There are many reasons why you would choose to own a battery-powered golf caddy, and there are a few good reasons you should consider Cart Tek:

  • Using a battery-powered caddy will reduce the strain placed on your body from carrying, pushing or pulling your clubs.   This allows for better golf performance throughout your entire round!  Increase your stamina, and feel refreshed when coming into the 19th hole.  
  • Using a remote-controlled powered cart simplifies your game.  While walking up to the green, grab your putter and send your caddy on down the cart path to the next tee.  
  • If PGA golfers use human caddies, us “average Joes” can use battery-powered caddies! So, allow us to do the heavy lifting and Let Cart Tek be your Caddy!

Cart Tek is a leader in the electric golf caddy industry.  We’re currently having our Holiday Sale.   Our entire new cart lineup is up to 25% off, plus free golf bags with purchase!  Cart Tek is proud to say that we are the most cost competitive Lithium-Ion battery-powered golf caddies available on the market!  Don’t be fooled by lesser brands selling carts with the SLA batteries!  Lithium Batteries are the new standard in electronics. 

For a limited time, Cart Tek has teamed up with SwingU to offer an amazing add-on bundle.  When you purchase a cart, we’ll add in an additional $100 in accessories.  Use code SWINGU at checkout.  You’ll receive a Range Finder Bag, Sand and Seed bottle & mount, and a Large drink holder to get you your caddy tricked out, all in addition to the great savings and free golf bags on the Holiday Sale!

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