When it comes to golf, any one shot can trip you up. If you have a least favorite shot or least favorite hole, chances are you need to take the time to practice it, and gain confidence. Long putts are one such shot. Most people hate them as these shots typically seem easier to take in one long putt, but usually wind up costing people two or three. Working on your lag putting can be a great way to help your game. Here are some tips to improve long putting to get the ball as close as you can. Keep your goals in mind. Set a goal of getting the ball within 6 feet of the hole. Don’t just aim for the hole, aim for the area around the hole. Chances are this way, you’ll get a lot closer. If the shot seems like it’s too long, it most likely is. Rather than trying to make it in one, and actually taking four swings to get it, hurts your game, so be realistic. If the shot seems impossible, slow down and set a goal to make it in two. Remember, the closer you get it, the easier the final put. That’s what you’re setting yourself up for. Have your shot be like more of a chip. If you do a more stroke like putt, your ball more than likely won’t get close enough to the hole. Try taking a chip putt to get it closer. Chips give the golf ball the little extra push they need. Always practice. Spend time on the putting green and work on your lag putts. Practice which stance is right for you, and try different common putting distances vs. long ones. Hit your golf balls from three different distances and see how different each shot feels. Take note of how your stance chances for each, and replicate that out on the green. In working on your stance, get closer to the ball. If you’re closer, you’re more likely to hit the ball into your goal area. Try to avoid the typical crouched position used for normal putting. Give yourself a challenge. Find the most difficult put you can find, with your remote-controlled golf caddy, and practice there. Help yourself develop a great technique, and see what you do differently for shorter or longer puts. Work on your confidence during practice, and you’re sure to see improvement during a game. Getting comfortable is the key to improving your game and your long, or short putts. Take the time to practice them from all different angles and see what works best for you.
September 26, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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