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  • Love my cart. I just turned 80 yrs old and didn’t want to give up walking the golf course but was finding the hills on my golf course were making me tired and my game declined near the end of the round. Now I can walk the course and feel ready to go at the end of the round. I highly recommend having a CartTek electric trolley. and keep on walking the golf course and enjoying the game.
    - Par4Me
  • I’ve only played 3 rounds with my GRi-1500Li and am very pleased with it. I play a very hilly course, and it’s made my walk so much easier. I still have energy left by the 18th hole. The trolley is very quiet and light weight. Charging is a snap. By the 3rd round I felt very comfortable with the remote control; however, when walking along the cart path I tend to still lightly hold on to the handle to assist with the steering. Otherwise I feel that the tread on the tires would wear out a bit quicker. I’ve already had some other golfers express interest in this cart. It’s a hit! Very glad I bought this cart.
    - Ron McCall
  • A couple of my friends had the older model but after I ordered the GRi-1500Li, one has already upgraded and the other is looking for a buyer for his old one so he can too. There is no comparison to playing 18 holes with a manual push cart and using these remote carts. My arms were like spaghetti by the time I go to the back nine with the push cart. Now, I enjoy the entire round and do not get tired. I have had no issues at all. DO yourself a favor and invest in one. The health benefits are obvious.
    - Curtis Capps
  • "I’m on my third year with my GRi-1500Li. Overall I say it is a great trolley. I have several friends that own the similar looking Bat Caddy….Cart Tek has a wider real wheel base, more power, smoother when turning, smaller and lighter lithium battery….programmable remote, and are quieter.
    - Doug Redfield
  • We (My wife and I) Just played our 100th round with these carts (we both have them) on all different types of courses and they are just SUPER. We went from playing once maybe twice a week to playing at least 3 times a week. Some weeks more. We just aren’t wiped any longer from pushing a cart around. The GRi-1500Li makes the game so much more enjoyable, like having a mechanical caddie. I’m 67 now and all I can say is ZERO Problems with it, “Very Durable”, “Very Reliable” light weight and easy to use. GREAT Product – thanks guys'
    - Robert Valentino