You are sick of hearing everyone in the break room talk about their great weekends on Monday morning. You look back on your weekend devoid of all physical activity and realize that you need a hobby. Perhaps golf could be that hobby. Before you react, think about all of the possibilities of this sport, a sport that you’ve never considered before. A basic overview of golf Golf is about your success only. Yes, you can play with other people, but it’s really only you against the score, or par. You can compare scores with others, but it’s not a competition. You are playing for yourself. Golf is scored by the par, or the number of strokes it takes a player to get a ball in at one hole. A typical minimal par is three strokes, a stroke for the tee shot and two putting strokes. A entire game of golf, played at an 18-hole course typically amounts to a par score of 72, with an average of a par of 4 for every hole. Great way to unwind Some see it as a vacation from life, getting outdoors and focusing on something other than your life and everyday stressors. It can be a lesson in discipline for some. It teaches you to relax, focus and practice. A love of golf can begin at any age, there is no age cut-off or beginner suggestion. Kids can enjoy it as well as older adults. It gets you out and walking around the course, using your mind to calculate your next shot, and work out the physics involved in playing. It can even be fun to get into golf with a family member or close friend. It’s nice to have someone to enjoy it with, feel comfortable with and talk strategy with when trying something new. There are also cool new gadgets in the golf world to take advantage of. You can play with the overly popular golf cart, but lately players have been trending away from a cart. An electric golf caddy can help you with your golf bag, like a golf caddy would, which makes playing a walking game of golf easier. The health benefits of golf are wonderful as well. A walking game of golf burns almost double the amount of calories than riding a golf cart from hole to hole. Some say that when you walk the entire course, your game stays more fluid. There’s no stopping and starting of the golf cart, you stay in a prone position for your whole game. Some think that it causes you to consistently hit better. Take away If you’ve ever bemoaned the fact that golf was on at your local sports bar, and then caught yourself watching it completely impressed with the player’s precision, then you may enjoy playing it yourself. It can be a great excuse to get outside, spend some time with a friend, or get out frustrations at a driving range to clear your head. It’s not physically demanding, but it does help you improve your health. Give it a try!
August 04, 2016 — Natalie Montoya

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