Best Remote-Control Golf Carts of 2022

Best Remote-Control Golf Carts of 2022

As the 2022 golf season heats up, it’s a good idea to look at some of the best remote control golf carts available. Remote-controlled golf carts have a tremendous impact on players of all ages with health benefits that resonate with golfers.

Lugging 30-pounds of uncomfortable and shifting weight over your shoulder is a receipt for disaster. The crushing weight on your spine can cause long-term distress, negating many of the great benefits of a round of golf. Why take a beating from your golf bag when you can enjoy walking the course with a brand-new electric golf cart?

Cart Tek continues to be the industry leader for electric carts of all types with a reputation that spans 15-years, holding the highest rating (A+) offered by the Better Business Bureau. The Cart Tek GRi-1500Li V2 offers the ultimate in electric golf caddies that carry your bag, accessories, and even your scorecard on a fully adjustable handle - and stay on a pace right at hand and easily programmed with the push of a button.

A remote-control golf cart does the heavy work for you so that you can enjoy your game, your company, and your day in the sun. You can easily carry an umbrella while contemplating your next shot if you get some rain. Like getting three carts in one, a Cart Tek remote control pushcart is highly versatile and can be used in freewheel mode or switched instantly to remote or trolly use.

Cart Tek carts are known for their sleek aluminum frames - lightweight but extremely durable - and fantastic stability on dual rear wheels and a single-wheel front.

  1. Cart Tek’s GRi-1500Li V2 is an organically redesigned advance from Cart Tek’s #1 selling motorized golf caddy, the original GRi-1500Li. The GRi-1500Li is equipped with Cart Tek’s latest Slope Control technology! Our newly designed Active Steer Assist technology allows the motorized golf caddy to tackle all terrains on the golf course. This model also features wireless paring remote control for outstanding precision programming and the ultimate follow-along performance with four factory speed settings and the ability to pre-program your own!

    Set in sleek aluminum, the base houses billet aluminum wheel hubs. Precise welding gives the aviation-grade 6061 aluminum durability for years of continued use. In action, the cart’s two tall back wheels provide unreal traction while the single front wheel allows maximum turn capabilities. A fourth rear wheel offers superior stability, led by Cart Tek’s new Slope Control technology.

    Available in a choice of colors - black, gunmetal gray, silver, and white - the GRi1500Li V2’s frame is powder-coated for a beautiful hard finish, more formidable than conventional paint.
  2. Cart Tek’s GRi-1500LTD V2 offers the ultimate Cart Tek technology with fully functional remote-control capabilities, including mode, speed, adjustable turning force, and even proper trolley mode. The slimline 40 mm German-designed motors are hidden away inside the aluminum frame, leaving a polished design with superior speed and dependability powered by a 24-volt, 10-Amp Lithium-ion battery weighing just 3.5 pounds.

    But don’t let the weight fool you. The battery comes with a two-year limited warranty, is rated at 500+ charges, and is fully charged in less than four hours. Afterward, you’ve got up to 36-holes of remote-control comfort from that single charge ahead of you!

    The GRi-1500LTD V2 remote control caddy automatically reassesses and corrects tracking, so climbing hills and descending slopes is a breeze. It also features handgrips and bag rests set in top grain leather for added comfort and visual appeal. It also features stainless-steel accessories that add a shine and sparkle not seen on other carts - all set against a gunmetal gray, powder-coated frame.

    Remember, this versatile cart can also operate as a powered golf cart. The handle is adjustable from 36 to 45 inches, and the entire card folds down to just 25.75” wide x 30” long x 11” tall. The frame weighs just 22.5 pounds with the quickly detached wheels removed and fits easily in a car trunk or even the back seat.
  3. Cart Tek’s Yellowstone is a strong, tireless, electric pushcart with an option ($100) to go fully remote, all for a very reasonable price. The powder-coated steel frame comes in high-gloss silver or black and features Cart Tek’s famous all-stable wheelbase and anti-tip rear wheel.

