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By adding the new Lithium Ion battery technology to the GRX-950, Cart Tek has developed the lightest, most compact Electric Golf Trolley available. The GRX-950Li with battery weighs less than 27 pounds and will effortlessly power through your round. The new wave style handle folds and allows the cart to separate into two parts which fit neatly into a 29” x 12” x 12” carry bag ( Optional ). This rugged golf trolley and high tech battery will give you years and years of trouble free service.

Lightweight Electric Golf Trolley GRX-950Li Features and Benefits:

    • Variable Speed Control with “last speed memory
    • Distance Control Function: Send cart out on 20 Second timer
    • Aircraft grade aluminum frame structure
    • Adjustable handle to fit any golfer
    • Ships with second handle for better control
    • Ring and Pinion gearbox design
    • 24 Volt, 7.5 Ah Lithium Ion battery, battery charger, tool kit
    • Two Year Warranty on Battery
    • Battery rated at 500 + charging cycles
    • Waterproof ECU Housing for use in all damp conditions
    • Quick and easy transition to “Free Wheel” mode
    • Oversized drive wheels for better control
    • Available in Gloss Black or traditional Silver – Powder Coated frame
    • Complete with Free scorecard/ball holder, drink holder and umbrella holder. Over $75 Value.
  • Free Shipping within Continental USA
  • Cart Tek’s middle of the line-up of non-remote control electric golf caddies

Best seller alert. Think lightweight, compact and easy to use. CartTek has brought to market one of the most durable yet light Electric Golf Caddies available on the market today. The new Lithium Ion battery technology is powerful making it a great value for the serious or semi-serious golfer. Save the muscle for your swing as this caddie moves with ease from one hole to the next.

Lithium battery powered electric golf caddies are truly amazing.  The battery weighs less than 3 lbs and can still power your fully loaded bag through more than a full round of golf.

35 reviews for GRX-950Li

  1. Tom Miles

    Just ordered new wheels for my 950… Bright green…. I have had my cart for 4 years.. I play 3 to 4 rounds a week.. do the math… well over 1000 rounds on my cart.. my battery still gets me two rounds without a charge. If you are thinking about a cart… only one choice… Cart Tek… great customer service … extremely well made cart… and as reliable as sun rise.

    Thanks again Dick… you have a great team and great company.

    Tom Miles

  2. Byron Graper

    I agree with the other 5-star ratings; however, if you have a hilly course, like we have, upgrade to the GRX-965Li model, which has brake. On a hilly course the brakes are essential.

  3. Darryl Cain (verified owner)

    The cart does a great job in hauling my bag over very hilly terrain. It has plenty of power. The light weight lithium battery is also very easy to charge and install on the cart.
    A few things could be better: The speed control is way too sensitive. The top speed is way to high — I’d have to sprint to keep up with it. The cup holder is really a bottle holder — anything larger in diameter than a normal water bottle will not fit. The plastic score card holder works well but I am concerned that it could easily be broken by any significant accidental downward forces. My previous cart had a 3-ball holder in the handle and I miss this feature. The loop/ball connection of the bungee cord to hold the bag on the cart is just plain clumsy to connect — a loop and hook connection would be much easier to use.

  4. Tim Freije

    Love this thing! Well constructed, should be very sturdy and last along time. I have 5-10 round on it. Battery life is non-issue and it breaks down small enough to fit into almost any trunk. Fits in the back of a BMW Z4 with the clubs just fine. Not being remote controlled doesn’t bother one bit as it’s less to fuss with on the course. The motor offers enough resistance that parking on most slopes isn’t an issue. The LED is useful to make sure you’ve set it off on the ten-second mode and aren’t just sending it off into whatever’s in its path. All around great purchase. It really is nice to walk the course and not have to push or carry anything. Two thumbs up!

  5. David Schneider

    A number of friends use this same model and all are pleased. The pro at our club suggested the Carttek brand as most reliable in his experience. I have found I can wheel it wheels first into my Prius V hatchback (with the back seats folded down) as well as into my wife’s Lexus RX 400 mid-size SUV and do not have to take apart the trolley.

