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January 2017 will mark the eighth year that Cart Tek has offered this Great Selling Remote Control golf caddy. The tubular steel frame of this workhorse golf caddy outdistances the lightweight aluminum frames offered by the competitors. Its low ‘center of gravity’ makes it one of the most stable Remote Control golf caddies available. If you are playing two or more times a week, demand the most durable Remote Control caddy in the market. Insist on quality that only Cart Tek offers. Compare features and benefits that have been winning customers over for nearly seven full years.
 With the GRX-1200R  purchase you will receive the following:

  • Programmable – full feature Remote Control
  • Four factory speed settings, or program your own
  • Adjustable turning force and electronic tracking
  • Dual 180 Watt – high torque motors
  • Ring and Pinion gearbox for optimal maneuverability
  • 12 Volt, 35 Ah SLA Battery, Battery charger, tool kit
  • Waterproof ECU housing for use in wet conditions
  • Quick transition to Free-Wheel Mode
  • Available in Gloss black or traditional silver – powder coated frame
  • Complete with Free scorecard/ball holder, drink holder and umbrella holder. Over $60.00 value
  • Free Shipping within Continental USA

Known as the golfers favorite, the GRX1200R, is a durable SLA battery powered Remote Control golf caddie and it has become a proven model throughout the USA and Canada. If you plan to use your remote control caddy 50 to 100 times per year, the GRX1200R is the way to go. Remote control caddies with Lithium Ion batteries are designed for golfer who exceed 100 rounds per year or who can not lift the heavier SLA batteries. There are many different features and benefits to remote controlled golf carts, so please give us a call so we can tell you how our models outperform the competition.

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93 reviews for GRX-1200R

  1. Chas Trinder

    I just want you to know that I have had my Cart Tek remote controlled golf cart for 7 years now and use it on average 3 times a week – year round.

    I am amazed with the value and how well it has performed – relatively trouble free – and the support that your firm has given me over the years is top notch.

    Since I purchased my cart I believe 6 or more members of my club have followed suit – I am surprised that even more have not purchased one although quite a few members are currently considering a “zambonie” (the nick name we have given these carts around here)

    My cart adds so much to the enjoyment of walking my course and a pain free lower back is always a big plus at 75 years of age.

    The cart runs as well today as it did 7 years ago and I look forward to many more years of playing the game the way it was meant to be played – walking!

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  2. Bob Holtz

    I’ve had a Cart-Tek GRX-1200R for several years now. It performs as advertised. Good control (speed and direction), stable and does go two rounds on a charge. It makes walking a lot more enjoyable not having to push or pull the clubs (particularly on the hills). Just send the clubs where you want them as you walk to the green. It’s an electrical and mechanical piece of equipment so something will not go right from time to time. But the technical support is outstanding. A call will solve any problem. Dick knows what is wrong just by describing the problem. It may be simple (change the battery) or something may have to be replaced. If there is something to change out, Dick will explain what needs to be done, send the part and a video link to show what to do and, if necessary, be on the phone with you as you are testing or working, walking you through each step until the problem is solved. I couldn’t be more impressed with the support service (because I am not very handy). The cart makes walking a lot more fun (regardless of the score).

  3. Bruce Kaldenberg

    I’ve had this cart for 8 or 9 years. It probably has close to 500 rounds on it. I’ve been through at least 4 or 5 batteries. The cart has not been totally maintenance free but it’s a machine and I understand that machinery requires maintenance and parts occasionally. The good news about the maintenance and parts is that Carttek customer service is truly outstanding! They know their product and are able to troubleshoot any problem I’ve had. I have friends with other brands of carts, some of which have no customer service in the US. They like their carts when they work but when they don’t, it’s very difficult to get any help or parts. None of them have had their carts half as long as I’ve had mine. My latest dilemma was whether to buy a new cart or another battery. I talked to Dick Northrop and we talked about the pros and cons of each. I really appreciated the fact that he didn’t pressure me about the new cart and I opted for the battery. Seems there’s a good chance the battery may outlive the cart, but I doubt it!

  4. jackie scott


  5. Ron McCormick

    I ordered your GRX-1200R from Ready Golf and it was shipped on time as promised. Assembly was super easy and the loading, charging of battery, and initial test on the drive way was beautiful. I cannot wait to take it the course for its initial voyage. So far looks like a great product.

  6. Jim Glenn

    I have model GRX 1200 R and I have been very happy with the cart . In the beginning I had some problems and called the factory the service was outstanding . If a part was needed it was shipped and arrived within a day or two which made very easy the repair needed . I have found the people on the other end of the phone call extremely friendly and helpful . When the time comes for a new cart I am sure I will stay with Cart Tek.

  7. E. Walker

    I have had my 1250Li since last July and I have used it for 68 rounds on my Very Hilly upstate South Carolina home course. I Love it! It is not unusual for me to use all 4 speeds of the remote at different times during a round. I have had a couple instances where I had a problem with the remote and had to use the manual dial, but when I called and spoke to Mark or Dick (they really know their products!), they knew exactly what I needed by just describing what happened. In both instances, I received within 2 or 3 days a replacement part with instructions for installation. I have even been able to troubleshoot a couple other times when I experienced a non-working remote and was able to re-set my remote. I really enjoy walking the golf course and having my CartTek makes it much less tiring. Five Stars for a great product! D. Walker

  8. Brian W.

    I’ve had my GRX 1200R for about five months. I play 4-5 times a week, so it has received a good workout. The 12-volt battery shows no signs of wearing down, and I’ve only had to change the AAA batteries in the remote control a couple of times. This is a quality product — durable, easy to operate, and reliable. I’ve called Mark at customer service with a couple of questions and he has been very helpful, even sending me upgrades to my unit to give me greater range with the remote control. It is such a pleasure to simply walk down fairways with my remote control, while my 1200R carries my bag! It’s like having my own caddie. If you are thinking about getting an electric caddie cart, you cannot get a better product for less money than the GRX-1200R.