    The 29-Volt, 8.8 Amp Lithium-ion battery charges quickly and keeps the dual 240-watt motors running smoothly for up to 27 hours of fun in the sun. To help you enjoy your round, no matter the weather, accessories include an umbrella holder, a drink holder, and, of course, a scorecard holder, so you can study the hole’s layout as you plan your next shot. Yellowstone comes with a full one-year warranty on the battery and the cart.

Top Benefits of a Remote-Control Golf Cart

Golf is a physical game. The better shape you are in, the better you’ll feel and perform on the golf course. Having your clubs settled safely on your electric golf trolley is the best way to keep your shoulders loose! So, you can say “goodbye” to doctor bills from hefting your bag for hours. And your scorecard will thank you since your swing is directly affected by your playing patterns, muscle memory, and flexibility.

Another great benefit of a remote-control golf caddy is that you won’t need to carry two or three clubs to the back of the green for your next chip shot - and you’ll save money by never leaving a club or a headcover behind! And there’s no need to carry tees in your pocket with your cart always nearby.

Beside the tee box, you’ll find your scorecard holder is right there in a perfectly angled holder so that you can study the fairway for any potential trouble spots. Then, choose the exact club you need, and away you go, happy to walk the course knowing everything is within reach, and you’re saving serious cash by skipping the riding cart rentals.

While any round of golf is good exercise, you’ll feel more in tune with the course and enjoy the added benefits of walking the fairways, not just a few steps to the tee and green. No matter which walking cart you choose, you’ll find that although you’re getting more steps in, you’ll also feel more robust as the days pass, which leads to the stamina you need each round as the last few holes arrive.

Walking the course offers score-improving benefits too. You’ll gain a better feel for wind direction and speed and where you want your next shot to land. The walking helps clear your head and allows you to focus on how to hit your next shot and which golf club will do the best job. That intention helps avoid the disconnect many golfers feel as they head back to a riding cart and get involved with other thoughts.

As for tracking your shots, that’s up to you, but players walking the course gain a more intimate knowledge of good and bad spots to aim their golf balls and are more likely to find balls that get caught in deep rough or go out of bounds. When that does happen, it’s always good to have a few extra minutes to assess the damage and make good next-shot decisions instead of rushing. Walking gives you time to see the surrounding layout and make the best choices.

Having a high-quality electric push cart from Cart Tek brings peace of mind and the inevitable stares from your golf buddies, but don’t blame them for envying your new golf caddy. You just went with the best.

Upgrade Your Game Today

Having the right equipment is essential to an enjoyable, quality round of golf. Upgrading your game by including Cart Tek will likely surprise you with better endurance, a more nuanced feel for your favorite course, and a new synergy you’ve missed in the past. And remote-control programming makes a world of difference.

Even if you’re technically challenged, Cart Tek’s top-quality remote control carts are easily programmed in minutes. Our non-remote electric golf push carts are also very quick and easy to use, from the best-selling GRi-975Li to the brand-new Galaxy Titan Golf Trolley, these carts feature top-of -the-line technology. They offer variable speed control and climb challenging hills effortlessly while descending rough terrain with automatic downhill speed control.

The carts offer long-life lithium-ion batteries that are quick to charge from any standard electrical outlet. Then your best golf buddy can run smoothly for up to 36 holes from that single charge. After your outing, the cart folds down with the click of a button for easy storage.

Cart Tek li-ion batteries provide peace of mind with excellent battery life. They include a prorated two-year warranty period based on the number of charges, time used, and maintenance history.

Now is the perfect time to choose a new Cart Tek with a black, gunmetal gray, white, or silver frame. When you do, the shipping is free within the Continental U.S. Order now, and your cart will come with a host of freebies, including an adjustable scorecard holder, drink, and umbrella holder. Plus, we’re offering three additional gifts: a free caddie pak, a belt clip, and a tool kit. Don’t miss out!


How Long Does It Take to Play 18 Holes of Golf?

One of the most incredible things about golf is that every round is different. You won’t know the outcome until the final putt because of the combinations of possibilities from weather conditions to tee boxes, pin placement, wind, rain, and turf. Every shot you take and every spot your ball lands is probability and outcome. Sometimes we find water, sometimes sand, and occasionally greatness.

