If it’s been a while since you’ve golfed it’s important to remember a few do’s and don’t’s of the sport. What you’re expected to do, not talk about, and how to treat the course with your remote controlled golf cart can be important. If you need a few reminders of what is polite and appropriate for a game of golf, we have some golf rules and etiquette pointers for you. Game Talk While it’s normal to talk golf while you’re playing a few rounds, people might not want to hear all about the game you played last weekend. Anecdotes of prior shots, at similar holes might be appropriate considering the crowd that you golf with, but giving them all a play-by-play of the game you played last weekend might not be the best idea for conversation. Try to keep this game conversation to a minimum. Rough Day Sometimes you have a rough day out on the course. It’s okay, it happens to everyone. The most important thing to note, is that if it’s not feeling good, there’s no shame in quitting for the day. Knowing when to quit can make the biggest difference to your game, and help your confidence the next time you hit the green. If you’re really struggling to play a good round, there’s no shame in giving up and going home. Fore! It’s a common line in movies, someone yelling “Fore!” on a golf course. It’s supposed to be something that all golfers do, but lately most golfers have stopped doing it. For whatever reason it’s stopped, but in true golf etiquette it needs to be done. Even if you think it isn’t needed, you’d rather warn someone than have anyone get injured. Divots Always replace your divots. If you’d be upset to come upon a portion of the course where people didn’t replace divots, don’t be that person. Always replace your divots. The best thing to remember is to try to leave the course just as you found it. Practice Swings While everyone you play with will respect a few practice swings, there is a thing as too many practice swings. If people are getting tired of waiting for you to finally take a real swing, chances are you’re taking way too many practice swings. In some cases there is such a thing as too much practice, and chances are, it could be hurting your game. Enjoy the game Golf comes with many rules, and it’s important to always remain polite. If you don’t know what’s best or what is proper course rules, try to remain as polite as possible. Remember to always have fun out on the course, and give it your all.
June 12, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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