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Cart Tek’s number one selling Trolley over the past 5 years!

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Now includes Downhill Braking – AMB and the T – handle – Over $200 in options, all at this low price! When Cart Tek combined cutting-edge design, proven technology, and durability, the resulting model became the GRi-975Li, arguably the sleekest Electric Golf Trolley available. Dual high torque motors and step gears are hidden inside the heavy-duty aluminum tube axle. All cables are hidden away inside the chassis for absolute maximum waterproof design. Even the battery tray was removed and replaced with a battery cable extension so you can slip your battery into a pouch on your bag – Out of sight and protected from the elements. Cart Tek’s best golf caddy accessories were included to top off this “Best of Class” Electric golf trolley from Cart Tek.

  • Variable Speed Control with “last speed memory”
  • Distance Control Function: Send cart out on 10 Second Timer
  • Aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum frame structure – frame weighs only 21.5 pounds
  • Adjustable handle to fit any golfer: 36 when level, 45 max-height
  • Integrated high torque motors and step gears
  • 24 Volt, 7.5 Ah Lithium-Ion battery – 2.5 pounds, battery charger
  • Two Year Warranty on Battery
  • Battery rated at 500 + charging cycles
  • Motors, gears, controller and all cables hidden inside the frame
  • Quick and easy transition to “Free Wheel” mode
  • Oversized drive wheels for better control
  • Available in Gloss Black or traditional Silver – Powder Coated Frame
  • Complete with free adjustable scorecard/ball holder, large drink holder and umbrella holder. Over $120 value.
  • Choose your 4th Free Accessory: Caddie Pak or Cart Tek Travel Bag
  • Free Shipping within Continental USA 

The GRi-975Li is our best electric golf caddy in the non-remote lineup for courses with hills. Be the first to get moving with our latest Electric Golf Trolley.   This electric golf caddie is entering into its third year of sales and has outsold our expectation. This cart is our top of the line for the non-remote controlled electric golf caddies.

The downhill braking gives this electric golf caddy an advantage. It does not run away on the downhill slopes. Turning the speed dial back slows the cart down so that it does not pull you down the hill.

The Lithium battery slips into your bag on this electric golf trolley so that many people will not even know that it is a power cart.  A golf trolley battery basket is available if you choose to mount the lithium battery to the frame of the cart.


  1. KC

    Excellent !!! …I’ve played over a hundred rounds with this cart and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Easy to use, braking downhill is great and works flawlessly on the hilly course I play every week. I had been using a push cart and had no idea how much more enjoyable walking would be by using an electric.

  2. Greg H.

    Fantastic machine!!! I purchased my 975Li a year ago and decided to give it an entire year of test before writing a review. Although I experienced a couple of minor issues that are common to the design (but caused no problems), I have nothing but praise for the cart. When questions arose, Mark was only a phone call away and always eager to provide supporting data and assurance – these people stand by their product and really care about the customer experience. To date, I have played over 200 rounds with the cart and it has performed superbly. My home courses are somewhat hilly and the 975 has taken all of the fatigue out of playing a round on foot (even in the summer heat). Additionally, its folding design makes it very easy to transport as well as store in my garage next to my clubs. I have recommended the 975 to some of my friends and a number of them have purchased them and had the same positive experience that I have. Great product Mark and Dave!!

  3. Jeong Kwi Moon

    My wife has one and it works like a super machine. We have bought one for my father and it is super easy to assemble and very user friendly. We are very happy with the services and the carts. Highly recommend!

  4. Jim McNeil

    I’ve had this cart for about a month and have used several times. Very happy with the purchase. Cart is light, but sturdy. Easy to assemble and disassemble after playing. Highly recommend this cart.

  5. Larry Beavens (verified owner)

    “I’ve had my GRi-975li for three months now, and I absolutely couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It is far and away the best golf investment I have ever made. I’m 73, and for several years I have suffered neck pain from degenerative discs in my cervical spine. I was to the point that I couldn’t even finish 9 holes. When my orthopedist suggested pushing a golf cart is likely contributing to the pain, I began my search for other options. I ended up at CartTek and the 975li, and the difference is like night and day. I can now walk the course with no pain whatsoever and less fatigue as well. The trolley itself performs flawlessly. It’s very quiet, easy to maneuver, has variable speed control and the lithium battery provides plenty of power. I’m getting 18 holes out of a charge and could probably get 27. I especially like how easy it is to engage and disengage the rear wheels for maneuverability before and after play. I bought a CartTek bag at the same time I bought the trolley, and the combo looks great and performs beautifully. I am the envy of all the guys I play with. The customer service provided by Mark and Dick is second to none; they will bend over backwards to make sure you are happy. I feel very fortunate to have found this great trolley and have no doubt it will add years to my golfing life. Count me among the very happy and satisfied CartTek customers.”
    Larry B.

