remote golf cartsJust hitting the golf ball as much as you can on the course won't solely improve your swing. You need to recognize the problems with your golf play and improve on your good elements to see better performance. Practice is a necessity for every golfer whether they are beginners or professionals. Golf practice drills will help you improve in your swing, stance and concentration until you will see noticeable improvements. Try out the following golf drills offered by Cart Tek. Putting Drill Improve the way you putt with this simple drill. Place down 3 balls that are positioned at 5-foot intervals from the putting green hole. Attempt to hit each ball with the same putting strength as you concentrate on your stroke length. You should be able to swing the putter with the same strength for each putt and simply adjust the amount of your backswing. In time, you will be able to hit the ball with the same strength at any distance and only increasing or decreasing the amount of your backswing. Keep varying the distance the balls are to the hole to improve your putting. Bunker Drill Hitting a ball from the sand is very different from hitting it from the green. Yet most people don't adjust as they end up getting no height as the club just digs itself into the sand. To eliminate low shots that have very little spin, you can use this bunker drill. Placing your left hand on your hip, use only your right hand to swing at the ball. You want to aggressively get the right hand going at the ball and sand as the wrist releases. This drill will allow you to put more spin and height to the ball. Driving Range Drill A top problem that golfers face is lifting their head during the swing. You should be keeping your head down and concentrating on the ball, not looking out at the course constantly as you perform the backswing. To keep your head down, place a dot on the ball using a bright marker. Take your stance at the tee, place your ball down, and keep your eyes focused on the ball as you follow through with the club. Keep practicing the drill with your eyes focused on the ball and having your head down as you make each swing. Get your practice in and concentrate on your drills. In time, you will see improvement to your golf performance.
December 31, 2014 — Natalie Montoya

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