The Benefits of Walking on the Golf Course

It is incredible how many people during this day and age are keeping track of the number of miles and steps they take from the time they wake up in the morning to the time when they go to bed at night. They are using digital fitness trackers and pedometers that clip to belts, wrists and waists. By tracking their steps and miles that have been walked, they can figure out how many calories they have burned to stay in shape and promote better health.

Consider Walking on a Golf Course to Stay in Shape

While people are using these activity trackers to count their steps everywhere, they are placing these items away and instead using a riding cart at the golf course when playing an 18-hole game. This circumstance is a shame because walking on the golf course can give a wide range of benefits to golfers. On average, a person will walk 5 miles to 6 miles on a typical golf course. They can even reach 10,000 steps if they just play the first 9 holes. Research provided by the World Golf Foundation has found that walking the course can burn up to 2,000 calories as this figure exceeds the amount of recommended exercise suggested by most physicians. Another amazing fact is that walking the golf game has the same cardio benefits as you would gain when participating in aerobic exercises. You are burning more calories on the golf course than you would when participating in over 2 hours of strength training, jogging or aerobic activities.

Seeing What the Golf Course Truly Offers

Besides the health benefits of walking along the golf course, you will also have the opportunity of seeing sights that are absolutely breathtaking in such a pristine environment. There are golf courses where the terrain can leave you stunned at its overabundant beauty, as it is suggested that golfers leave the cart behind and instead breathe in the smells and take in the scenic views. Some golf courses where you should take a stroll can include The Old Course at Saint Andrews, Pacific Dunes, Pebble Beach and Royal County Down -- to name a few. Many golf course designs are truly feats of engineering, and should be appreciated by everyone who steps up to the tee. Getting out of the cart and seeing what lies along the rolling hills and hidden beyond the bunkers can leave many golfers surprised and awed.

Consider These Advantages of Walking to the Golf Tees

Stay in shape and enjoy the golf course even more by skipping the golf cart and instead walking to each hole. You may even find your golf game improved significantly along with your health.
June 21, 2016 — Natalie Montoya

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