  6. Margaret Lynn

    Bought my first CartTek cart many years ago and it served me well. This year I updated to the GRX975Li and am very impressed with the changes made to the cart. It is much lighter (due to Lithium battery), more streamlined looking, and just a joy to use. I have been so impressed with the cart, that I have encouraged 2 of my golfing friends to purchase the same cart. Both of them did buy the cart and are just as pleased with it and it’s performance. This cart has allowed me to continue walking the courses – the only thing is hasn’t done is lower my handicap. In addition, the people at CartTek offer exceptional service, stand behind the product, and do not try to upsell. COULDN’T BE MORE PLEASED.

  7. Dave

    I purchased my 975li in August/September 2017, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Its sturdy, well made and well designed. It’s good for 27 holes (haven’t tried 36). It’s light and folds up so quick and easy, going into and out of my vehicle is a snap. It’s performance is just superb.

    It developed one small quirk after a bit of use, namely it wanted to pull to the right. After several failed attempts at adjustment I called customer service and spoke with Mark. The issue was the front wheel assembly and after a very short discussion he agreed to send a new assembly. Two days later- I’m in Atlanta so it could have taken a week via regular ground transport- I received the new assembly and the problem is solved.

    All things considered this is an excellent value and I’m very glad I chose it. Quality of build, and excellent customer service, if you purchase you will not be sorry.

  8. Joseph Cook

    I purchased a golf caddy from Cart Tek about a year ago. I was getting kind of tired in the late part of the round pushing. This new powered cart has allowed me to walk which I prefer and stay fresh by not pushing. Dick and his team were absolutely the best buying experience I have had in quite some time. They are very honest helpful and advised me in the best cart for my needs not what makes them the most money. I had a wire break and they handled it in less than a day which kept me on the course. I recommend anyone who wants to continue to walk the course to give a Cart Tek product a try. Stay fresh and keep the round going rather than getting tired.

  9. Roy Shintani (verified owner)

    I am 88 years old and still playing golf, made possible due to the reliability of the Cart Tek
    Electric golf cart which I purchased a few years ago. I love to play golf and while I no longer
    can score as before, I still enjoy the exercise and challenges golf offers, especially the walking
    part which I could not have continued without the ability of my remote control Cart Tek golf cart
    especially on hills and difficult terrains. I have had no difficulty with the cart, and the few
    minor problem and questions I had at the beginning where quickly resolved from the service
    people at Cart Tek. I hope to continue playing until 90 and over with the help of my cart.

  10. Ricky Hardie

    Returned from Bandon yesterday afternoon.

    We have an annual private tournament every year where 16-20 golfers meet in late February or early March. This year we played 36 holes on Friday, March 2nd, and then 36 holes on Saturday, with 18 on Sunday. The Cartek golf cart performed magnificently. As you recall, I upgraded the battery for the 975Li from 7.5 to 10.0. There was some concern that the battery charge would not last for the full 36 holes at hillier courses. That concern was misplaced. On Friday, we played Bandon golf course, then Bandon Trails, successively. My bag was heavily weighted with all the things needed for inclement weather, which was indeed raining heavily, cold and windy. The battery lasted beyond the 36 holes, to the parking lot with power to spare. Similarly, the battery lasted the 36 holes on Saturday, covering Old MacDonald and Pacific. Needless to say, the 18 on Bandon on Sunday were a snap.

    I have to believe that there was extra strain on the battery resulting from the weather conditions on Friday and Saturday. Though the Bandon complex sheds water well, the fairways were softer than normal, the pathways from green to the next tee were often muddy. I know that batteries decline in efficiency with age, but at this point I am more than happy with the performance of the battery and the cart. In thinking of the cart, I was surprised by how easy it is to break down the cart for travel. It is a superior product.

    Finally, I have been to Bandon for some years now so I know the courses fairly well. Therefore, I was able to dispense with a caddy which amounted to a savings over the 5 rounds of over $700. I will be making money with the CartTek next Bandon trip and for rounds of golf between now and then.

