Golf equipment is becoming so advanced that it is hard to keep track on what has rolled out on the market. Yet this situation is a good thing for golfers. It gives them a wide range of choices that allows them to hone in on the best drivers, putters, wedges and fairway woods that will work wonders at their skill levels. You've probably already heard the hype for irons that have been destined for greatness, such as the Callaway Great Big Bertha series, Cobra King series and Titleist 915 series. Instead of reiterating how great these clubs are, we've gathered together the short list of the best 2016 equipment that features irons that have flown under the radar yet still deserve some time in the spotlight.

Drivers: Ping G

The Ping G is getting solid marks for performance, feel and innovative technologies from golfers of all experience levels. This driver has unique turbulators along the crown to make it thinner so it is more forgiving when hitting the ball. It tackles spin and slices due to its LS Tec and FS Tec for more control and stability. There is less vibration to the drive, enhancing the "feel" aspect for golfers.

Fairway Woods: TaylorMade M1

Adjustability has become so commonplace that we expect it to be available for all of our fairway woods. The TaylorMade M1 has so many adjustable features to make your head spin. With the range of lofts along the hostel and the sliding weights, you can tweak this fairway wood so the ball flies the way you want it. Learning how to adjust the weights becomes essential to take full advantage of the wood. Player reviews are quick to talk about how penetrating the shots are as well as the physical power you can put behind it due to the light carbon-composite crown without having to worry about a lot of spin.

Wedges: Cleveland RTX 2.0/CB

When it comes to the Cleveland RTX 2.0/CB, it is considered by golfers in the low, mid and high-handicap range as an all-around performer that is the perfect weight and sound. This wedge features milled surface grooves to give the appropriate spin enhancement and also provides 36 loft options. It works superbly in sand to place the ball where it should go. When it comes to golf equipment for 2016, we are just barely scratching the surface for available clubs on the market. Nike, Mizuno, Wilson and other manufacturers are attempting to make their mark in the industry by introducing irons with increased technology for more game improvement. Adding these clubs to the lineup with popular Callaway, Cobra, and Titleist equipment will allow you to have the set of go-to clubs in your bag when you head out to the course.
April 26, 2016 — Natalie Montoya

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