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Nothing stays the same, and this fact holds true even on the golf course. Technology gurus and manufacturers are always on the ball rolling out improvements to make a good game of golf into a truly rewarding experience. Golfing technologies come in a wide range of products from wearable devices to GPS trackers. We have gathered together the 7 best golf gadgets to improve a golfer's swing, their knowledge of the course, and even to get themselves fit. Some of these technologies are relatively new to the market. Other technologies that are listed have been around for decades but are getting vast improvements to please golfers of all ages and skill levels.

1: Wearable Sensor Clips

Making headway in 2015, wearable sensor clips are designed to record and measure your swing, speed of rotation, angle, location of your shot, and even your club posture as you twist your wrist. There are sensor clips that you attach to your glove, clubs and even your belt. Some sensors on the market include the Zepp Golf Sensor, Game Golf and GolfSense to name a few.

While golfers might be hesitant to place on the sensor because it would become a nuisance, these devices are so lightweight that they are barely noticed. The sensors work through the use of an app and information about your club that is inputted manually (some even capture video) as you can compare notes to see how you perform on the course.

2: Counter Balance Putters

There isn't a golfer in the world that hasn't heard of the upcoming ban in 2016 for anchored putters by the USGA and the R&A. So what type of club will the pros turn to for their games? The counter balance putters. Manufacturers are scrambling to introduce counter balance putters to the pros and amateurs throughout 2015 so they can get that small ball into the hole. Counter balance putters have weights on each end of the club. These weights are to add stability to the arms when the golfer makes his stroke. So if you are aiming to become a PGA tour pro, you better ditch the anchored putter to something else.

3: GPS Smartwatches

It is the age of the smartwatches, and golfers haven't been excluded. This advanced wearable technology on the wrist features all types of nifty features such as GPS tracking, course map databases, score tracking, and swing strength analysis. The type of functionality you desire is based on the type of smartwatch you get. So you really have to sit down and decide on what features you really want and will use while out on the links to justify purchasing one for yourself. Garmin, Sony, TomTom, Pebble and GolfBuddy have all introduced their versions of golf smartwatches. While some look clunky, they will give you the information you need right on your wrist as manufacturers will continue to fine-tune the look and the technology for these watches.

4: Adjustable Drivers

We are in the age of adjustable drivers, and golfers everywhere are changing the way their drivers react to their swings. These drivers usually have different weights where you can take a tool and adjust where the weight is placed. Depending on the driver you purchase, you can often adjust the loft, face and shape so it feels as if you have several different drivers in just one club.

Making the adjustments can take some time and knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses. Yet golfers have seen a vast improvement to their skills based on their changes. Golfers can get more loft by changing the angle of the face, or tweak the balance to the draw to lessen the number of hook shots. The changes can be limitless.

5: Flexible Golf Training Clubs

Sometimes you have to just put away the clubs and hit the practice range to improve your swing. Yet leave the clubs at home. This nifty little gadget is so simple that it didn't need flashy microchips or doodads. Instead, the flexible training club consists of a 44-inch to 48-inch flexible shaft with a rounded 2.5 pound ball on the end. When you swing, you can feel the ball move about as you can tell whether you are unbalanced, swinging too short, or have a poor arc based on how the ball jostles about at the end of the swing.

These flexible golf training clubs also offer a full body workout. It lets you tone your muscles while you are improving your swing. Physical fitness is a must for every golfer who takes the course. The training clubs will help warm you up and make your body more limber as you can see an improvement to the consistency and accuracy of your swings.

6: Electric Caddies

The best golf technology doesn't die. It is improved upon to the benefit of every golfer who wants to enjoy this great sport into their old age. Electric caddies have always been around to be the reliable way for golfers to carry their clubs without a sore back or paying for someone to tote their clubs around all 18 holes. Today, these caddies are getting makeovers with a ton of improvements for the modern golfer. From electric motors to remote controls, there are a variety of caddies to select from based on how you want to push around the clubs.

There are also tons of additional features on the caddy. Some will trundle on their own to follow behind you like an obedient puppy while others have portable USB ports to charge smartphones or tablets that are tracking your score or swing abilities.

7: Wearable GPS and Fitness Bands

Fitness bands for golfers? Why not? Walking golf is considered a great exercise to improve heart health and mobility for golfers. In fact, walking four hours on the golf course is the equivalent of going to an aerobic exercise class. So it stands to reason that fitness bands would be available for golfers who want to count their steps so they can count the number of calories they are burning.

You may be scratching your head and wondering what makes these bands different for golfers from the other fitness bands on the market. These fitness bands are also equipped with GPS tracking and golf course information much like in the same manner as the golf watches on the market. These bands can tell you the distance to the back, center and front of the green for each shot.

The above list is only a taste of the best golf gadgets currently on the market. Manufacturers will continue to push out the newest gadgets year after year as you will have something to look forward to when improving your golf game.

May 26, 2015 — Natalie Montoya

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