  11. Ralph Doughton

    I may be the only reviewer for a used cart, having bought a GRi975Li from a very satisfied owner (who submitted a favorable review above in 2015), whose health problems caused him to give up golf. The cart, while a good value when new, was an even better value pre-owned, although it did hold it’s value fairly well. The previous owner used the cart probably 2 times per week until his health deteriorated, it then sat idle for a while with intermittent battery charges. I have used it 1-3 times per week for the last 6 months. Good news for those of you who wonder if the carts hold up well….this one certainly has. It handles our moderately hilly course with ease, no trouble going up the hills, and really excels going down one particularly steep path. My foursome usually has two riders, me, and either another walker or rider. They rarely, if ever, need to wait for me, and on cart path only days, they have trouble keeping up with me. When the round is over, it’s more time consuming to clean my clubs and rearrange items in my bag than to fold the cart, remove the wheels, and place the cart in the back of my Prius (clubs get the back seat). The batteries do have a finite life, and mine is beginning to fail as I get halfway down our 18th fairway. I could probably be a little more conscious of power usage and get a few more months out of the old battery, but have chosen to buy a new one. I’m also buying a battery holder to attach to the frame, thinking this might make withdrawing from the bag my putter with over-sized grip a little easier. (Hope that last sentence doesn’t disturb my deceased English teachers peaceful rest). If you do develop a problem with your cart, don’t hesitate to call Cart Tek customer service. They were easily accessible, returning my call within an hour, then spending 15-30 minutes with me walking me through a short troubleshooting session. It was clear to me that they were not trying to sell me something I didn’t need, and they took extra time to make suggestions for battery maintenance, proper charging, etc. When I mentioned that my front rubber tire had detached from the rim this week, they offered helpful advice for proper installation. In summary, I am very pleased with this electric cart and with Cart Tek customer service. Based on my carts performance, I doubt I’ll need to replace it anytime soon. Should I eventually need a new trolley, I won’t hesitate to buy a new GRX975Li.

  12. Dick Northrop

    Dear Young Yi,
    I’m sorry you are having problems with your GRi-975Li. Based on your review, I believe you must be using a very light golf bag. Have you tried adding a little weight in your golf bag. We recommend filling a water bottle with sand and putting it into a low pouch on your golf bag. Also, we are working with our factory to develop an anti-tip wheel for the GRi-975Li, similar to the ones you see on our remote control models. If you can provide me with the name of the person who purchased your cart, or you mailing address, I can put you on a list to contact when we have theses anti-tip wheels available. I do not see “Young Yi” in our system, so need to find your cart in our system first. Regards,Dick

  13. Par4Me

    Love my cart. I just turned 80 yrs old and didn’t want to give up walking the golf course but was finding the hills on my golf course were making me tired and my game declined near the end of the round. Now I can walk the course and feel ready to go at the end of the round. I highly recommend having a CartTek electric trolley. and keep on walking the golf course and enjoying the game.

  14. Thomas Ferriman

    My 975li is the best golf purchase I have ever made. I enjoy walking and used a BagBoy Quad. Due to age and a very hilly course I had to switch to a riding cart. Now I can walk again and enjoy golf much more than when I ride. It is an exceptionally well engineered cart and highly recommended. Customer service is also exceptional.

  15. Patrick Corcoran

    Just played my first round with the GRX975LI. It totally met my expectations. In the past I was not enthusiastic about electric carts. This cart is very different. Its light weight and compactness makes it very easy to get in and out of the back of a vehicle and it stores easily in my small garage. I am very impressed with the sturdiness of the frame. It folds up and sets up in minutes. I was a little concerned about buying a cart without a remote control. With the 975 I’m glad I did. The speed control works very well and can be easily be adjusted to your pace. The battery power appeared to be identical on the 18th hole as it was on the first. My # 1 suggestion is when using the cart on steep up hill climbs keep your hand on the handle. I don’t have any holes steep enough on the course I play regularly to tip it backwards but it could happen on a steep uphill. I always enjoy golf more when I walk. Recently because of some back issues I started thinking my walking days might be behind me. I’m certain this is going to be the answer for the foreseeable future. This is a great cart and built to last. Pat, Lacey WA

  16. Linda Layne

    Played my first round with my new cart tek yesterday. It’s awesome! The remote is easy to use and the learning curve was gentle. I could easily navigate some narrow curving bridges and hills. Pluses are that it is easy to assemble out of the box, easy to operate, and easy to lift into the trunk. After 18 holes, I felt like had walked 9. My carry bag twists as I play so I’ll look for a cart bag…or win one! Thanks for a superior product!(This is a GRi-1500Li review)

  17. Tom Patten

    Great product for walking on my hilly golf course. Easy to use. With the wheels removed (press a button to remove the wheels), it fits in the trunk of my BMW 328 hard top convertible together with my golf clubs. Incredibly, with the wheels removed, it fits in the trunk with the hard top down.