  6. Bill Bode

    Bill B.
    Great cart! Save your money, get this simple to walk with cart. Don’t spend extra money and get the remote control cart, just walk along side this cart and think about you golf, not where to park your cart and where to put your remote.
    operation is simple and you’ll start walking faster and enjoying the golf better. People get out of those golf riding carts and start walking, it can be great exercise. I got this cart for my 60th Birthday, best gift ever!! I enjoy the walking, play better, and talk less to my opponents. I’m visualizing my next shot, not talking foolishly to the guys i’m trying to beat.
    Go Golfing soon’

  7. William Ashby

    I have had the GRX 950 Li for two years now. I estimate that I used it for over 200 rounds, so it has seen a lot of service. My course is very hilly on the back 9. Consequently, I used to walk the front and get a cart for the back. The 9 hole cart fee is $10, so the Carttek easily paid for itself within one year. II am completely satisfied with it. As others have mentioned, the cart tends to tip back when going up a steep hill. I put a 5 pound barbell in the front pocket of my bag, and the problem was solved. The cart is very stable and has plenty of power. have had to replace a few minor parts. Customer service is excellent. The battery failed prematurely, and Cartek quickly sent me a replacement at no charge.

  8. TimmyG

    This is now my third electric trolley. The two different brands I had before were both good carts, however this CartTek 950li model is by far a superior cart. The quality of construction is apparent right out of the box, and on the course, it is very solid. Not a lot of distracting noise like my previous carts.

    I spent the extra money for the Lithium battery, and already I am very pleased. The operation for on/off is smooth, not coming to a sudden halt as I had before (which caused me several embarrassing moments when I took the cart handle in the gut). I was first concerned about the two piece construction, but once connected, it does not actually have to be separated for putting in and out of a vehicle, but you still have the option if you need. The cart actually folds up very nicely for in/out and storage in the garage.

    As other ratings note, the umbrella holder allows for you to securely hold a large or extra-large umbrella while walking hands-free underneath it. Very handy for Washington state’s foul-weather golf days. I got this for Christmas, and had not played due to weather, but finally broke down and went on a very rainy day. I stayed drier than I would otherwise, and of course had the benefit of walking.

    The only “negative” is a storage bag is not built in such as my last cart, however that is an easy fix by buying something after-market.

  9. Philip (verified owner)

    Fantastic way to play golf. The GRX950Li is well made,easy to use and runs smoothly. I would recommend this cart!!

  10. Jim Hundley (verified owner)

    Despite being age 75, I love to walk the course while playing. Did I mention that I also have an artificial heart valve, artificial knee, and artificial ankle? Although our course is relatively flat, there are still some hills and I get tired pushing my old cart on some of them. Used my new GRX950Li for the first time this week and it made all of the difference in the world. I felt great after 18 and could have easily gone another 9.

    The sleek design reflects its sleek function and ease of use. Assembly no problem either. Barely needed the directions.

    Haven’t figured out the best way to add a sand bottle, however, so looking forward to your engineers designing one.

  11. Bruce Johansson

    I’ve had this cart for several months now and have been very pleased indeed. I picked this cart because of it’s ability to perform well in rainy weather. The umbrella holder can be positioned in such a way that I don’t have to duck to get under the umbrella. The cart performs well in hilly and muddy conditions. Many golfers comment on the fine engineering that went into developing the design so that it looks good, it is easy to fold down and lift into the car. The battery is light weight powerful and charges quickly. The fact that the cart says in gear while going downhill allows one to control the speed on steep hills. It also is useful to use the cart as a stabilizing crutch while walking down slippery hills. All in all a great performing cart and I have recommended it to others.

  12. Mark (verified owner)

    I ordered the cart on a Monday Morning, less than 15 minutes later I had an email saying order in process.
    That afternoon another email came through with the shipping details already. Lets be honest here, I didn’t expect that type of service, I thought maybe a few days later I would have received a response but wow, that’s what I call service.
    Today it has been delivered, three days YES three days, I opened up the box and everything is easy to get too and easy to remove, the instructions for me were spot on. It took about ten minutes to put the cart together, ok 15 minutes with a five minute reading of the manual. So tomorrow will be my first run out with it on the course, I tried it at my home outside and god it has some serious power, went down the hill and back up and honestly the cart was pulling me up the hill. I don’t write many reviews but this is one I am very happy to do. Investment totally worth it, without a shadow of doubt this company knows what they are doing. Don’t hesitate in purchasing, you will get that warm fuzzy feeling inside we all love.

  13. Jeff

    Purchased the GRX950Li just over a month ago. No problems with on-line ordering and shipping. Overall an excellent electric cart and have recommended this model to many other golfers. Most of my friends inquire about remote control but I obviously did not make that investment (and personally would not although have never tried remote control) Easy to assemble, sharp design, light weight, powerful up hills, compact battery easy to remove/re-attach, holds sustained charge. Customer service via a quick phone call was outstanding.


