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While at first glance golf appears to be a very sedentary, it is an activity that improves both your physical and mental health. Everything from being outdoors on the golf course for prolong periods of time to socializing with friends and strategizing how and where to hit the ball have been shown to improve people's mental and physical wellbeing. Wondering just how golf keeps your body? Here is a look at some of the health benefits of playing golf.

Increases Vitamin D Consumption

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that your body needs to survive. It is commonly linked to bone health. Healthcare studies link increased levels of Vitamin D to healthier, stronger bones. In addition to being linked to bone health, Vitamin D levels have been linked to certain types of cancers, heart disease, and depression. Lower levels of Vitamin D won't automatically mean you develop these health problems, but it does put you at a higher risk for these types of diseases and mental health problems. While you could take a supplement to increase Vitamin D levels, there is a natural way to do it – play golf. Playing golf outside, especially during the spring and summer months, will increase your exposure to UV rays, which increases your Vitamin D levels.

Increased Cardio Workout

Just because you aren't running or jogging for the entire time, does not mean you aren't getting a cardio workout when playing golf. While you are golfing, you are walking around, swinging a club, and bending over and picking up the ball; all of these actions increase your heart rate and can be considered a cardio workout. If you do plan on using your golf game as a cardio workout, make sure you are prepared for how physically demanding it might be on your body. Consider renting or using a CartTek electronic golf cart or electronic golf trolley to help you get through your game. After all, you won't want to start a game and not finish it because you are too tired.

Improves Your Brain Health

Your physical health isn't the only thing to benefit from your game of golf. Your brain health also benefits. People who play golf on a regular basis have better concentration levels, can think strategically, have better memories, and even have faster reflexes. There is no way to determine why golf increases brain health, but some researchers suggest it is because of the increased blood flow to the brain. Increased blood flow keeps the brain healthier. Next time you need an excuse to play golf, why not claim you are trying to improve your health.
February 15, 2016 — Natalie Montoya

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