Our Mission

Cart Tek Golf Carts is a company that was founded with one simple idea in mind: helping avid golfers enjoy a healthier golfing round.

Our mission is to provide high quality, lightweight, beautifully designed electric golf trollies that help avid golfers walk the golf course without having to carry a heavy golf bag. We believe this will not only make your rounds more enjoyable, but will also help you stay active and healthy!

We are proud to offer a wide range of golf caddies designed to meet the needs of every avid golfer. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight, compact cart that can easily fit into your golf bag or a heavy duty model with extra storage space, we have something for everyone.  Frankly, even younger men and women should consider motorized golf trolleys to help avoid musculature and skeletal damage caused by uneven pushing and pulling on the manual carts.



Our Commitment

By working with engineers here in the US and in Asia, we are able to lead the electric golf caddie market in both design and product quality. In this demanding product category, you will not find a better built or engineered electric golf trolley or remote control golf caddies than our Cart Tek models. It is our commitment to quality and exceptional customer service that keeps us in a leading position within our industry.

We at Cart Tek believe strongly that the electric golf caddie market is growing and changing in a fluid manner. The volume of electric golf trolleys compared to remote control golf caddies is growing annually. The advent of new Lithium battery technologies has driven the need for not only the batteries but changes in cart design to maintain excellent cart balance and longevity. We are in a unique position to monitor and react to these various changes. And we encourage feedback from our customer base and carry that feedback to our factory on numerous trips to Asia each year. As the market demands change, Cart Tek is in a position to meet the demands.

Cart Tek management has been involved in importing for over 25 years. This wealth of experience is critical in the ability to deliver a consistent quality product to this demanding market. It is our commitment to support this product with the utmost of customers service and product knowledge and make your golfing experience the best that it can be.