We hope we've made ordering on the Cart Tek website simple and enjoyable. Our general turn around time varies from same-day, to next-day depending on the season. If you have questions at any time during the ordering process, just give us a call 541-633-4308.


Cart Tek Ships orders via FedEx Ground, FedEx Express and USPS depending on the products being shipped. All of our products that contain lithium ion batteries must be shipped via FedEx Ground. Here is a shipping map to give you an idea of delivery time.

Ground shipping of lithium ion batteries is not available to Hawaii.  Cart Tek will ship to your freight forwarder of choice.  Please ensure that proper shipping details when completing your order.

Please also note that we are also experiencing delays with our shipping partners due to COVID-19. Orders are taking 1-2 business days longer than the standard delivery times in some circumstances (see below graphic).    We're continually working with the carriers do determine the carrier with the least shipping delays. We ask for your patience during this chaotic period.

FedEx Ground and Home Shipping Times from Cart Tek to Customer Destination


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Product Disclaimers:

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Our goal at CartTek is to ensure that all of our remote control caddies and electric golf trollies meet our exacting standards. Quality and function are important to us. Stated product specifications are current and presented sincerely and accurately with reasonable effort. However, sometimes, due to manufacturing issues or materials availability, certain components need to be adjusted. Product specifications and prices described herein are subject to change without notice. Products may be discontinued without notice. All products are sold subject to warranty conditions and limitations.

CartTek is not to be held responsible for any damage caused to you or by you from the use of your self propelled golf cart!