Those same things apply to how long a round of golf takes, plus more. The United States Golf Association computes that the average 18 holes of golf runs four hours and five minutes Monday through Friday, five hours and thirty minutes on weekends. That tells you the crowds you’ll find on busy weekends and holidays have a significant impact. And what about the capability of the course?

Course management and design also drive the average time groups complete play. Rancho Park Golf Course in Los Angeles, a wildly popular 100,000-round-per-year municipal, had easy 3.5-hour early rounds but plodding 5.5-hour rounds late in the afternoon. To combat the problem, they switched from 6-minute tee time group intervals to 8-minutes.

Although counter-intuitive, the change prompted players to be on time and got them off the tee quicker, so each coming group could tee off on time instead of encountering a jam at the first hole.

Other factors that come into play include course layout and length, group sizes, walking versus carts, and things simply out of your control, like weather conditions and pin placement.  As for course layout, the USGA has advised that in practice, “the slowest holes are the ones with the longest approach shots, especially long par 3s and reachable par 5s.” Having to wait for your second shot on a par 3 while the group ahead finishes bottles up the hole since those on the tee are waiting for your group too.

Playing By Yourself Vs. Playing in a Group


Most players first experience golf on a miniature golf course. With any luck, it’s a memorable half-hour of fun, but it also makes us think golf is fast, and it’s not. The trick course managers have is to accept the time involved while keeping delays to a minimum. Four and a half hours is fine if you’re playing straight through.

A near-empty golf course offers a chance for a quick round, especially if you are playing by yourself, but perhaps not so if you’ve got a slow player right in front of you! Playing alone can be a rare treat, and you might fly through a decent round in about two hours. As a single player, you’ll tend to get waved ahead or through a tee box, so enjoy!

It's the starter’s job to balance groups going onto the course, and most are great at it. A group of two is likely to be left alone, and you’ll get your round done about a half-hour slower than a single player, but that’s going to depend on the course and your skill level. Any two and a half to three-hour round can feel like heaven.

If you’re on a busy course after seven AM, it may be too late to go off as a two-some, and you’ll get connected to make a group of four. No worries. That coupling can make for faster rounds for everyone but expect your outcome to be closer to four hours, even five hours later in the day.

The dreaded group of six almost always consists of six players and six hours of golf. If you’re part of the group, enjoy yourself. If you’re behind the plodders, don’t be afraid to ask to play through. If you don’t, you’ll fume and fret and ruin your day. Just ask; they know they’re slow.

Golf Cart Vs. Walking


Riding golf carts were invented for ease and speed, but in practice, they don’t always pay off unless you're playing alone. There are no carts at Erin Hills in Wisconsin (home of the 2022 U.S. Mid-Amateur), and the loopers handle the bags. That’s a good thing because, at 7147 yards from the blue, it’s tough enough carrying bottled water and much more so with a complete set of clubs. Either way, cart or no, you’ll get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Still, playing with a walking cart can be transformative to your game, and you’ll likely find that your focus is sharper while walking. The synergy of experiencing distances, the lay of the course, and spending your time thinking about your next shot instead of maneuvering the cart path behind the wheel of a riding cart is time well spent and critical to your game.

Factors You Can’t Control


You can’t control your tee times in many instances or the pace of play and who ends up in the group you follow. At the 2019 Northern Trust, PGA star Bryson DeChambeau took 140 seconds to read an 8-foot putt and got called out mercilessly for his slow play, so it even happens at the pro level. But you can make sure it’s not you causing delays by being ready for each shot when you’re up.

That’s another nice thing about having an electric push cart; you’ve always got your clubs with you! You don’t have to walk back to your riding cart or wave frantically at your playing partner to head back when you find you need a change of clubs. And you can speed up play by following “ready golf” - you’re not "playing out of turn.” It’s alright to shoot next if it doesn’t inhibit your partner’s play and they aren’t ready!

Much as we’d like, we can’t control the weather, and even a little rain is likely to slow things down. Having the proper outdoor footwear is helpful, but it’s the wind that takes some adjusting for many golfers, and your original thought of how to hit your approach can change after you get to your golf ball. Using the right club at the right time means fewer shots and faster rounds!

Course difficulty is also out of your control but knowing the course and studying the scorecard helps. Walking the course and gaining a feel for just where you can hit your tee shot and where you’d like to be after a follow-up helps too.

