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Holiday Gifts for Golfers

The holidays are a time for giving, and some people can be hard to give gifts to. If you have a golfer in your life, there are a variety of golf related gifts for a range of players, beginner to expert. Here is a short list of golf-related gift ideas.

A tracking system

This gift is pretty high tech, and can be a little spendy, but any avid golfer would love this gift. A tracking system is composed of low-profile sensors that are attached to clubs. They record data from every shot, and generate analytics on golf swing. Some systems can also provide live shot tracking.

Golf related art

Find sketches or photographs that are golf centric. For the golfer in your life, perhaps a panoramic shot of a golf course is exactly what their office is missing.

Top of the line umbrella

While it’s a bit of a gag gift, the importance of a good umbrella can never be understated. Getting caught in a downpour out on the course isn’t fun for anyone, so a sturdy umbrella can be a welcome addition to any electric golf caddy or golf bag.

A small putting green

For the avid golfer who is already depressed about greens covered in snow, and weekends spent watching golf rather than playing it. Any golfer welcomes the chance to work on their shot, so a small putting green or putting set up, may do nicely as a gift.

An electric golf caddy

While some still use golf carts, the use of electric golf trolleys is rising. They’re perfect for the player who prefers to walk the course, rather than ride. Some systems including those created by CartTek are using Lithium batteries in their models, for longer lasting battery life.

A subscription to golfing magazines

If there’s a golfing magazine that your golfer always seems to gravitate toward, try getting them a subscription to it. They may enjoy receiving a magazine once a month, that has to do entirely with golfing.

Other gift ideas

Other ideas include fancy new putting covers, new golf shoes, LED golf balls for a bit of fun, portable personal speakers for music on the course, and more. Try finding something unique that your favorite golfer would love. There are plenty of options for golf related gifting during the holiday season.


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