  9. dale cole

    As usual, bought my second cart , and the service along with all the video’s are outstanding. All of the staff go out of their way to assist you through the sale and after follow up if by chance you have any questions. 1st cart performed like a champ throughout it’s life. I golf 3 times a week during our golf season and when temperature is above 45, usually golf when possible. Cart performed marvelously either winter or summer. Keep up the good work and kudo’s to all.

  10. Tom F

    Just had 1st opportunity to use cart on my home course, Rolling Hills. Cart runs well, even on very steep hill where Manual drive worked as you indicated. Your manual was again useful noting the effect of bag weight imbalance. The plastic storage tray below the seat was cracked when received. Your standing behind your total product is appreciated.

  11. T. D. Filiput

    Just had the 1st opportunity to use cart on my home course, Rolling Hills. Cart ran well, even up a steep hill where Manual was used as suggested. Your manual was useful, noting the effect of bag weight balance. Your standing behind your product is appreciated, even correcting a problem with the plastic storage tray under the seat which was cracked when received. TDF

  12. Richard Miller (verified owner)

    Have had the 1200 since early spring. It has been a real workhorse. Our last hole has a nasty elevated green (easily 30 feet above the fairway). After a full 18 holes, the cart climbs the hill effortlessly and I have enough energy left to putt without huffing and puffing. I know It will do 27 holes because once I forgot to take the battery home and played nine holes in our league (knowing full well the cart can be set for pushing if needed) and it handled the 9 holes easily.
    It is easy to use and easy to fold up and store in the back of the car when going to another course. It navigates through wet areas and very uneven ground very well.

    I would recommend this cart for anyone who wants to walk the course but is tired of pushing a cart!

  13. Gordon Laflin (verified owner)

    The cart has been great. Have used for approximately 12 rounds so far and it has made walking much more enjoyable. Used a manual push cart previously and the GRX 1200R has performed perfectly. Is a great option for someone who does not want to make the transition to a power cart and want to keep walking.

  14. mike roche (verified owner)

    November 24, 2016
    Having the 1200 for about a month now, use almost every day; surprised how easy it is to work. Since receiving my 1200, I have liked it. Easy to assemble, five minutes, easy to navigate: chased my wife around the yard for practice, and then walking my first 18 with it; simple and effective. The weather here Nebraska is getting colder; today I am going out and it is 34 degrees. The cart has no problem with the weather, or the terrain of a very hilly course. I wish it could hit the ball for me, improve my game.

  15. Jon Heupel

    This is one great piece of equipment! I’ve been using it now for the better part of the golfing season here in Iowa. At last I get to walk again without having the problems of shoulder strain, or having to carry my bag. A true life saver. I grew up walking the course and that is what always kept me in shape. Years of just riding in a cart and I was getting terribly out of shape… Now, every morning that I can I get out for a round of golf before I’m bothering a single cart on the course. This cart does everything they claim it does, effortlessly. I love it. Just hit the ball and send the cart on up ahead as I catch up.
    There is one thing that I think would be a true ‘improvement’ and that would be to design a remote that you would wear like a watch. No hanging it on the cart to have to retrieve before proceeding, or turning off to put in pocket. It would just be there right on the wrist always at the ready.
    Wrist remote would be great, but it is already a fantastic piece of equipment. I don’t regret getting it in any way and would, and do, recommend it to my friends and anyone who asks.

  16. John

    I’ve had my cart trek 1250Li for a year and a half now. I bought it with the lithium battery and it works great. My golf club has lots of hills and slopes (at the foot of the Rocky Mountains). I have a large bag and it carries it with ease at whatever speed I select. The cup holder didn’t hold up long, but every other component is built to last.

  17. John Eberhart

    I like what I’ve received and it is a quality product. It is the second remote caddie for me. The first was a K****x and the quality was not there. Problems started from the beginning. Research the carts go see and try if possible. You’ll buy the Cart Tek it’s the Best Buy for the money. I play at a course where the majority of players walk. Most play with Cart Tek.

  18. Larry Jones

    My home course, The University Of Mississippi “Ole Miss”, is a very hilly course. I usually play 9 holes just about every afternoon through the week. After 9 holes of pushing my Clic Gear push cart, which is a wonderful cart, I am exhausted. When I finished my first 9 holes with my Carttek 1200R, I still had enough energy left that I wanted to play the back 9. I absolutely love it. It is extremely easy to use and works great on this hilly course. I am more than pleased.

  19. Lane Creech (verified owner)

    I am 44 and play golf walking in hot and humid Louisiana. Simple to put together. Have used it 3 times. It is unbelievable the difference from a conventional push cart to a remote electric push cart. So much more freedom. Walking is so much more enjoyable now. Its easy to maneuver and only takes minimal time to become a pro with it. A great purchase. Well worth the money. I walk very fast and the cart can out run me. I play a hilly course and it has no problem going up any hill. I did have the adjust the tracking but that was no issue. I am sold on this product.

  20. Bob Fitzsimons

    very impressed well made and does exactly as avertized. My old cart followed me as I walked along and pulled,now @ 70 I’m I follow my 1200. Has no problem with the hills here in Michigan.Thanks for fine product !!