  18. Mark Graves

    I used my GRX975Li for the first time a week after a got it. It went together flawlessly. The course I play has a number of large hills (up and down) on the back side of the course (Auburn WA). The cart performed flawlessly. Going up the hill was much easier. I was really impressed on the downhill. The path is winding and steep in places. The cart easily maintained a manageable speed down the hill. I could tell the downhill breaking was working. When I got to the bottom of the hill the cart went back to the walking speed where it was set prior to going down the hill. My hips and ankles did not hurt as the usually did with my speed cart. I am very pleased with my investment. Looking forward to many more rounds with. Set up and take down were a breeze. Charging the battery was simple. Mark G. Kent WA.

  19. Jim Conley

    I received my GRi-975Li over the winter and finally have had the chance to put it through its paces. So far this is an excellent product. I play on a very hilly course in NH, and the battery has plenty of power coming up the 18th. One of these days I will keep playing to see how much I can get from one charge. The cart itself is so easy to set-up and breakdown and I really like the quick disconnect wheels. The frame is very sturdy, but very light weight, simple to load into the trunk of my car. It’s so easy to use and makes walking my course a lot more fun. This cart will pay for itself in one year thanks to no drive cart fees. If you are looking for a well-made, easy to use e-cart, I highly recommend the GRi-975Li. Jim C. Manchester, NH

  20. Rick Dunsmore (verified owner)

    One day I was paired with a gentleman who was using a GRi-975Li while I was pushing my old cart. On the 2nd hole, he pushed my cart while teaching me how to use his. I knew by the end of that hole that I had to have one of these. I have used mine seven times (saving $100 in cart fees), and I feel confident that this is a quality piece of workmanship that makes walking my somewhat hilly course a joy. In fact, it turns out that I am one of several at our course that have purchased one. I echo what all others have said about this “trolley” and am looking forward to many good days on the course.

  21. Sharon Caldwell (verified owner)

    I hve only played 2 rounds of golf with my new 975Li and I can tell already this is really going to help me to keep walking the golf course for many more years. The cart is easy to get in and out of the trunk of my car and once out is so easy to get ready for the course. . On the course it manages the hills both up and down with ease.The battery allows me to pick it up with one hand and bring it into my house and recharge. The appearance is sleek and the workmanship looks to be high quality. It took me six months to talk to others and research the internet before I took the step to puchase this cart. I am glad I took the time to do this because I know that I have the best cart in golf and feel very comfortable in recommending it for anyone. Sharon, North Bend WA (senior golfer)

  22. Hugh Lothery

    Used my GRi-975Li now for about 15 rounds. It is fantastic, more than what I had imagined. I have had electric carts in the past with remote control from another manufacturer. This one is far superior. First, it is the best looking cart on the property, hands down. Second, it is much quieter than my former product. I had remote control in the past, but found that obtrusive because you always had to focus on where the cart was going. Much easier to simply walk beside or behind this cart. It is rugged, and the large rear wheels and design provide plenty of ground clearance to traverse curbs and cart path edges, another problem with my prior design. Finally, it is well balanced, light, and folds into a very small footprint to accomodate the trunk of my small car (which also had the apparatus for the folding roof) with a golf bag. The battery is light, and recharges in about three hours. The accessories shipped with it are perfect. Have played in the rain with no problem. My courses are hilly, and the cart traverses the hills with no problem, and I love walking briskly beside or behind it up the hills. In short, can’t believe how much I like this, it is the answer to my desire to walk (I have bilateral knee replacements) without stress. Highly recommend this cart!