    This cart is great! Got it yesterday, put it together this morning – nothing to it! The accessories [water botttle holder, score card holder, and umbrella holder – and a pair of Carttek golf glasses!] were an unexpected bonus! Kudos for the company on packing the accessories in the box – delivered early from the company! [we have an earlier SunMountain elec. cart, a BatCaddy one, a MotoCaddy lithium, and now this! – my wife and I play a lot of golf!]. This is the best cart so far – no more purchases – now she wants my new one! (OK – may get another CartTek).
    Responsive on the course, light, easy to assemble at the course, and more imprtantly, easy to take down and get in and out of the car. Don’t
    There are more benefits to the cart (distance control still to be determined) – the lithium battery is so small – and powerful – so easy to transport and use – wow.
    Don’t equivicate – but this cart – you won’t be disappointed – 🙂 T. Kelley

  15. Audrey Darby

    I’ve been playing golf for 65 yrs. and I love to walk when I play. My course is flat. I tried a remote controlled bat caddy last year and it seemed chintzy to me. This cart is a completely different story. I’ve just started using it but am impressed so far. I will store it at my club but another member also bought one and she plans to take it back and forth to the club. Audrey Darby

  16. Wil Mason

    Friends of mine recommended this and they were so right. It is easy to assemble, easy to get in and out of the car and stable. Also, the bag stays on it, unlike some other makes where the bag rolls and falls. I’m looking forward to many rounds with my perfect cart!

  17. Roger Ikeda

    I purchased my GRX-950i on 10/10/15 and have used it now about 20 times. It is a great product and well worth the money. This is my first electric cart and I had no prior experience. I like to walk when I play, have always carried my lightweight Sun Mountain which weighs 20 pounds fully loaded or used a very old, $20 lightweight pull cart once in a while on flat courses. I play different courses but the primary course I play is Elkins Ranch Golf Course which is built on the side of a mountain. Just one too many times walking up Hole 12 and I finally decided to buy this cart. It was without question a very good decision. I no longer get tired and worn down the last six holes in tournaments or in matches and it is almost comparable to playing with a caddy because there is nothing to lug around the course. Other people who own electric carts had warned me to make sure the cart I buy is easy to collapse and fold into the car trunk and also that the cart is light enough to lift into the trunk. Their older model electric carts I took a look at are very big and bulky plus heavy. One required a special bag which was a beast to lift. I still use the same golf bag on my new 950i which is very easy to fold and unfold and also light enough to lift easily; I think it is around 26 pounds. It is as fast as unfolding the old $20 pull cart. It is It is exactly like using a three wheel push cart but you just push a button on the handle to make the cart go forward making the walk very easy. The motor is very strong and goes up any hill very easily. Another player even jumped on my cart and it still easily carried him. I have noticed I have gotten very lazy and stopped carrying my bag or using the push cart even on flat courses because I can leave lots of extra items, balls, food, etc. in my bag using the 950i. When I carried my Sun Mountain, I always took out everything but the bare essentials. I am completely happy with this electric cart and would highly recommend it to anyone considering an electric cart because it is so much better than carrying your bag or using a push cart.

  18. carol Kinser

    My concern is that the instruction booklet must have been written for men only because they”never read directions”. I expected that pictures would have been clearer as they were not helpful at all. It did give a website to help me but it was unavailable. I did not have an accessory sheet sent with it and ended up having to call you and then this was emailed to me. I did get it put together although at first I had the wheels going the wrong direction. Once assembled, however, I am now happily using it.

  19. Brian Lasley

    I received my GRX950Li two years ago. I love the light weight design and how easy it is to assemble. The ability to set the right walking speed gives me control to walk at my pace and gives me a slight “pull” when going up a hill. The best part of using the electric cart is how I feel after a round. My back is far less stressed and I can stretch while walking. This cart will allow me to continue walking my rounds for many years to come.

  20. Randy Turner

    I received the GRX-950 about a month ago. At this point I would rate the cart as EXCELLENT! It does what it’s suppose to do and it seems capable of functioning under severe conditions. I recently got caught, out on the course, in a messy downpour. You know, one of those “slight chance of rain” forecasts that turns into the rainiest day of the year. I was really concerned that the rain would have drastic effects on the cart, however it was totally unfazed and worked like a champ. I like this cart!
    BTW – I could really use a new bag

  21. Steve Meltzer

    Purchased this last season. I really enjoy walking, but my course is too hilly on the back nine to carry my bag or push a cart. The GRX950Li has been fantastic! The motor is very quiet. Will go up the steepest of hills and have enough torque to pull me up as well. 18 holes are completed with ease. No evidence the battery is at the end of its charge.

    I did not use this at all over the winter and the battery continues to be fine this season.