  21. Steve (verified owner)

    Great!! I’m 49 and have back trouble.. can’t push a cart or carry a bag without serious pain. This 1200R remote cart let’s me walk 18 holes with almost zero fatigue or pain! Cart works great, after a brief training session (between my ears..) Dick and the crew at Cart Tek are fantastic with customer support. People yell out of their car at amazement… asking “does that drink your beer for you also?”… Answer: NO.. somethings I can do just fine on my own! In all my years of playing golf (40+). and all the equipment I wasted money on… this was without a doubt the best $800 ever spent!

  22. John Crawford

    I have only played two rounds with my 1200, but I can say without reservation: I love it! It was very easy to assemble and set up and put away at the course are a breeze. It’s sturdy, has loads of power and handles hills like a mountain goat. The learning curve for how to take full advantage of its capabilities is a fun work in progress. I did drive it into a bunker, but it backed right out so no harm no foul, I suppose. It seems like the buttons on the remote are a little too close together to use comfortably while wearing a golf glove……too easy to hit the parking brake button, It really is a treat to stroll through a round of golf.

  23. Bob

    Great cart easy to assemble and well constructed, would highly recommend for anyone who still enjoys walking without the burden of pushing their carts uphill. Greatly appreciated the tips included with the manual for my GRX-1200r, just unfortunate for me that I didn’t carry spare AA batteries for the remote the first trip out with my cart. Half way through my round the batteries wore down and had to use the manual mode which was still easier than pushing my old cart up the hill. Thanks for making a good affordable product which I would highly recommend.

  24. Peter Gozick

    April 23, 2016
    Talked to Dick on the phone when I bought the cart. He pointed me in the right direction in making up my mind on what to buy. I love my GRX-1200R.Thanks Dick

  25. Ray Toher

    Great cart! Easy to assemble and worked right out of the box. Easy to use and control. Makes golf a nice walk again.

  26. Jean Costa

    Just received this and it was easy to assemble and the instructions for use are very clear. We are looking forward to a formal test run.

  27. David M Slezak

    This cart is fantastic. I have used it about 12 times since purchasing it in late Feb 2016. It climbs hills with ease, it rolls ahead of me down the fairway and is easy to control with the remote permitting me to walk at my own pace. Just pay attention to it because it will travel the terrain on uneven surfaces. Having 4 speeds permits you to set the travel/walking pace. It is easy to assemble/ and dis-assemble, folds up and fits into my vehicle trunk as well as my golf bag, BUT I have a 2006 Cadillac with a large trunk. The wide wheels also help in the stability of the cart and the rear tip wheel is a necessity as well as a well planned design. Battery power is great and re-charges in a short time. I have had two back surgeries, one total knee replacement and two shoulder surgeries done, and I can pick this thing up with no problem. I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone looking into one. It is worth the investment, don’t even look at those cheaper brands. This is a well made product.

  28. Thomas Oh

    I only play 9 holds at a time, so cannot comment on battery life per charge. However, it seems good as it still shows solid green after 9 holes every time I played since the receipt of the cart at the end of January 2016. There are virtually no parts that can break. My last caddy was a mess. For example, a wheel on the back had a plastic housing like others, and it broke easily when it went up a hill. The 1200R has a strong metal housing for that, so no worries. The range of the remote is pretty good at least 200 yards, and ability to customize is awesome; 1 speed for slow maneuvering, 2 for normal pace of walk, 3 for uphill pace of walk and 4 for catching up. The elastic bands for holding a golf bag works good. Also, it does maintain the speed pretty well when it goes down a hill. By the way, superb customer service by Mark and Dick. My only complaint now is new customers are getting a skycaddie on top of their carts.

    Very sturdy and well designed.

    bit noisier and slipping wheels

  29. Ben Iliiii

    Bought for my father and he absolutely loves it. Great turning radius and moves damn fast. Reserve is a great bonus. Only gripe would be that the battery is not light but thats just nit picking.

  30. Cynthia Judge

    Love my cart. Very easy set up. Love the how it negotiates the golf course. It has all the bells and whistles of a very expensive cart at a very reasonable price. Thanks, Cart Tek!

  31. Ted Nothdurft (verified owner)

    I just purchased the GRX 1200R for my wife. I have had one for several years. It has been the most dependable remote cart that I have ever had. Mine paid for itself within the first 5 months of use. I can easily lift it out of the back of my truck(without the battery of course) and set it up in just a few minutes to be on the course.

  32. Ron Dahulich (verified owner)

    I’ve had my GRX1200R for about three weeks now and was finally able to use it. Have been looking at various carts for about a year and am glad I selected Carttec. It reacted just as I had expected right out of the box. Went together with no problems, the manual provided all the facts for its operation. Had a minor problem after six holes, the unit would not respond to the remote units command and not sure why. Luckily I had the manual and was able to trouble shoot the problem and correct it on my way to the next hole. My course has quite a few hills and the GRX1200 handled them with ease. Not having to push the cart around made the round more enjoyable and at the end my legs and back didn’t have the pain I usually experienced when having to manually push a cart around. Would recommend Carttek to anyone looking for an electric cart.

  33. Joe Beyel

    Solid cart and reliable every time.

  34. Jack Scott

    I got this cart from my wife and kids for Christmas this year. What a wonderful gift! I can’t wait to use it this summer. Love it. Love it. Love it.

  35. Suk Bullock

    Christmas gift from my husband, I love to walk this is perfect for me.

