It’s well acknowledged that fall is one of the best times to play golf. The courses aren’t as full, the weather isn’t too hot. And on the right day, you might even have the course to yourself. It’s time to enjoy yourself and your remote golf caddy, work on your game and enjoy the feeling of fall in the air.

Benefits of Playing Fall Golf

Now that the summer season is over, and courses are less crowded, some golf courses might start to offer deals to entice people to get out on the green. It can be more affordable to go out and play a round of golf in the fall. Spend the time focusing on your game and working on your technique. You likely won’t have people lined up behind you on the course, so it’s the perfect time to take the chance to focus on your swing. The other added benefit of golf in the fall, is that lots of golf gear goes on sale in order to make room for spring stock. It’s the perfect time to find new gear, and have the chance to use it on the green. Invest in a remote controlled golf bag and take the time to figure it out and perfect your use on a less crowded golf course. Get in some practice swings with your new gear before cold weather arrives. It’s the perfect time to get used to near gear, with the less competitive nature of the fall, so that you’re ready for more intense play when spring rolls around.

Cool Weather

With such a hot summer nearly behind us, the cooler temperatures of fall are most welcome. Some players say that they enjoy the cooler playing temperatures because it helps keep them sharp out on the golf course. Another added perk to colder weather is that the course is getting colder at night with colder temperatures, and it’s getting harder. With a harder ground at the golf course, you’re going to get extra roll on your golf ball. As the grass slows down, you won’t have to hunt in taller grass for your ball. If you love in a beautiful climate, the benefit of playing golf in the fall is that with a less crowded course you don’t feel as rushed. You have more time to take in the beautiful sights and surroundings on the green. Head out to your local golf course with your remote controlled golf caddy and enjoy some lazy golf games before the colder weather hits, and the courses are covered in snow. Who knows, some of your best days of golf could be yet to come this season.
September 20, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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