How to Improve Your Game


Nothing improves your game more than practice, and while mini golf might not help much, arriving early for your tee time and grinding it out on the putting green tells you about green conditions, speed, and your touch. It’s easier to adjust there than on the fly after the fifth hole.

If the course has a practice green with a sand trap, you can also read the moisture content. Hit some balls out and adjust for dry and wet sand. Dry takes your normal swing, but wet sand is tricky.

A good golf tip for wet sand is to keep your downswing steeper because there will be more friction when the blade of your wedge hits the sand. Keep the clubface square, with your weight on your front foot, but swing easily while striking the sand about one inch from your ball. You can do it - it’s not as tough as it sounds.

If you’re trying to improve your overall game, the driving range is your friend, and so is a golf simulator if you’ve got the room! Swinging a club every day keeps you tethered to your game.

Don’t forget to visit your local pro shop to keep up with the latest golf accessories, bags, and carts. They might not have all the latest items that make owning a golf cart so enjoyable, but not to worry.

Cart Tek prides itself on finding innovative ways to make even a great golf outing more enjoyable, and much of that starts with the carts themselves!

Electric push carts take the worries out of playing and lead to a faster pace by keeping you in touch with everything in your bag. You won’t have to run back to your riding cart because of a lost ball or a losing battle with a water hazard. You get more exercise, connect better with the course, and improve your game by keeping all your tools at hand. And you won’t leave a wedge on the back of the green!

Another great advantage of coupling your game with a cart, especially a remote-control caddy, is that you’ll spend less time worrying about your cart and clubs by setting the pace of the cart automatically. Cart Tek’s rugged construction focuses on longevity with high-efficiency electric motors, so the carts traverse harsh terrain, climb slopes smoothly, and descend hills quickly with ultimate downhill speed control.

One of the biggest factors in golf is your state of mind. It’s an emotional and challenging game that takes body control and great concentration. With a Cart Tek remote control caddy, you can spend your time interpreting your options, choosing the right club, and concentrating on your game.

Instead of being slow, you’ll be the one playing ready golf - and shooting better than ever. So, take advantage of one of the best ways to improve your game, and you’ll enjoy every outing.

By the way, Cart Tek has a 97% customer satisfaction rating, and buyers rave about both the quality they’ve found and gaining a better feel for the course using the best carts on the market. And don’t forget, the remote carts come with a generous accessory package!


5 Tips for Beginner Golfers Of All Ages

Playing golf can be one of the healthiest, most beneficial activities you’ve ever undertaken. You’ll enjoy fresh air, exercise, stretching, company, plus mental acuity, and focus as you learn about the right equipment, clubs, distances, and strategy. 

Plus, golf can be played at any age. Your size, strength, and stamina are less critical than you might think. Yes, 18 holes might be a physical challenge for some, but following a few helpful tips here can make golfing a transformative experience.

Tip #1 – Be Prepared


The most crucial golf tip for a new player is that you can’t improve without practice. Golf success is based on repetition and proper muscle memory execution. You can flatten the learning curve by hitting the practice range, putting green, and lightly swinging a club from time to time. Yes, you’ll need golf clubs, golf shoes, tees, and golf balls. A hat and sunglasses are always helpful. Oh, and a tee time!

First-time players should start with the correct golf grip. A golf club isn’t a hammer or a baseball bat. The club’s grip should lie where a ring sits between the middle and largest knuckle, not the palm of your hand. For right-handers, your right-hand goes low on the grip, the thumb pushed against the grip, not wrapped around it.

Your left-hand goes above, with the index finger between your right hand’s pinky and ring finger. Your left thumb sits against the shaft nestled into the folds of your right palm. Grip it too tight, and you’ll hook the ball.

Do Your Research

There’s great information available for golfers in books, magazines, and videos. But a new golfer can learn plenty just by watching professional players on TV. Start with the proper form, but instead of the full swing you see, start by taking an abbreviated swing and making solid contact. You don’t have to take your clubhead above your shoulder to start.

You’ll see that the pros take that shortened swing on chip shots, and you can start with that with all your clubs while you get the feel of properly hitting a golf ball.

