golf clubs with senior golfer in background Golf. It is the one sport that challenges the body, mind and spirit as you try to seek that one great drive that gets the little ball into the hole. Yet for some people, they live and breathe golf. They tell the boss they have an important doctor's appointment and end up playing a few holes with their doctor. They tell the spouse that they are going out to the store to pick up some tea and come home with a box of tees as the spouse wonders what she will do with the boiling water in her teapot. These are the people who have golf on their mind 24/7 whether they are playing the sport, watching a golf tournament, or watching their favorite golf movie. Are you a golf addict? Check out these 3 symptoms of golf addiction which will show that you have an affinity for the sport that is deeply rooted in your soul.

1: You're late for work but not for your tee time

The wife has to toss a pot of water on your head to wake you up in the mornings. The boss threatens to fire you (for the 6th time) because you arrived late for work. You claim you are not a morning person as you might not get up on the weekends until noon. But your internal body clock knows when tee time hits as your eyelids pop open at 6am. You are dressed and in the car before the spouse even puts her feet into her slippers.

2: You play golf everywhere, and we do mean everywhere

There's a tornado outside? No problem. You will practice your swing in the basement, in the attic or right in the kitchen. There is no place that is free of your swinging club. And if you happen to break a window, you blame it on the neighborhood kids playing baseball next door.

3: Your toddler shares the backseat with the golf clubs

Not only do you make sure there is enough room for both the car seat and the golf club bag, you have developed a foolproof method to get both the child and the GRX-950 travel bag with your electric trolley securely in the car in less than 5 minutes so you can get everyone to local golf course on time. You are the master of organization when it comes to your golf bag, and even the spouse is impressed with your car packing skills.
January 31, 2015 — Natalie Montoya

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