  36. Orlando Bullock

    I ordered 2 of these golf caddies in which they arrived early today. One for my wife and one for me. Retired and in our late sixties; we both love to walk our golf course at leat 3-4 times a week. We did a lot of shopping for the best affordable golf caddie but above all an electric golf caddie, that we could count on. At the very beginning, we could not help but noticed that the packaging was first class. There was no chance of losing a vital part for we would have to wait for the manufacturer to ship it out to us. I put the first one together in 10 minutes and I was testing it in my family room a moment after that. What a gem of a machine. It is winter time here in Pennsylvania, but our Christmas tree will be looking extra nice with 2 brand new Carttek golf caddies sitting in front of it. I will come back and give another review once we hit the fairways but we have seen this machine in operation and we know it is a workhorse which would allow us to finally put our old push carts to rest. Merry Christmas Carttek!

  37. ronald j. copeland

    Love the cart and I purchased the GRX-1200R after talking with Dick and played 3 rounds on a hilly course and handles the hills with no problem. Had an issue with the battery cable due to my fault and contacted Mark and they sent me another one and it works great. Love the product and Dick and Mark customer service is 2nd to none. So happy I went with Cark Tek and Dick and Mark THANKS

  38. Gary (verified owner)

    I bought from Cart Tek after a great deal of research. I was initially swayed by the number of people that spoke positively about the customer service. It doesn’t matter how good the product is if the customer service is poor. I came to the conclusion that Cart Tek probably had good response to problems and potential issues and therefore bought the GRX 1200-R. I have been pleased with the caddy and love playing and walking hands free. However, I was wrong about the customer service being good. It is absolutely excellent. I would highly recommend Cart Tek.

  39. vijay

    just finished 3 years of using this cart (Our season in Lewiston, NY is almost over).
    Battery was supposed to last 1 year, but still using the same original battery, that still gives me 48 holes of golf course mostly flat but 5 up and down holes.
    I drove it into a creek x 2, last one I could barely see the umbrella holder. but for some reason, it is still working.
    The stem broke off but had it fixed by a local welder , who inadvertently damaged the wiring. With help of the tech support (who still helped me 3 yrs after buying), I got it to work again
    Tech support is unbelievable.
    This product is unbelievable. Rock solid. If you are looking to buy one, look no where.
    Hope this helps.

  40. Joseph T. Farina

    Just received my GRX 1200R and absolutely love it. It is relatively light weight to make it easy to get into and out of my car. There’s more than enough power to climb hills and very easy to maneuver.

  41. Ed (verified owner)

    I have been using my GRX-1200R for about two weeks and am very satisfied with the unit. This is the fourth power caddy that I have used and it gives the best bang for it’s buck. The variable speed control and preset speed buttons make it very easy to match the caddy with your pace while walking. It handles the hills better than any of the other caddies that I have used. The remote is very responsive, so turning it off when in your pocket is advised. It is by far the easiest to handle when going down a steep grade. My other carts could get away from you quite easily unless you had a firm grip on them. By using the variable speed control set at a slow speed, the cart controls itself down those grades.

    The ease with which it folds and can be stored in your vehicle is a real bonus. Other than removing the battery, there is no disassembly required.

    All in all, I would heartily recommend this product for anyone wishing to enjoy golf while walking the course.

  42. Milt (verified owner)

    I had read all the reviews before I purchased the GRX 1200 R. I’m writing this review after I just finished putting it together. It was quite simple to assemble and worked on the first try. Like other reviews I am impressed with how well it is made. The attachments are well designed and made also. I had a bagboy swivel cart which is not as well made. An example of the difference is the umbrella holder. The wind would pull my umbrella out of the holder, but the holder on this cart has a turn knob to clamp the umbrella in place. I won’t need to hold on to it as I walk. I bought the seat and again found it sturdier then the one I had on the bagboy. It also has a storage compartment that I placed the tool kit that was provided for assembly. No need to buy tools, all that are needed are provided. I knew in advance that this would be a solid purchase because I talked to an owner, that was using one at my course, about his I didn’t know him because he was from another course. No one at my course has a remote controlled cart. He has had his for 3 years and loves it. He showed me how it worked and let me examine it after his round. I would have waited to write this review, but tomorrow they will be drawing for a bag for the cart and I wanted to get in on the drawing. I’ll write more later after I get to play with it for a while, but I’m very impressed and pleased as of now!

  43. Joel E

    I am very satisfied with the cart. It is very sturdy and the components are of the highest quality. I have played several rounds and the cart handles my heavy tour bag with no problems. The battery recharges quickly and the remote is very responsive to the unit. I haven’t used any of the programming functions yet and will try to figure out how to go from stop to walking pace without having to continually hit the button to find the right speed. Hills are no problem (up or down) and I really appreciate the anti tip wheel on the back. Make sure you turn off the remote if you put it in your pocket as the cart can be activated with a slight touch of a button.

  44. Gene Frazier

    I have only used my new cart twice since I purchased it. Took me a little while to get use to it . First it would not respond to the remote properly. After reading the owners manual I found out that the batteries may need changing. Once they were replaced this cart really performs well and I am very very satisfied with my purchase. I will recommend it to my other golfing friends.

  45. Dwight Eirich

    I’ve had this cart for about a week and I’ve played two rounds of golf with it. I really like this cart a lot. I have had a Kangaroo cart in the past and it was big, heavy, and hard to control. The GRX-1200R is lightweight, it has good battery life and it is easy to handle. The factory settings are just right for me at this point. I highly recommend this cart for anybody who is looking to not carry their bag anymore. Great product.

