the best of golfers. The moment you hit golf ball you see it taking a sharp slice to the rough. You “think” you saw where it had landed, as you dig through the brush and long grass searching for the ball. When finally you do find it, you have to make the long trudge back to your golf bags.

The GRX-1200R Remote Control Golf Caddy can make your life a little easier. By using the remote control, the caddy can come to you so you don’t have to make the trudge back to where you left the bag. The full-feature remote is programmable and has 4 different speed settings. With ring and pinion gearbox and high torque motors, the caddy is perfect for people who love walking along the links or need that bit of extra help when walking up hills.

Original ClubClean

There’s nothing worse than getting dirt caked on the clubs or your golf balls when playing the 18 holes. Always enjoy a clean game with the Original ClubClean from Cart Tek. Constructed from high-grade polypropylene with built in brushes, the ClubClean can be mounted to your remote control caddy so it is within easy reach whenever there is a bit of grime affecting your gameplay.

Travel/Carry Bag – 1200/1250/970

You pay to have the best golf clubs and caddies to fully enjoy your time on the links only to find someone has broken into your car or SUV to swipe your things. The best way to deter thieves is to keep the caddy out of sight.

Travel/Carry bags are large enough to store your GRX-1200R Remote Control Caddy in your vehicle or carry it home after an exhausting day playing golf. Cart Tek has several different travel/carry bags available for certain models of remote control caddies or electric trolleys, so ensure you order the right one for your particular caddy.

Stainless Beverage Holder

Always have a drink handy when you get thirsty on the green. The stainless beverage holder has a universal mounting device so it can fit on any type of caddy or trolley. Water bottles and soda cans can fit comfortably in the holder. There is also a place to have two extra golf balls for quick play. Have a refreshing cold drink on those hot days or a relaxing hot beverage in cooler weather as you’ll always keep hydrated.


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