Golf has an illustrious history of fair and honorable play. That mannerly etiquette includes the rules of golf plus things like being quiet during another player’s backswing, not walking across their line to the cup, and not laughing at the colorful and sometimes antiquated clothes they wear. Alright, I made up that last part, but many golf courses have a dress code. 

Get the Right Equipment

You won’t need an expensive set of clubs, just a beginner set with a putter, irons from 3 through 9, a sand wedge, pitching wedge, and a set of woods with a bag. Accessories you’ll need include a divot tool to fix ball marks on the green, a golf towel, and a ball marker.  Later, you may want to invest in a different putter (such as a mallet head) or an additional loft wedge.  Or perhaps a golf cart is in your future.

Hit the Driving Range

The driving range is your friend, and nothing will improve your golf swing more than the practice range. Work with all your clubs, from the sand wedge to your new golf driver.

Practice each of your fairway woods and consider hybrid irons that can give you added distance and better control or a blade iron for better accuracy. Also, work your short irons and practice your chip shot until it’s second nature.

Tip #2 – Walk the Course, Don’t Drive


A round of golf can take four or five hours, so there’s an incentive for golf course managers to insist that players drive carts. Riding carts can speed up play by getting you to your golf ball faster on the first tee. However, over 18 holes, speed has more to do with experience and course knowledge than riding a cart.


Swinging a golf club, being with friends, and enjoying the fresh air is great. If you use an electric remote or walking cart, you’ll also get the massive benefit of actual exercise during your golf outing.  Exercise is essential for a healthy body and can prevent aging, improve the cardiovascular system, and promote weight loss.

Get a Better Feel and Understanding of the Course

Zipping around the golf course in a riding cart is like taking a train through the countryside. It’s pretty, but you can’t experience the things you can when walking. 

Golf is best when you experience and understand the course; the best place for each shot to land, where the wind blows harshest, and how the bunkers come into play are crucial to your best game.

Use a Walking Cart

You produce a considerable synergy with the course when using a walking cart. You’ll find you can interact more with your playing partners; you’ll have your clubs with you all the time, and you won’t get stiff climbing in and out of the cart and sitting for long periods.

Tip #3 – Focus on your Form


Once you’ve got a solid grip on your clubs and are improving, it’s time to schedule a serious practice session. An experienced golfer may know what to work on, but beginner golfers can benefit from a little more help with their golf swing.

Research the basics

Managing your game should center on keeping your balance as you swing and striking the ball in the sweet spot.  Regardless of your upper body strength, increasing your swing speed will add distance to each shot.

But don’t stop there, research the basics of weight distribution, twist, and torque in club shafts. Then keep practicing your putting and short game to keep your golf ball going in the right direction.

Apply the basics that are right for you

Not every tip will fit your swing, style, and body shape. Use the basics for stance, balance, and how to use individual clubs. Then move closer or further from the ball to improve contact.

Try to focus on your form every swing

Etiquette says to take your shot in a reasonable time, but don’t hurry. Focus on keeping your head still and your eyes on the ball until the last moment. Don’t overswing.

Reduce bad habits by taking a breath and initializing that focus. Then, keep your left arm straight at impact with more weight on your lead foot, creating a straight line from your lead shoulder down to your hand and the clubhead at strike.

Tip #4 – Be Aware


Be honest with yourself and aware of your abilities. Avid golfers get in tune with their bodies and are realistic about their game. Dumping your old clubs isn’t the way to fix a bad outing.

Note your Strengths

Play to your strengths. You don’t have to risk a long shot to the green if you chip well.  If you putt well, you can avoid a dangerous save to try and get up and down by just getting the ball on the green.

Note your Weaknesses

If you can’t drive for distance, admit where the ball is likely to land and be sure it’s a safe spot for your follow-up. Not putting well? Try lagging up to the hole and concentrating on distance instead of accuracy. 

Mistakes and Successes

Use mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve. Don’t internalize them.

Be happy with your success and see if you can apply what went right to what went wrong earlier.

Focus on Efficiency Improvements

The bottom line is that successful golf comes from honesty. Focus on what’s working and apply it across the board for greater success. 