  23. R. Broadbent

    I bought the 975 Li because I love the look, simplicity and quality of the cart. I used a push cart before and that was OK but this is so much better. I have used it for a complete season. Many on the course don’t even know it is a powered cart. Lifting it in and out of the trunk is easy even with a senior-golfer’s back. When I store it in the trunk with my clubs I remove the wheels which is fast and easy. Just push a button on each wheel and they’re off. A useful feature with the wheels is that you can put them into free-wheel mode. This was handy the day I forgot my battery and had to push the cart like a regular push cart. It was fine but I’m spoiled now. The size and weight of the lithium battery make it worth the extra money. I put it in a front pocket in my bag so it’s hardly noticed and adds a little weight to the front wheel if needed. As others have said the cart is very well made. As a retired engineer I always have an opinion for improvements and for this cart it would be a slight change to the controller. It is wonderfully simple but they combined the start/stop button with the distance control button which gets a bit tricky. A quick push of the button starts it and stops it. A push and hold activates the distance control which allows the cart to proceed for ten seconds then stops, at whatever speed you select. You have to get used to this because if you don’t hold the button long enough (4-5 seconds), when you release it the cart will go forever and at top speed you will not catch it. I think a second button, as mentioned by another reviewer, might be an improvement. Bottom line is I have recommended the 975 Li to my fellow golfers and would buy it again..

  24. Kurt Myron (verified owner)

    I purchased the 975Li a couple of months ago, but wanted to wait until I had it out on the course a few times to see how it performed before writing a review. So far it has met my expectations perfectly, being on the course is like going for a walk. I do believe it has improved my score by about 5 strokes. Am a 14 handicap and shot a 75 the other day. Normally my score deteriorates some on the back nine as the back tightens and fatigue starts to set in. I still like to get the exercise from walking the course so don’t want to ride just yet, the carttek has bridged that gap. By background I am an engineer, the overall aesthetics and simplistic functionality of the design really fits my eye. The quick disconnect hubs on the wheels, internal tube motor, the more vertical position of the golf bag for club retrieval and overall weight of the unit, is a job well done. The only suggestion I have, is to separate the distance control function from the main operation control button. If you don’t hold the main button down long enough you have a runaway cart. Would be nice if it had another button at the end of the T-bar gripes or some other convenient location dedicated solely to the 10 sec distance function.

    Overall though nice work gentlemen.

  25. Steve Nozet

    An excellent product that met all of my expectations. Especially important is to know how well the company responded to an issue. As can sometime hPp N my cart had defective contoller. During a call to confirm the nature of the problem the represtative, Mark, said no problem and immediacy placed an order for a replacement drive, controller.
    The measure of any compNy is always how they handle a problem. Carttek gets a A plus in my book.

    Indian Wells, CA

  26. Tom Hall

    I purchased a GRi 975li for my wife ( Xmas ) She has had two previous carts ( not cart tek ) over the past few years. The biggest appeal to me was the lite battery. We have only used it once, however I am impressed with the ease of setup the balance and the handling qualities. She is a senior citizen and can handle this cart easily, she is looking forward to many years of enjoyment

  27. Anonymous

    My GRX 975Li arrived today. It is perfect in every way. Easy to assemble the wheels. I played 9 holes and it was so easy to set a pace slightly slower than my walk. It took the hill at my club very smoothly. The handles are well designed. The over all design is awesome. Sleek and a pleasure to look at. There is an arty look to the black against the green. Putting the battery in my bag is impressive. I am 69 and love my little country club, but pushing my cart is too much for me now. I see too many folks rushing around in an electric cart. If you want to walk this is the cart for you. Physically this was the most enjoyable round of golf i can ever remember. Everything about this cart is exceptional. The drag going down a hill is very nice. I also received lots of extras that are well made and appreciated.

  28. Charles Lindsey

    I’ve had my cart for 9 months now and could not be more pleased. It is just what I wanted in a powered golf cart. It climbs hills like a mountain goat and the speed control lets me walk downhill comfortably. I can now walk courses that I would have to ride before. Having opted for the 10 ah battery, I typically charge it once a week after playing two full length courses and one executive course. (Cart Tek recommends charging the Lithium Ion battery after each use, even if for only 9 holes. )

  29. Reynold Levocz

    The 950 Li lives us to its five star rating. It is an excellent piece of equipment and its sealed electrical system makes for an enjoyable walking experience. I would, however, suggest that Private Country Club members who store their clubs at the facility purchase the offered wire basket for the convenience of loading and unloading at baggage storage.
    R.J. Levocz West Chester, Pa.