  46. James Jackson (verified owner)

    five stars. just used my carttek 1200R for the first time and loved it. I had no problems learning how to use it, and the remote.
    it sure beats lugging a bag in 90 degree weather


  47. Brian

    I bought my GRX-1200R this past week. It literally took me 10 – min to put it together. It was seriously a snap. I did have to change the AAA batteries in the remote because it’s switch was on; but if that’s the only thing I have to complain about… you can figure out why I gave it a top rating. I did a lot of practice in my backyard preparing for my home course (very hilly and steep course). Took it out and it performed outstanding, practice paid off and did not take me out of my game worrying about where it was going. It also helped me out in the manual mode to get up the last two holes where the climbs are the steepest. I can now walk up these hills without jumping in one of my buddies carts and dragging my push cart with one hand behind us. Wish I didn’t wait so long to get one of these.

  48. Linda Massa

    Bought the Cartek about a month ago. Love it. Had some issues due to “user” problems.. However, once I figured it out, it’s wonderful. Have used an electric cart without remote for many years and figured I deserved one with remote this time. This cart is very sturdy, very user friendly and gives me a good walk with my golf game. I would recommend it highly. The price is very good for a remote control cart.

  49. Dave Bell

    Hi, I got my carttek GRX-1200R about a month ago,BEST GOLF CART FOR WALKING AND PLAYING GOLF. I am 75 yao, I call my GRX-1200R a GOLF CADDY,( IT SHOWS UP, IT KEEPS UP, AND IT SHUTS UP) can’t beat that. The golf courses in the Hudson Valley are very hilly, my GRX-1200Rhas no problem climbing over the hills. Call DICK company rep. GREAT GUY very helpful. Dave, Newburgh N.Y.

  50. Richard

    After doing extensive research online and comparing price, reviews, features, I finally decided to invest in CartTeks’s 1200-R. I have had this cart for a year now and I play rounds of golf during all seasons besides winter due to snow, so I have a 3-4 months break in the year but when the weather is acceptable I play 3-4 times a week. I recently had an issue where I could not get through a round of 18 holes, I called CartTek’s customer service and Mark told me that I might have a motherboard issue (which in my opinion will happen to any machine over time), he sent one immediately over without question or hassle. He also sent me a instructional email on how to replace the motherboard and now my golf cart is running smoothly. The product is a solid machine but the customer service that I have been provided over the past year has been excellent. On a side note, my umbrella holder broke, which in my opinion, isn’t the best of design but they sent a replacement free of charge. If you were unsure about which cart to go with, CartTek’s customer service should convince you to invest with them, they are in the business of satisfying their customers. I am usually not the type to spend time on writing a review, as this review is a year old, but after excellent service, I wanted to promote their brand by showing my appreciation. Thank you CartTek, I am a very satisfied customer.


  51. Gregg Bonfiglio

    In reading the reviews I think I might be the youngest of the CartTek Owners at 2 weeks shy of 50. After doing a great deal of research and one final call to sales, I decided that it was going to be the CartTek 1200R for me. I have 4 bugled disc in my back from 11 years of playing Goalie in Hockey here in Southern California, believe it or not golfing with a pendulum swing helps my back. But as I learned jumping in and out of the Cart or pushing a standard caddy was messing my back up.. Plus I put on 80 lbs after I stopped playing so walking was/is getting me back to my playing weight. I have used the cart now 10 rounds on both flat and very hilly courses. Obviously I enjoy the flat courses myself but the 1200 likes the hilly course as much as the flat ones.

    The cart has performed extremely well, the turning radius is crazy tight. The ability to adjust the speed is great, I feel the heavier battery actually makes it extremely stable. Having the back drag wheel keeps it from flipping over on the crazy Southern California hills. I am still waiting for the optional beer dispenser to be designed, but for now the water bottle holder works just fine.

    I did have one issue that was more of my fault, a “guy moment” if you would, the cart was tracking about 10 degrees to the right constantly for the last 3 rounds. If I would have read the owner’s manual better I would have seen the way to sync the two engines and it would have been a 30 second fix. Instead I focused on the pictures and tried adjusting the front wheel. Yes my fiancé did read the manual and told me to reset the trim on using the remote.

    I really do love this product, I was a big RC car guy growing up. So now I get to Play golf and Race and RC Cart at the same time. My buddies are not happy because I am a bit of a goofball and have a tendency to drive the cart right across the tee box just when they are swinging… Oh one final thing….Course Marshalls can get angry when you drive the cart across the green so don’t do it, even if you are chasing the geese off the greens!!! Enjoy your purchase and enjoy your round.

  52. Kirk

    Kirk Patrick
    I’ve had my Carttek GRX1200R for a little over a month now and love it. My course, Watson Ranch, has steep hills and this cart pulls my clubs easily up the hills. After heart surgery I still wanted to walk the course but the hills were too steep for dragging my clubs. Carttek was the answer. This cart is the talk of the golf course, even earning the name R2D2 from the ground’s crew. It is easy to fold and easily fits in my Camry trunk with plenty of room for my clubs and other gear.

  53. Jim Petersen

    I am a new user of the 1200R and very pleased with the operation. It is very stable, turns easily and tracks very well. I have called for suggestions on using the remote and everyone I talk to is helpful. It is made very well and my buddies are impressed with the quality. I expect this cart will last a long time and be a great help to my walking courses. I am recommending Carttek as a company to everyone.