Tip #5 – Ask for Guidance


Honesty also helps you accept guidance. Most golfers improve on their own before hitting a plateau that’s hard to rise above. The second set of eyes and some advice will make a world of difference.

Golf Lessons

If you wanted to learn disc golf, you’d go to a disc golfer and ask some questions, right? Golf pros and teachers make a big difference to millions of golfers. Don’t be embarrassed, be grateful. 

Join a Golf Club

Many golf clubs offer memberships that vary in price based on size, demand, and location. Membership offers preferential access to all amenities and can lead to friendships – which often support a player’s drive to improve.

Golf with a more Experienced Player

Playing a few rounds with an experienced golfer is helpful. Watch how they handle problem shots and difficult lies and solicit advice to upgrade your game.

Need to Get Started?

It’s always the right time to visit a local course, browse the pro shop and ask questions about new equipment, club fitting, or take some golf lessons. If you’re ready for some new gear, consider the top brands and check your favorite online marketplace for the best deal.

Whether you want a new golf driver or individual clubs with stainless steel shafts, the Facebook marketplace can be a solid option for new and used clubs.

Online golf retailers and club manufacturers like Ping and Callaway golf have websites with excellent sale prices.

The Best Time to Buy Golf Equipment

December through February is prime time for golf equipment sales, especially around Christmas. Remember that clubs are very personal, so gift cards can rule the holiday.

Black Friday sales offer great deals with a proper coupon code. Club sets are heavy, so shipping can be pricey, although online seller Golf Galaxy offers free shipping on orders over $99!

Golf Destination: Whistling Straits, Haven, Wisconsin

Golf Destination: Whistling Straits, Haven, Wisconsin

This year’s Ryder Cup, the 43rd between USA and Europe, is one of the most hotly anticipated in the almost 100-year history of the competition. With the 2020 match being postponed due to the pandemic, making it three years since Europe’s win at Le Golf National in France, the excitement for the tee-off in Wisconsin is palpable.


Written by Louie Bailey

2021 Best Golf Apps - Remote-Control Golf Caddies & Trollies

2021 Best Golf Apps - Remote-Control Golf Caddies & Trollies

5 Best Golf Apps in 2021

There are so many great golf apps on the market today, it’s hard to decide which one or more to download and when to use them. Here are our picks for five of the best apps you need to download on your mobile device, whether you’re watching a PGA Tour event or hitting the links yourself.

1. PGA Tour

Let’s start with the one that’s pure pleasure – the PGA Tour app. Available on Android and Apple, both will keep you seriously close to every PGA Tour tournament with live coverage and highlights. There’s also trending content, the ability to track your favorite players, upcoming events, and best of all, TOURCast 3D, which brings a digital experience to every player with 3D shot trails and highlights. The only downside is it’s so addicting you may have trouble putting your phone down!


2. Golf GPS and Scorecard

The second is the Golf GPS and Scorecard. Created by SwingU, this app is exceptionally accurate and rivals expensive watches and rangefinders but costs nothing. You can upgrade to an AI-powered digital caddie, but the free version works on every course in the world, tracks your shots with a digital scorecard, and sets your handicap.


3. TheGrint

If you want to go handicap high-tech, consider TheGrint. Track your score on your phone via their course scorecards or take a photo and upload your scorecard! What makes TheGrint great is you can log in and check your scoring, iron accuracy, putting (and more) to check your strengths against their database of millions of golf rounds. Log in and compete against your golfing buddies!


4. V1 Golf

If you want to analyze your swing, consider our fourth app pick from V1 Golf. Not only can you video and review your swing, but you can watch on a split-screen against 50 PGA and LPGA players. Best of all, it’s free!


5. GolfLogix

Finally, from GolfLogix – courses, tee times, GPS, and even scoring and stats. But what puts this app miles ahead is its Putt Breaks feature, so you can see the contours of the green you are approaching; and Putt Lines, to view the break of any putt anywhere on the green.


Beyond Apps - Cart Tek’s Best Electric Golf Push Carts

The best golf apps can help improve your game but getting a natural feel for a course and avoiding any delays can be best summed up by considering a remote-control golf caddy from Cart Tek. As a leader in the industry with unmatched quality, Cart Tek transforms the lugging of a golf bag or the inconvenience of two players trying to share a riding cart into a pleasurable and easy experience.

