Golfers Pay Tribute By Wearing Purple in Honor of A Passing Prince

The recent passing of Prince had an impact on people all across the world. Some people mourned yet another musical artist leaving this world as they spent the time listening to the music they grew up with as teenagers. Other people took to the streets and danced, knowing that Prince wouldn't want them to cry over his passing but to celebrate the life that he led. Many businesses also paid their own brand of tribute by showing a marathon of Prince music videos, featuring television specials, and playing the 1984 movie "Purple Rain" at movie theaters.

Golfers Paying Tribute to Prince

Whether you listened to his music for two days straight, partied like it is still 1999 or even got yourself a tattoo, people everywhere have their own way in remembering the passing of Prince. Even golf professionals took to the course in their own special way. Golf Digest's editor and writer David Owen took to the course with the Sunday Morning Group all decked out in purple in memory of Prince on April 25th. Wearing purple shirts and hats (in the picture you can even spot a few golfers wearing purple socks), they listened to the song "Little Red Corvette" in the background. While the passing of a song legend can cause people to go through grief, paying tribute by listening to the music that inspired millions of people around the world is an awesome way to remembering a musical legend. These golfers chose to pay memory while out on the golf course, enjoying life and celebrating all that Prince has done during his short life on this earth.

Remembering Prince Your Own Way

Perhaps you are inspired to place on the earphones, play your favorite Prince song, and hit the golf course. You could get in some walking golf while treading along the course and getting yourself psyched up for the next hole with Prince singing his popular songs. Even if you don't like his music, there are many other ways where you can celebrate his passing while doing something good for your community. Besides being a musician, Prince was also a humanitarian who never bragged about his charity work. He played charity events and donated money to charities to help disadvantaged youth and young adults. He helped young musical and dance talents with their careers and encouraged low-income young adults to get into technology careers. You can do the same by helping people throughout your own community. So pay memory to the passing of Prince by wearing purple, playing golf, listening to his music, or donating to charity. There are many ways to remember this songwriter, musician, and humanitarian. Select the best way that you want to pay tribute.
May 23, 2016 — Natalie Montoya

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