  54. mike g

    got my 1200 R Monday used it Tuesday it performed really well did everything that was advertised played with my usual four some one just brought a 2500 hundred dollar electric cart that did not turn as well and did not have a reverse. I think he liked the 1200R better said that I had made a good choice. I think so too. would recommend the 1200R I am really pleased with my purchase.

  55. E. Wallace

    I have been using a remote controlled cart since 2008. My only other cart was an MGI/Bag boy Navigator. The Cadillac brand(supposedly). When after 2 years the buttons on the remote started to fail a new remote was $400. When the plastic front end fell apart it was $150.00. The service center was unhelpful although apologetic about the price gouging.

    In looking for a new cart two things were most important: reasonable replacement parts (stuff breaks) and good service. In reviewing Cart Tek I read nothing but glowing reviews regarding service and my own experience bears that out. I looked into the price of a new remote because I use my cart a ton, and mechanical buttons do wear out, a very reasonable $60.00.

    I was concerned because the Cart Tek cart lack the gps locking function. What I found was when using the Navigator, if I tried to change it’s course by hand, because the remote was not handy, my shoulder would be wrenched as the cart fought me to stay on path. I have found the maneuverability of the Cart Tek cart to be of greater benefit and ease of use and the lack of a locking gps not detrimental.

    Embarrassingly, my Navigator was in the a few ponds because I would accidentally hit a button while on the green. The on/off switch on the back of the Cart Tek remote allows me to put the remote in my pocket, while on the green without fearing butt clicking my cart into a pond.

    After seeing my cart two others at my course have ordered them and I expect more to follow.

    You will be extremely happy with your Cart Tek purchase, I’m not an easy customer to please and I don’t give 5 stars lightly.

  56. Mark G

    I walked 54 holes last weekend with this cart and it works like a champ. Handles hilly terrain and heavy bag great. A lot of jealous inquires as well. I’ve had other remote electric carts and this on is hands down the best I’ve had.

  57. Michael M.

    I waited until I played a dozen or so rounds with my new Cart Tek GRX 1200-R before writing this review. Previously, I’ve owned an ancient PowaCaddy and a seasoned HillBilly, neither of which had remote capabilities. I had good results with both, and upgraded to get the remote capabilities of the 1200-R. Overall, I’d give the Cart Tek GRX 1200-R three and a half stars, so I rounded up to four stars because of their very responsive customer service. I use the cart on at Stanford Golf Course in California, which is moderate hilly.
    – The cart came well packaged and was easy to assemble. It is VERY solidly built, as are the accessories. Nothing cheap or flimsy on the product!
    – It folds and stores nicely, although it is quite heavy. An older, smaller person might be better off with one of the newer, lighter models.
    – The motors are powerful and the battery is strong. The cart easily climbs the steepest hills at our course. The cart is plenty fast, too.
    – The battery-operated remote is easy to learn and use, and the (adjustable) pre-settings make it easy to get the cart to the right speed for the varying terrain.
    – The cart operates fine in the rain. I got caught in a couple of massive downpours and the cart ran like a champ with no issues. The see-through plastic coating on the remote controls bubbled up permanently, but otherwise all worked fine, including the umbrella holder on the cart.
    – Customer service is great. Someone helpful always answers the phone or responds to emails, which is getting more and more unusual these days.
    CONS, or areas for improvement,
    – The bag holder is pretty generic and the bag tie-down are elastic cables. As a result, the golf bag is not secured tightly in the cart and it shifts around as the cart runs over bumpy terrain. This, unfortunately, messes up the tracking and the cart runs off in the wrong direction. I’d greatly appreciate a way to secure my bag in one place so it does not shift during play. I will try adding adjustable straps and cushioning on the frame to see if this helps.
    – The “tracking” drove me nuts for several rounds, partly due to the bag shifting during play. The cart is very sensitive to bag positioning. In any event, I spent a lot of time reading the manual and adjusting the tracking. It is ok now, but I frequently have to re-adjust my bag during play to reduce the cart’s tendency to veer right or left of my intended line.
    – When the cart is rolling along by the pull of gravity and the motors are not on, if I turn the motor on when I hit a flatter spot, the cart actually stops before the motors can engage – meaning I typically walk into the cart handle. My previous carts from PowaCaddy and HillBilly kept rolling when I engaged the motor. Not sure why this has to be.
    – The dial (potentiometer) on the handle that sets the speed is a bit awkward to use. When I turn the dial from a dead stop, there is a one to two second pause before the motors start. Also, the dial is not linear, so I have to turn it about ¾ of the way around to get to a decent speed. I never noticed this issue with my previous carts. I am getting used to this.
    – The motors can be a bit noisy. This is not consistent, so I wonder if this can be corrected. Occasionally it makes a whir-whir-whir noise that comes and goes. There also is a noise that sounds like a chain rubbing/grinding on metal that occurs frequently (but not always). The noise bothers me, so I often send the cart well ahead of me and my group. This cart is louder than my previous carts, but I realize it has two motors instead of one.
    Overall, the cart is a solid, powerful, and responsive product that definitely gets the job done. I am happy to have it, and will keep using it. If I had it to do over, I might be tempted to buy the newer, lighter, more expensive models that are easier to maneuver manually. I read a lot of reviews of some of the competitor’s carts and many people complained that those were not well-made. The 1200-R is very well made.

  58. K Lee – Mesa, AZ

    Had some wiring issues with my 1200R. After talking with both Dick and Mark they went way above and beyond expectations. The customer service and knowledge is second to none. They stand behind the products in every way and will do what ever they can to resolve all issues quickly. Thank you both and can’t wait to use my cart, again thank you..