  30. Reynold Levocz

    The 975 Li lives up to its five star rating. It is an excellent piece of equipment, and its sealed electronic system makes for a secure and enjoyable walking experience. I would suggest for private country club members, that they also purchase the wire basket for the convenience of those storing their clubs at the facility.
    R.J. Levocz, West Chester Pa.

  31. Betty Rice

    I have used a number of electric trolleys, this is my first purchase and I love it! It’s super simple to operate and performs on the hilly northeast course I play with ease; climbing the hills and stopping on a dime. It is light weight and easy to pack up and put in the car for transport. The Carttek team was very helpful to me in selecting the best cart for my needs. Looking forward to a great season walking the course with ease!

  32. Ann Kim

    This is my first electric golf cart and I really like it. My girl friend recommended me to get this and I’m very happy she did.

  33. Sue Pottie

    My first electric golf cart so I have nothing to compare it to, but I love it. I have played two rounds of golf with it. It was easy to put together, folds down easily to fit in the trunk of my hybrid car and it worked great on the course. I felt less tired and sore after golf, which is the reason I bought one. I would highly recommend it, and Carttek was great to deal with,I would definitely give it 5 star.

  34. Barbara Moon

    Just received my trolley. Very easy to assemble. High quality materials. It’s February in upstate NY so no chance to try it on my home course so my rating is not based on much experience. Runs great in my living room – so far so good. Can’t wait for the season to start!!

  35. E.H.Spillers

    I have never owned another trolley so i cant expertly compare it the others that are available but i don’t think you can find a better one than this model.It does everything i wanted it to do and it is a stunner. It worked perfectly right out of the box and it was fairly simple to assemble. I did about 2 months of research plus talked to the guys at Cart Tek. Our course is a little hilly so the downhill braking is a dream plus when you go up the hills my partners are all out of breath and this thing just climbs the hills with ease. The speed controls take a little getting used to but i think that would be true with any electric trolley. The majority of the people could not believe it was electric because it does not look like an electric trolley!
    E.H.Spillers Shreveport,La

  36. M Ruth Christian

    I purchased the 975 Li a month ago and so far am very pleased with the cart. It is light and folds up extremely easy. The only minor issue I have is that the cart is wider than my old cart so need to position it differently when travelling with a few golfers. Not really a big deal. The one change I would make is the water bottle holder will not hold a larger container. which is a pain. Love the cart and have had lots of comments on how slick it looks.

  37. Tim

    First off, I’m not affiliated with Cart Tek. This is my first electric golf trolley. I reviewed most of the ones on the market and decided on the GRi-975Li based on the reviews that other gave it. I’ve played two rounds with it and must say that this is awesome technology! Superior workmanship, easy to transport, setup and breakdown makes this a no brainier. On the course it maneuvers up and down steep hills with no problems at all. The downhill braking module makes descending hills a breeze. Its sleek design makes it very difficult to tell that it’s an electric trolley. The variable speed control knob is easily adjusted to suit your pace as your walking behind the trolley. The only recommendation I have is to make the variable speed control have a little more resistance when turning it. It turns so easy that it’s sometimes a little difficult to set the pace when the trolley is on uneven ground. Other than this, it’s one awesome machine. Looking forward to many rounds in the future. Tim, Virginia Beach, VA

  38. Anne F. September 30, 2015

    Great product as all have mentioned in in the reviews,CartTek golf trolleys will only get better.

  39. Anne F.

    With my purchase of the GRi975Li Electric Golf Trolley three weeks ago what a difference it has made on my game and physical stamina. The ease of movement going up hill helps to relieve strain on the lower back and with the AMB downhill braking module makes for a better golf game. For the golfer who enjoys the physical exercise of walking the fairways and a better round of golf with friends, the Lithium Battery has the power to meet your needs

    Thank you Dick and Mark for you EXCELLENT customer service.
    September 29, 2015

  40. Sylvia Arbour

    I have had one of your carts for 4years now until it was recently stolen from our carport. I believe mine was one of the earlier models, but after a few tweaks with the wheel assembly and some replacement parts it ran very well. I was on year number 5 with the battery which showed no signs of wearing down. Compared to friends with other models I must say mine had fewer problems then any of their more expensive ones. I agree with one other writer that it would be really nice if they could add a mesh bag under the handle bars to store your gps etc. it would be a very handy addition, also the drink container needs to be a little deeper and bigger around. Small complaints for a very well made cart. I will be buying another Carttek cart soon and think it will be the 975li.