    My complaints are few. The cart itself creaks a small amount during movement but not too loud. It is the only thing that disrupts the complete quiet of the cart. I wish there were more accessories for storage like a mini cooler that would fit in the battery cage. Very minor complaints!

    I love this cart and recommend it to my friends. I would certainly buy it again.

  22. troy jesko

    just tried out caddy and ran great
    putting it together was simple
    looking to get one for my wife next
    but going to use for a couple of months first
    the decide if it is worth it

  23. Jack Keistler

    I have played about 20 rounds with my GRX950Li. It is easy to use and easy to store. It is so light that I can put it in my SUV without removing the battery. It gets many “looks” at the course. The battery re-charges in about three hours. This is an excellent cart and I would recommend to anyone.

    Thanks, Jack

  24. Ron Beck

    The cart is everything it is advertised to be. I broke the speed adjustment knob and was able to get a replacement without missing a round. The only negative is that the speed adjustment is too sensitive. A little tweak sends the cart off racing.

  25. Dennis Parker

    I love my GRX950Li. It easily climbs the many, long, steep hills at my club. Great design: light weight, collapses to a small package that easily fits in a compact car trunk leaving room for a couple sets of clubs, battery lasts almost 36 holes (good thing it free-wheels as my old clic-gear push cart). It hauls my bag 5+ times per week over our rough and hilly terrain. Customer service provided replacement parts when they failed. I’ll upgrade to one of the more rugged models when the time comes to replace it.

  26. Bill Batson

    After a little over one year of continued use, I could not be more pleased with this cart. The cart performs exceptionally well, stores quickly and easily in my relatively small trunk, and is as rugged as it is lightweight. Gets lots of attention wherever I play. Customer service and support is fantastic!

  27. Dale

    I have had my cart for about 9 months and have played probably 25 – 30 rounds of golf with it. As stated in a previous review, this cart will pull you up a hill instead of having to push a cart and bag up a hill. Folds down neatly for trunk storage and I usually pop the wheels off for easier cleaning and tighter storage. Cart is quite stable even though the front wheel appears to be small. If you have a question about the cart or its operation, CartTek customer service is excellent. Having a cart like this is with a GPS, laser and water bottle, is like playing with a caddie only I don’t have to pay the caddie, depend on his measurements or laugh at bad jokes.

  28. admin

    September 7, 2014

    I have played 25 rounds of golf with my cart. The cart performs well. The lightweight batter is nice, but I have added 5 lbs. of weight to the front pocket of my golf bag for stability when going up hill. The battery extension cable lets you put the battery in your golf bag and carry a cooler where the battery would normally go. Would definitely recommend.

  29. admin

    July 21, 2014

    Too many reviews are written after 1-2 uses. I have used the cart 5 times for 18 holes. I am very pleased with its performance, but as with any new product I am still learning. I have also never met a product I could not improve. The rheostat that gives power is located so close to the handle that I keep bumping it, making the cart far too fast or too slow. The battery holder is 1/4 inch smaller than the battery. I feel far less tired at the end of 18 holes than when I pushed a 3-wheeler. I would recommend it to a friend.

  30. admin

    July 8, 2014

    I have used this trolly for 35 rounds of golf. The course I play is very hilly and has a lot of undulations on the fairways. The 950li is a fantastic workhorse. It literally pulls me up the steepest of grades. I did add 10lbs of weight to the lower front pocket of my Smart Bag and it keeps it stable when going up hill. My handicap has not gone down, however, I did drop 28 pounds from walking 51/2 miles per round. I would highly recommend this model to anyone who plays a hilly course. Thanks to Dick & Robin for their advice.

  31. admin

    June 7, 2014
    Very well-built. Should last a long time. Variable speed control is too sensitive.

  32. admin

    May 22, 2014

    I received the 950Li. Played twice and really enjoying it. With the Lithium Battery the trolley is so light. Unlike a competitors cart I had, this one is much more sturdy. All around a better cart. Thx Michael

  33. admin

    April 26, 2014

    I love the ease that the 950Li works for me. Easy to put together/take apart. Handling around the course is so easy. A pleasure to use–made my game off golf more fun.

  34. admin

    October 3, 2013

    The GRX950Li is an excellent electric push cart. It is well-designed, sturdy, compact and light weight. With the axle separated, it easily fits in my tin auto trunk, under the convertible hardtop. Overall, I am extremely pleased. But there are a few things to improve. With the lightweight Lithium battery on an upslope need to watch that it does not fall back. Needs some storage. A parking brake would be nice. A. J. K.

  35. admin

    October 3, 2013

    Thank You Thank You Thank You. It has been a pleasure to buy and warranty with your company.

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