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Do oversized putter grips really work?

If you’ve been paying attention to golf trends recently, you may have seen a trending golf accessory, the over-sized putter grip. They come made by a handful of brands and are designed to make everything in your swing steadier. About Most grips are parallel from the top down, but some are tapered. You can purchase them...
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The best time to buy golf clubs

When is the best time to get a new set of golf clubs? Is spring a better time or perhaps fall, when everything goes on sale? We’re here to break it down for you. Winter Some of the best deals found on golf clubs happen during winter, right around the holiday season. While pricing on golf...
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Benefits of walking golf

Golf is a great hobby for nearly everyone, but the downside of golf is that it’s not the most cardio-friendly sport. Trust us, it takes an athlete to play a great round of golf, there’s no denying that. The disadvantage of golf is that you ride in a golf cart, rather than walking. So ditch...
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