  41. Grantland K. Cohen

    The GRi-975Li trolley can only be described as the “Cadillac” of Golf Trolly’s. Affordable, unique, and easy to operate. I’ve owned one now for about two months and I’ve lost 16 pounds attempting to keep up with its speed while walking down the fairway. The GRi975Li has gone for three rounds of 18 holes here in Austin, Texas without a re-charge. The battery fits in the side pocket of my bag and provides greater stability while providing protection. Minimal hills to climb. The “downhill brake” is a wonderful feature when traveling down the backside of the green to the next tee. Wide handlebars allow the palms of your hands to rest on the top while walking. I’ve not been able to keep up with the speed of the trolley when the knob indicator is facing down. If you think the knob indicator as the hour hand on a clock, the 5 o’clock spot is just right for a brisk walk. The 10 second timer allows you to set the speed and the cart will move forward for 10 seconds and stop. Press the button again and it will travel for another 10 seconds. The wide drive wheels do not leave an impression on the collar of the green and offers superior traction when in the flats or on a slight incline. The GRi975Li is very stable when traveling on uneven terrain. The width of the rear wheels provides stabilization of the trolley when it moves down the fairway. When the distance to the next tee is a very long walk and your cart buddy offers you a ride to the next tee, all you have to do is press in the button on each wheel slide the wheel to the next “click” to release it from the drive-shaft, this will disengage the wheel from the drive-shaft and your GRi975Li becomes a freewheeling golf trolley. When you are ready to engage the motor press in the button on the wheel slid the wheel to engage the drive-shaft and away you go.

    I’ve tried two other brands of equal price point and have returned them for one reason or another. One trolley had a small footprint when torn down, but was very unstable on the fairway, the second one did not provide the downhill braking option that comes standard with the GRi975Li.

    Regards and Best wishes from Austin, Texas
    Grant Cohen

  42. David Dinehart (verified owner)

    It is becoming obvious that the name of this cart needs to be changed to “The 5 Star Cart”.

  43. Frank Bisceglia

    I am 69 years old, with a 4 handicap, retired and play approximately 250 rounds per year. I purchased my first 950Li Cart 2 1/2 years ago. I had played at least 681 rounds without any major issues. The battery still works like new taking only 3 1/2 hours to re-charge after 18 holes of play. I have recently purchased a 975Li Cart. This cart is magnificent . The drag feature alone, when walking down hills, is worth its weight in gold. So far I have played 22 rounds without incident. The wider wheel base and the one piece design makes it much easier to maneuver on the golf course and to load into my trunk. I highly recommend the 975Li Cart. Frank Bisceglia Norwalk CT.

  44. David Dinehart (verified owner)

    This was an easy review to write. I agree with everything said by Kirk, Dana, Doug, Clark and Mike. This cart is perfect.

  45. Michael Rolli

    I needed a cart that was light enough to meet my lifting restrictions, offered braking and sufficient power to handle a hilly home course, and that was simple to breakdown and setup. The 975li has easily met all of my expectations. This caddy seems to be the only non-remote controlled that has two motors making electronic braking possible. Having previously operated several carts, both with and without braking, I can’t suggest strongly enough how much easier and safer it is to play with a braking caddy on hilly courses. The braking module on the 975li is kind of a hybrid between fully automatic braking and manual braking. As you begin descending a hill, if the trolley begins moving faster than comfortable, you simply slowly turn the power controller back towards you until you reach the desired pace. The effect is smooth, immediate and you are in complete control. The design of this caddy is simple in all respects. After a round, I can break the trolley down, have it in it’s travel bag, and in the car in under 2 minutes. Since it does not have remote control, a dash board, or any of the other gimmicky options,on the market, there would appear to be very little that can go wrong. The motors are sealed inside the axle. The start/stop button and the power controller are high on the handle and sealed against weather. I stow the lithium battery (about the size of a brick) in the lower front pocket of my bag where it is not exposed to weather or excessive heat. The umbilical cord is plenty long enough to reach the plug mid-way up the handle, but not so long as be able to rub against the trolley frame – perfect! The battery fully recharges in about 2 1/2 hours after 18 holes, and about 3 1/2 hours after 27 holes. So far, I have never completely depleted the battery. As for the accessories, thumbs up for the travel bag which keeps the car clean, and the umbrella holder. Thumbs down to the phone holder as it is flimsy plastic and a phone can get lose if you hit a hard bump, and the drink caddy which is too small in diameter and too shallow to hold my Hydroflask. The scorecard holder is ok, about what you’d expect. The one thing that’s is really needed, but not offered is a sort of net under the handle that could hold a windshirt, snack or other loose items you want ready access to ( something like what Sun Mountain offers on their push carts). Overall an excellent design and decent value.
    Michael – Birmingham, AL

  46. Clark

    First off, I just love this cart. No one has asked me to provide a review, and I have no ties whatsoever with this company.