Imagine having an electric golf trolley that takes no pushing, no struggle, and allows you to walk freely with nothing more than an occasional tweak of the handle to adjust direction, even on hilly courses. It just takes the press of a button to stop or resume the amazing GRi-975Li with its automatic downhill braking and robust motors.

If you want to go hands free, consider a Cart Tek remote control golf caddy like the GRi-1500Li V2 and spend your time studying the course, your swing, and your choice of clubs, instead of worrying about carrying the right club from your riding golf cart – all your clubs are right there with you, at the push of a button.

And speaking of apps, when you purchase one of Cart Tek’s golf carts or trolleys, there’s no commitment to using a specific app with them – you can use any apps. It’s just one more reason why you should invest in a Cart Tek remote control golf caddy or electric golf trolley today!



Why Upgrade to the GRi-1500 Limited Remote Control Golf Caddy?

If you consider the added health benefits of walking your favorite golf course with an electric golf caddy, especially a remote-control model that can lead or follow you like a well-trained and loving dog, then Cart Tek is for you.


Best Time of Day for Golf - Electric Golf Caddies & Trollies

Best Time of Day for Golf - Electric Golf Caddies & Trollies

Get inside tips on the best time of day to play golf this summer. Shop the best remote-control electric golf trollies & caddies from Cart Tek for your golf game.

Comparing Cart Tek’s GRi-1500Li vs. GRi-1500LiV2 Remote Control Golf Caddies

Maker of the best remote-control golf caddies on the market, Cart Tek, compares differences between two versions of their most popular remote-control caddies.
When Is the Best Time to Buy Golf Clubs and Caddies?

When Is the Best Time to Buy Golf Clubs and Caddies?

In this article, we’ll answer these questions:

  1. When is the best time to buy golf clubs?
  2. How to buy your first set of golf clubs
  3. When it’s time to upgrade your golf clubs
  4. How to get the right clubs for your age

Unless you’re living in year-round warm weather climates, there’s a lot less golf being played over the winter months. To keep sales going strong, that’s when many of the major manufacturers and suppliers of golf clubs and accessories or keep prices nearest to their year-round lows while offering additional incentives.

But is it the best time to buy? It depends.  If you’re looking to buy your first set, replace your gear, or upgrade your game, you might be surprised to know you can find deals in almost every season. Here’s a season-by-season breakdown on when you can find the best deals on golf clubs and some things to consider when making a purchase.

Buying Golf Equipment in Winter

With fewer players hitting the course, the golf season is wrapping up. That means this year’s club models are about to become last year’s news. Just like in the auto business, when the new models hit the showroom, last year’s models get marked down.

Some sellers are looking to clear out their inventory to make room for the new models that they will be selling shortly.

Some of the best deals found on golf clubs and caddies happen right around the holiday season as people shop for gifts for the golfers in the family. Pricing may not drop a great deal, but you can often find different incentives, such as sales or country club member discounts that help the overall pricing. With Black Friday and holidays during this season, Facebook marketplace and other online marketplaces are great options for new equipment.

Golf Equipment Deals in Late Winter/Early Spring 


If online golf retailers and club manufacturers still have last year’s models on hand, spring is when you’ll likely find the best prices – assuming you’re OK bypassing this year’s latest and greatest. This is the prime time to get last season’s model at its cheapest price, as all the newest models are hitting the shelves as well.

In a cold-weather climate, no one is thinking about golfing during this time of year, so you may be able to find some great deals. Deals will start popping up more frequently as spring nears, and new gear arrives. 


Buying Golf Equipment in Spring

Die-hard golf enthusiasts are in the market all year long.  Casual golfers typically don’t think about their equipment until the weather starts to warm.  As new models hit the stores, suppliers know that demand is increasing as well.  There may be fewer discounts on the new models and top brands, but deep discounts on last season’s supply. 

There are also bound to be sales in the week leading up to Father’s Day, especially for accessories such as electric golf trolleys or a remote-control golf cart.