  59. B. Keenan

    I love the added pleasure and exercise that using my 1200R has brought to my enjoyment of golf. It is easy to use and the remote makes walking and managing the course very easy. Now if it could only help me with my putting! 🙂

  60. Frank E (verified owner)

    Unpacked my new GRX-1200R on Dec 24 and took it out for the first test run on Dec 26. I wondered how the caddy would handle the course which is much wetter than usual due to heavy rains for the past week or so. Turns out it was “not to worry”! The GRX-1200R easily handled some very sloppy areas on the course without slowing down or getting stuck. The wide wheels made maneuvering through through the slop and climbing steep wet hills pretty much a non issue. Handling the remote is pretty intuitive. Reaction to commands was impressive. I’ve been a walker for 30 years and I expect the GRX-1200R to keep me tracking toward another 30 or so.

  61. Sandy K

    This was my second season with my GRX-1200R. I still absolutely LOVE it. It’s reliable and versatile and fun. The course I play is hilly and this cart makes every hill (easier than I can), so I’m getting my exercise, but not exhausted from pushing/pulling a cart up the hills. I would recommend everyone to get this cart; it’s the best investment I’ve made for my health and my golf game.

  62. Roger lebrun

    I purchase the 1200r electric push cart this year. i had a few problems but it was taking care of .I really love it. I thinking of buying the new model in near future,and give mine to my son.I would recommend to any body to buy one.thank you

  63. Stan Troutman

    I did lots of research before purchasing a GRX1200R for my wife.
    It is better built than most I looked at. We play on a hilly course and it does great.

  64. James Bielaski

    Perfect for any type of golf bag; I have used a cary bag and a large cart bag without any problem. Depending on the terrain, I can pick a speed to walk next to my cart ( never behind. I been empaled a few times with the 60 second timeout), or send it running ahead to the ball, or towards the next tee while going to the green and finish a hole. My playing companions have other caddie’s, some of which stop running when there is some light rain. No my carttek!

  65. Randy Medwid

    Bought this for a present for my brother in law. We play in Western Pa. Lots of hills and uneven lies, but this unit handles them with ease. Only problem is that the ease of only walking has made his game better(not as tired at end) which means I may have to purchase my own unit if I want to win!

  66. Jerry Ralfs

    Love this cart. Initially had a problem with missing signals, so Dick sent me a new globe and remote. Problem solved. I have used the cart at least four times a week. Very powerful, able to climb the steepest hills and even assist me. Would recommend this product to anyone.
    Product support has been super.

  67. Walter

    I have used the 1200R for the past 3 months, and am very happy with the results. I had another cart previously, and this machine can literally run circles around it! I have gotten it “tuned” as to turning force and pre-sets and am very happy with the dependability and ease of use. Most of my buddies have another brand, and are impressed with the “dance steps” this cart can do!! Not only that, but clubs are more accessible, and it is quiet and fast!! The ability to go into reverse has kept me out of trouble several times!! Looking forward to years of fun with this one.

  68. admin

    October 18, 2014
    Love my GRX1200R because walking is my favorite way to play golf and this cart makes a round of golf just like having a caddy. I have had two minor issues and both were resolved with a phone call. These folks know how to provide customer support!

  69. admin

    September 25, 2014
    I can see why this cart is called “The customer favorite” I was very pleasantly surprised at how well built, easy to assemble, and fantastic to use this remote cart is. What a dream it is to control, manage and steer. The remote features are superb and the cart is sturdy enough for any terrain. I live in the Pacific Northwest where the weather can change very quickly. The umbrella attachment is marvelous rain or shine and my Carttrek takes the hills without a bit of hesitation. I made a wonderful choice with this delightful remote golf cart.

  70. admin

    September 10, 2014
    The cart is a great item and it is very easy to operate. It recharges easily over night and has plenty of power. The overall customer service is great. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  71. admin

    August 25, 2014
    I have had my cart tek for 2 weeks and it is fantastic. Easy to assemble,easy to use. It goes up the hills on my course with ease. The staff at cart tek are very well informed. You can pay more money for a electric cart, but you wont find one that is better built and easier to use. I recomend this cart to any one who wants to walk and really enjoy the game.

  72. admin

    August 5, 2014
    Received my new cart yesterday and used it today, we have a very hilly course and it handled it very well no problem, the remote was easy to master, all and all very pleased.

  73. admin

    June 20, 2014
    Owned one for four years, play regularly on a very hilly course, 1200 is great, has power never have to worry about going up hills, love this machine.

  74. admin

    June 18, 2014
    A friend had one of these so I knew exactly what to expect. His experience as we played together told me this was the caddy for me. And it was exactly what I expected. Easy to assemble. Worked first time. Have had it out for two rounds of golf and it performed exactly as expected. Would hope the Li battery might be offered as a replacement for the NiCad battery. Would make it a little easier to load / unload from my vehicle. Highly recommend this caddy to anyone interested in easing the walk versus a “push/pull” cart. Also more fun.

  75. admin

    June 2, 2014
    The golf course I belong to is about 40% hills. The GRX1200R took them with ease. I have had other carts in the past that was not constructed as well and was unable to repair them because the company had gone out of business. I also like the fact that you can add a seat which I did not see with other brands. Looking forward with many rounds of golf with my GRX1200R cart.

  76. admin

    June 1, 2014
    I am a repeat customer for the following reasons: I cannot imagine finding another cart which is a better value when you consider all of the features and the manner in which the cart performs. Further, when buying from CartTek, I have always received 5 star service during my entire ownership experience. My cart makes walking and playing golf a much more enjoyable experience versus riding or using a push cart.

