Winter weather can put an end to your golf season as you have to stay at home and dream about the green courses when spring arrives. However, the more you don't play golf, the greater chance that you fall out of practice and will have a poorer game when the weather improves. During the occasional warm days in winter, consider getting out to the golf course and getting in shape for next season so that when the spring flowers arrive, you can hit the golf course in full stride and at the best of your abilities. Practicing golf drills will allow you to improve your swing as well as your concentration. You can also take mental note of performance issues that you want to overcome. Here are several different types of golf drills you can partake in when hitting the green.

Driving Range Drills

Before walking the 18 holes, you can practice some drills at the driving range. You can practice one of the main issues that many golfers face, which is lifting the head when taking the swing instead of keeping it down and focused on the ball. At the driving range, you aren't concentrating on where the ball is going. Instead, you can place your focus entirely on your swing.

Putting Drills

Putting requires hitting the ball at different distances. Yet many golfers have problems because they cut back on how much strength they put into the swing, which can impact how the ball reaches the hole. With putting drills, you learn how to use the same amount of strength while still getting a range of different distances. The only difference is that you are instead adjusting your back swing by increasing or decreasing it to the right amount.

Bunker Drills

Sand traps can be the most frustrating part of the golf course. Instead of hitting the ball out of the sand, it just gets wedged more into it as you start to dig the ball deeper into the bunker. Bunker drills are designed to teach you how to adjust your swing so that enough height and spin is transferred to the ball as it will sail out of the bunker. With these spring golf tips, you will be ready to get your golf game on when spring arrives. Take the opportunity to get out to the course, even in the winter, to practice and improve your swing.
March 01, 2018 — Natalie Montoya

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