Buying Golf Equipment in Summer 

As we get into summer, demand for new clubs starts to really take off. Besides casual golfers that are now hitting the links, lower handicapper golfers are looking for new drivers, replacing worn-out clubs, and looking for some new products to add to their game. It’s typically when most people realize that their gear is lacking, as the weather has warmed up and improved and they’re playing more often.

Golf Equipment Deals in Fall 

This is the time of year when some stores start trying to sell off their current gear to make way for new models in the spring. Some stores do wait for spring to discount clubs, but Fall is a great time to look for gear.

Buying Your First Set of Golf Clubs


If you're a beginner golfer and it’s your first time looking for clubs, it can be confusing. You’ve tried the clubs at the driving range, used a friend’s second-hand clubs, or maybe used your Dad’s old set but now you’re ready to hit the course with your own set.

You may be tempted to buy second-hand. That may be a mistake. You might save a few bucks but there’s a good chance you’re getting gear that was designed for someone else. It may be completely the wrong set for you. High-end sets, even deeply discounted when used, may sound great until you realize they were built for top golfers and need a practiced hand to use well.

The best advice is to look for a mid-priced full starter kit set of clubs that are manufactured for first-time golfers. They’ll be a little more forgiving and easier when hitting a golf ball to get you started. As you start to refine your game, you can always upgrade your golf bag with a new set or add individual clubs.

If you’re determined to jump in the whole hog with a custom set of clubs, it's an important factor to get some advice from the pros to make sure you’re buying the right set of clubs for your level of expertise.


Upgrading Your Golf Clubs


If your old clubs are wearing out or you need to upgrade your golf game, you’ve got a couple of choices. You can wait for the newest model year clubs to hit the market. Or, you can grab this year’s (or last year’s) models at a lower price. If you’ve had your set for a few years, anything will likely be an upgrade.

The best deals on the current model year will typically happen in January or February – although you may find ticket packages or door-busters around the holidays.


How Do I Know When It’s Time for New Golf Clubs?

If your clubs are wearing out, you’ve outgrown them, your game’s in a rut, or you’re starting to age, it may be time for a club fitting and new clubs.

Wear and Tear


When you start to notice significant wear or start to notice less-than-perfectly-aligned shafts or see signs of deterioration, it’s time.

Grooves on your blade irons and wedges usually wear faster than other clubs. This can lead to a loss of performance. Check for signs of wear. If your grips are less than optimal, changing them out annually can help you maintain better control.

Putters are used on every hole, but they also last a long time. If you’re happy with your putter, you may never need to change it. Once you get a feel for the weight, feel, and group, you may want to hang on to it and redo the grips when needed.

Of course, if you are one of those that like to throw their clubs or wrap them around a tree once in a while, you’re going to need to replace them often.


Your Golf Game


If you feel like your game has stalled or you need a change, it may be time for a new set of clubs. As you’ve gotten more experienced, new clubs can add a new element to your game. The clubs you’ve had may have been right for you a few years ago, but you might have outgrown them – not just from a size standpoint, but from a touch, feel, and expertise standpoint. 

Plus, new clubs are kind of cool. They can invigorate you and give you confidence or inspire you to play more frequently.


How Age Affects Your Club Choice


Younger golfers may need to upgrade from that first set, which they may have gotten as a teenager or young adult. A full adult set can make a big difference in your play. 

While your game may improve with more experience, one thing you can only do so much about is the aging process. As you age, you’ll likely lose swing speed. If you’re not using the right flex shaft material for your clubs, you’re going to lose some of the distance you’re used to. More flexible shafts will help you maintain – and possibly even increase – your swing speed. Consider clubs with shafts built for seniors.


So, When Is the Best Time to Buy Golf Clubs and Caddies?

Bottom line, you can find deals at any time of the year on clubs and accessories, such as electric golf trolleys or a remote-control golf cart – depending on what you’re looking for. Most shops have free shipping, sales, gift cards, or coupon codes at any time of the year, so you can find deals. Try to avoid summer as that’s when demand is highest, and there are typically only brand-new lines to choose from. Fall and spring are your best bet to get hands-on new gear that may be a season or two old.

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Cart Tek's brand new accessories for 2020!

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