  77. admin

    May 28, 2014
    First, it is nice to get a good, complete instruction manual! Has good, sturdy frame and built solid, runs smooth, easy to control with remote, especially like the pre-set options. The seat is handy for delays on the course. Customer service was easy and order was processed quickly. Since my previous cart remote control was damaged, I am glad that a replacement remote would be available if needed. (In case I drop it in the water again!!! – my wife says that I had better not do that again). Overall, very pleased and continue to refer friends.

  78. admin

    April 30, 2014
    I have had the GRX 1200 for exactly one year as of yesterday. Everything about this cart has worked perfectly with no issues. The course I usually play is rather hilly and the 1200 is a pure mountain goat at heart. The battery life on this unit is way more than needed as well. For the price point and little to no need to houch the cart, you would be hard pressed to find something better.

  79. admin

    March 29, 2014
    Totally Awesome. Used it three times now and I am totally satisfied. Product does exactly as advertised. Climbs hills quite well. Little tricky to get use to at first but quite simple to operate. Lesson learned do put anything in your pocket with the remote. You will send it on its way 🙂 Great investment and a real eye catcher!

  80. admin

    March 26, 2014
    I like everything about my new cart. Easy to assemble and easy to use. Handles well on turns and slopes and runs quietly.

  81. admin

    March 24, 2014
    I just received my cart it run good.I would recommend it to any one looking to buy an electric cart.

  82. admin

    March 23, 2014
    Used this several times now and can say nothing but positives about my 1200R. From the ease of setup to the simplicity of programming this cart was well thought out. I really enjoy taking this on the course. This is way better than pushing/driving a cart.

  83. admin

    March 18, 2014
    Excellent! I have owned and worn out 2 other brands. Excellent ease of operation and handles the hills at my course with ease.

  84. admin

    March 1, 2014
    Have been 100 percent satisfied with my GRX1200R. My golf scores have improved, my stamina has increased, and I love more than ever walking the course, thinking about my next shot ahead of time instead of abruptly being dropped off at my ball. Hopefully more of my fellow golfers will join me in this new endeavor. Kudos to all of you for making this possible.

  85. admin

    October 1, 2013
    For the record, I am age 75 and play 18 holes of golf 5 days per week. This unit, the 1200R, is exactly what I wanted. After trying 2 other brands, I am so pleased with the 1200Rs performance. I play a very hilly course and it responds very well under adverse conditions. In navigating steep downhill inclines I keep the controller in one hand and keep tapping the reverse to slow it down and keep it from free-wheeling. So far it has worked like a charm. I feel in control and safe. Pat in Inver Grove Heights, MN

  86. admin

    October 1, 2013
    I have used the 1200R cart for 30 plus rounds. I have not had one problem. I play on a very hilly course and it works well. Some nice features to compare when looking at other carts. The GRX1200R, holds back on down hills, has 4 preset speeds plus reverse. Folds up and down easily and compact. Great cart and price. Great Service! WES D.

  87. admin

    September 16, 2013
    I’ve had my GRX 1200 remote control cart for about a month now and couldn’t be happier with it. It has been very reliable and easy to use. People comment on how much sturdier and less “jumpy” it seems compared to its major competitor. Walking with the hands free has been so much better than pushing a cart that I can not imagine ever going back. And using a riding cart would mean sacrificing around 20 miles of walking per week, exercise that I would have a lot of trouble making up elsewhere. So the remote control trolley seems like the perfect solution and the Cart Tek 1200 is a great option for the money. Highly recommended. Kevin

  88. admin

    September 10, 2013
    I have owned two other brands, but find Cart Tek superior. Easy maneuvering; excellent product. Thanks Cart Tek Yo K.

  89. admin

    September 6, 2013
    Best product on the market as far as quality and customer service, the low price is not so bad either. Have had my 1200R since April 2013 and have already saved the $800 in cart fees to pay for it. Let me enjoy the game again without pushing pulling or catching rides with others.

  90. admin

    September 6, 2013
    I have the GRX1200R. The cart has plenty of power to pull up the hills and gearing to hold it back going down. It is a little havy and wanders some on sloping fairways, but it is the best cart so far for me. Dick is super to work with to take care of problems.

  91. admin

    September 6, 2013
    I have been using 1200 for past 8 weeks. Previously had an MGI Navigator for 11 years and borrowed a Bat Caddy prior to purchasing the Cart Tek. The 1200 is superior in every way; ease of operation, reliability, and overall satisfaction. In addition, I can call the company, get quick advise. Would recommend this cart and company to fellow golfers who like to walk. Walter

  92. admin

    September 5, 2013
    Before I bought the cart, I met Dick and Roben at their Store in Bend. They were very friendly and showed me how to use the remote cart. The cart was shipped and arrived safely at my place. I have been using the GRX-1200R for 6 times since I purchased it last month. It works very well as expected. I would recommend it to all my friends. Cathy in California

  93. admin

    August 29, 2013
    The product has been great, 40 plus rounds this golf season with 3 to 4 more months left to play. Best thing for golf except getting new clubs. Highly durable, well constructed and negotiates hills with ease, it even pulls me up the hills. Battery power is great. But whats better than the product itself is the customer service Dick and Cart Tek have given me. I called with some concerns and a new part was sent without question and they did everything possible to make me satisfied. I am extremely pleased with the product and the people at Cart Tek. Thanks Dick.

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