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Pro Swing Secrets

Ever feel like your swing is just sub-par? Wish you could get some tips from the pros? Here are a few swing secrets used by the pros, to help you feel more confident in your swing.

How you hold your club

Depending on how you hold your club can really effect your game. Some pros prefer to hold their clubs in their palms, rather than their fingers. Even though most golfers are taught to grip the club with their fingers, because it can create more clubhead speed, this may not be the best option.

Golfers believe that you derive the speed of your swing from the way you hold the club. Research shows that the way you hold the club only contributes to around 10 percent of the swing’s speed. By changing the way you hold the club slightly, you’re opening up your range to hit more fairway and greens. Place the grip in your palm and then simply wrap your fingers around the handle.

Keep Strong Wrists

It’s important to grip your club all the way through your swing. Don’t let your wrists loosen up. Your grip at the beginning of your swing, should be the same at the end of your swing. Keeping your wrists strong and not letting them fall flat lowers the chance of you hooking the golf ball during your swing.

Impact Position of the Swing

Most golfers learn their swing with two positions. You start in your initial position and finish with your swing. The most important thing you can do for your swing is to give it another middle point, if you’re only focused on the start and end of your swing, the middle may not be as strong. Some pros call it an “impact fix position.” Focus on your swing, right before the impact or contact with the ball. It will give the middle of your swing more focus.

Single-Plane Circles

Some pros thing single-plane circle swings make the game of golf too easy. If you imagine a circle around your body while you swing it can greatly improve your game. Think of the top running around your shoulders, and the bottom of the circle slicing through the ball. If you can imagine that you’re swinging your hands, arms and your club around that circle, from the beginning to end of your swing, that’s the idea of single-plane circle swings. Some pros swear by this swing not only for full swings, but for chips, pitches and bunker shots.

It’s all about eliminating any swing variables. The more that can go wrong with your swing, the more that will go wrong. By working on the things that you have in your control, you can make your swing as strong as ever.


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