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You are a walking golfer. When you pull your car up at the golf course, you don’t even walk toward the riding carts as other golfers pile into the seats and motor down the cement path. Instead, you take your golf bags out of the car, sling them across your back, and step out on the soft earth of the course. You feel invigorated throughout your body as the green trees and chirping birds allow you to get in touch with nature and this engaging sport.

You never expected to receive all the benefits that walking a golf course has given you. You care about your health, and walking the course has allowed you to stay physically active throughout the entire game. You feel more flexible and balanced when taking the swing, and your energy level is higher than before. You have also seen noticeable improvements to your golf game. It doesn’t matter if there are sunny skies or light rain visiting the golf course. You want to be out there fully enjoying the sport and increasing your health when playing all 18 holes.

It always amazes your golf buddies when they hear about you walking the course. They always expect you to tire out when carrying such a heavy bag, and you have considered that perhaps you will feel more rested if you didn’t have to sling it over your shoulders. What you would love is to have some way to continue your love for walking golf without worrying about lugging your bags across challenging courses, up steep slopes, or trying to find a caddie to carry the bags for you. While you enjoy the beauty of the golf course and want to have the best experience possible, having something carrying the golf clubs and other accessories for you would lessen some of the aches in your back muscles.

Here at Cart Tek, we want to make your walking golf experience even more pleasant for you no matter what course you visit. Let us help you continue walking the course while improving your health and wellness with a remote control golf cart. Don’t give in to the temptation of that 4-wheel riding cart when you can walk the course as easily as a stroll around the block.

Our company offers the latest and best remote control golf carts that can carry your bags with ease. From electric golf trolleys to full-featured remote control caddies, not only will you lessen the weight on your shoulder, you will be able to conserve even more of your energy as you may see drastic improvements to your skills. Our remote controlled golf caddies can accommodate most golf bags and be equipped with a variety of accessories that will make your golf game easier. We offer padded storage seats, travel cases, media holders and other items that can attach to your remote control caddy so you have the things when you need them.

Now that you can’t or don’t want to carry your bag or push that three-wheeled golf bag cart up all of those hills, let Cart Tek help you with your walking golf. We can fit you with the best remote control golf cart to match the needs of your particular golf course. We can help you decide between an Electric Golf Trolley or a full featured Remote Control Golf Caddy. Then you can hit the course and enjoy it for many golf seasons to come.

If you are not a walking golfer yet you are tired of those outrageous cart fees, consider the fact that most Cart Tek Electric Golf Caddies can pay for themselves in a season or two. Also consider the health benefits that walking activities give to your body. Put these two advantages together, and you have a winning combination every single time you place your tee into the ground.

Cart Tek has a fine selection of models available to give you a wide variety of the best remote control caddies on the market. Choose your remote control caddy from three robust models, or your non-remote control golf cart from four models. Whichever you choose, rest assured that you will have a functional golf cart that can carry your bags and handle any type of terrain you will face on the golf course.

Give us a call (541-633-4308) so we can determine which cart will work best for you. Enjoy “dependable customer service”, “Free Shipping” and the knowledge that you are buying from the electric golf trolley and remote caddy leader that specializes in the best Remote Controlled Golf Caddies, Remote Control Electric Golf Carts and Electric Golf Trolleys. Get outside, head to the course, and start walking. Your remote controlled golf caddy will take care of your golf bag at every hole.

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