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In 2017 Cart Tek developed the only “differential drive” electric golf Trolley in the market.  Now including the proprietary AMB, or Downhill Braking feature for the best golf caddy experience on your course.

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Cart Tek had worked for two years to develop this new “differential drive” electric golf push cart. Design includes high torque motor, smart electronics, and a patented carbon fiber gear system for maximum durability.  All cables are hidden away inside the chassis for absolute maximum waterproof design. Even the battery tray was removed and replaced with a battery cable extension so you can slip your battery into a pouch on your bag – Out of sight and protected from the elements. Cart Tek’s best golf caddy accessories are included to top off this new electric walking golf cart from Cart Tek.

  • Variable Speed Control with “last speed memory”
  • Distance Control Function: Send cart out on 10 Second Timer
  • Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum frame structure – frame weighs only 21 pounds
  • Adjustable handle to fit any golfer: 36 when level, 45 max height
  • New Differential Drive gearbox with High Torque motor.
  • 24 Volt, 6.6 Ah Lithium-Ion battery – 2.5 pounds, battery charger
  • Two Year Warranty on Battery
  • Battery rated at 500 + charging cycles
  • Quick and easy transition to “Free Wheel” mode
  • Oversized drive wheels for better control
  • Available in Gloss Black or traditional Silver – Powder Coated Frame
  • Complete with Free scorecard/ball holder, mountable cup holder, and umbrella holder. Over $120 value.
  • Free Shipping within Continental USA

The GRX-965Li is our newest electric golf push cart in the non-remote lineup for courses with hills. Be the first to get moving with our latest Electric Golf Trolley.   This electric golf caddie will be the new entry level for the non-remote controlled electric golf caddies. Choose the optional AMB or Downhill braking system that will save your knees on those steep courses.

The downhill braking gives this electric walking golf cart an advantage. It does not run away on the downhill slopes. Turning the speed dial back slows the cart down so that it does not pull you down the hill.

The Lithium battery slips into your bag on this electric golf trolley so that many people will not even know that it is a power cart.  A battery basket is available if you choose to mount the lithium battery to the frame of the cart.

Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 28 × 11 in
Frame Color


Wheel Color

Standard, Orange(+$50), Green(+$50), Pink(+$50), Red(+$50)

9 reviews for GRX-965Li

  1. Caralee M Heuett

    Wes purchased my CartTek golf cart for me and I love it. I like that it is light weight to get in and out of the car with ease, the lithium battery is light weight, it is a bonus when going up steep hills, and this year I upgraded my wheels to the bright green and love them. I have gotten many compliments on my cart (and the new wheels) and am always happy to tell them the make and how great the service is with this company. When I am ready to purchase a new one, I will certainly be getting another CartTek.
    Wes has the remote cart and loves his and he has gotten nothing but stellar service when dealing with them. Thank you CartTek for a superb product.

  2. Norman Rigg (verified owner)

    Have now used my Trolley several times and it has been a great addition to my golf game. Over the last few holes of a round I am no longer fatigued from pushing a cart and my back feels much better, resulting in lower scores! It is really easy to use and maintain and the “front pouch” in the CartTek bag is perfect for holding the battery. A great buy which will allow me to walk the course more often in our hot Houston climate.

  3. Glenda Peterson

    Purchasing my Carttek Electric Trolley has made golf a new and exciting game once again! I love golf, and being able to walk the course has brought back a feeling I have’nt had in 15 years. 1st of all, it was a snap to put together from the excellent packaging. The sturdy, lightweight construction allows me to maneuver anywhere on the course, with ease. I expect many good years with this cart, and will promote it to the many golfers I am in touch with.

  4. Michael Pagano

    Just got this trolley for my wife. We loved using electric trolleys in Scotland and this one is even lighter and easier to maneuver. Assembly was simple, took almost no time and my only question about if the battery came charged (it does) was answered in an hour. Can’t say enough positive about this trolley—exceeds expectations!

  5. Bill kaminski

    Purchased 965Li last week direct from factory. Package is better than average, no damage, excellent condition. Cart is extremely well built as advertised. I owned one other electric push cart and it was not as well constructed. Push button operation is simple and to the point. Look forward to a nice walk the entire summer. I’ll submit review in August to confirm reliability. So far , great purchase.

  6. Stephen Russell (verified owner)

    Wow I love my new cart 965Li. I reviewed various carts carefully. I did not want to invest in a cart that was poorly made. I’ve used the cart 6 times. The battery is light weight and charges in 3-4 hours. Connecting the battery is simple. I recommend getting the battery basket.

    Read the instructions for loading and unloading your bag. Lowering the handle before adding or removing the bag will help prevent damage to the on off switch on the end of the handle if the cart tips and hits the ground! The cart is very responsive. Moreover the cart is very well made. After you remove your bag you simply fold the cart. My cart goes into the truck with room to spare

    You won’t believe how wonderful you feel after walking your hilly course with the 965Li.

  7. George Grode

    I have found the 965Li to be great value. Easy to assemble, transport and use. The braking system, battery cage, scorecard and mix container are all advantageous accessories. Have not had to use the umbrella holder yet. The battery itself is easily and quickly charged. I frequently play 9 in an evening and a subsequent 18 on a single charge – have not tried back-to-back 18’s. The manual advice about adding some weight to a lower front pocket of light-weight carry bags is helpful as the cart wants to tip back a bit on steep uphill climbs and a little extra low weight helps with balance. Extremely light weight lithium battery. I had one operating question early on and the Cart Tek staff explained the feature to me over the phone. Great customer responsiveness and a good example of why buying direct is always a good idea.

  8. Jack Herb (verified owner)

    Purchased the 965LI last week direct from the factory… arrived via UPS yesterday. Assembly was very easy although it took me a while to figure out how to attach the scorecard holder and drink holder. The unit is very well constructed. It is efficient, light but heavy duty. The battery came fully charged and the trolley’s alignment was spot on.

    I used it today for 18 holes. It performed as advertised… easy to use. The course was quite hilly but the unit had no difficulty handling any of the inclines. I did not order the braking system (extra $100) but that didn’t turn out to be a problem… just need keep pace with the cart and to park horizontally when on a hill.

    I do wish that there were a sand bottle attachment. I’ll have to figure out how best to carry a sand bottle. Other than that the unit is perfect.

  9. Gary Vant Hul

    I am honored to be one of the first to submit my comments about the GRX-965Li. This is my first time owning and using a powered walking cart and find that makes walking so much more comfortable. I use it at least twice per week on a reasonably flat course with total satisfaction and feel that it is extending my days in the game. I observe my playing partners of about my age struggling with their push carts and am delighted that that picture does not include me.

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