Start Getting in Shape for Spring Season

As we enjoy the last few days of warm fall weather and gear up for the fast approaching holidays, it’s time to consider the best training regime for the cold winter months off the course. The winter months can be a great time for working on a golf training program that keeps you focused and active each week. You can use the time for building up your body, your mind, your fundamentals and your focus. The game isn’t just for the course, so consider the following ideas for getting in shape for the upcoming golf season.


Serious golfers know that physical strength and agility aren’t the only key ingredients to a strong player. Golfing is as much a mental game as it is a physical game. Your focus can make or break a game so the more you practice mindfulness, the stronger your game will be on the course. Consider taking a meditation class or listen to guided meditations, there are some great ones designed for athletes.


Think about hitting the gym a few days a week. Core strength will add power to your game and help you control your swing. By building your strength, you’ll be able to control your muscles as you get into your game. When a player doesn’t have muscle strength, they run the risk of overexertion and as you overexert, you become less predictable with each passing swing. Strength training helps with your fatigue, so join a gym or invest in some free weights for the winter.


Endurance can be the difference between a good game and a great game. You don’t want your remote control golf cart running faster than you when you hit the greens in a few months. Start small and work your way up, you don’t have to become a professional runner. Run for ten minutes the first week, just to get your legs and lungs use to the idea. Then, you can slowly increase the distance each week, until you are training at a comfortable and productive distance. The by-product of running is the mental resilience that comes with completing the mileage. Set some running goals and push yourself to overcome the urge to quit before you meet your goals, the payoff is worth the pain.


With the limited indoor space, it can be tough to practice your all-out swing, but chipping and putting practice are doable and the more you do them, the more it helps you zero in on a skill you’ll always appreciate on the course. Working on the fundamentals during the off-season will be the key to your success when your game resumes in the spring.


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