    I did extensive research into the purchase of an electric cart, and learned that there are rather significant differences in the quality of components and reliability of parts that make up an electric cart. Cart brands differ significantly with regards to this. I found that Cart Tek carts are noticeably of higher build quality. The fit and finish, as well as the thoughtful design stands out when compared to an ordinary cart. With absolutely beautiful, smooth and glossy powder coating, this cart not only is beautiful, but handles hills with ease, and never has lost it’s control. Proper design and functionality of the motor controller, along with the twin, concealed motors that are totally enclosed within the axles provides for ease of use — (to say nothing of the sleek design). No slipping or sliding on heavy turf and hills. Simply push the button and it resumes at the speed that you previously used. Also, easily run it up to the next tee by aiming the cart, pushing and holding the button for a few seconds, and it’s on it’s way. The cart guys and the pro at our club call my cart “the Ferrari” of all carts. Also, while inquiring about carts, I found the guys at Cart Tek really know their carts, have full control over how they’re produced and thereby keep tight control of quality. They also are not in to selling something that won’t fit your needs. It would have been easy for them to push a remote model of this cart on to me, but after determining what my specific needs were, they suggested this model. I just love it, and have not one suggestion as to how you might improve on it’s functionality or design. Quality all the way, and on top of it all — nice guys to work with.

  47. admin

    11 October 2014
    I am in my mid-sixties and a 15-handicap, which means that I find occasional pars and birdies but also venture into areas of the golf course unanticipated by the course designer. I have now used my Cart-Tek trolley half-a-dozen times on hilly, demanding New England courses. I only wish I had purchased one of these beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed trolleys years ago! The GRX75LI performs brilliantly. The lithium battery–which takes about 3 hours to recharge–has no trouble negotiating 18-27 holes. With the trolley toting my clubs, I have much more energy for hitting golf balls. I get the all the benefits of a healthy walk with the work of carrying my golf bag. The Cart-Tek team has not asked for an endorsement, but I offer one with great appreciation for their excellent trolley. I would buy the GRX975LI again in a heartbeat! Doug R. Exeter, NH

  48. admin

    09 October 2014
    During the past few years I have had the opportunity to use the 950, the 950Li and now, the 975Li. While there were improvements moving from the 950 to the 950Li, they were nothing like the jump from the 9500Li to the 975Li. The 950 series is unique in that you take the cart apart after use and it has a very small signature. The 975LI remains in one piece and, if you desire a reduced foot print, you can easily remove the wheels. There is no comparison when it comes to the overall appearance and stability of the 975LI. The unit is very robust in design and with a slightly wider stance gives the user the ability to move across slopes with no fear of the cart falling over. The center of gravity has been moved forward and, for the first time, I am able to move up most slopes on my course without having to support the cart on the way up. Power? The two motors can handle any hill that I have encountered and some are rather severe. Unlike its predecessor, the 975LI holds its position on minor slopes when you use the button to stop. This capability is not there when you use the speed control to stop so, you have an option. This has saved me from chasing the cart. The battery is more than adequate for a round of golf. With the battery in your golf bag it is difficult for others to believe that it is, in fact, a battery assisted cart. Will update this review after I have completed more rounds but, so far, for me, this is the best cart I have used and, over the past 10 years, I have used, or tried out, over 10 different models/manufacturers. None have been as solid and feature rich as the 975LI. Dana Georgetown TX

  49. admin

    08 October 2014
    I have owned other golf trolleys but the GRX975Li is by far the best trolley I have ever used. The light weight and ease of operation makes it the superior product that it is. My use of the trolley has been on all terrains … up and down hills and dry and wet conditions … and its performance has been flawless with its wide wheel base and balance forward design. Kirk G. Richland WA

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