Every year, manufacturers are studying golf products and coming up with new innovations to help golfers to make swings that will hit golf balls so they will travel farther and provide more flexibility with the type of swing that a golfer wishes to make. This year is no exception. Some amazing new technology has appeared on the golf course that is making waves throughout the golf industry. Smart Club Sets Technology is being placed into the grips of the golf clubs to help track the golfer's performance. Currently found in Cobra Golf's King 58 and 58+ lines, sensors in the grips analyze everything from distance, shots, and location. Then the sensors send the information to a smartphone app. The smartphone app analyzes the information and further breaks it down to tell you about strokes gained, chipping, handicaps and other details so you can modify your swings for better performance. Utility Clubs The Open Championship last summer proved the amazing benefits that utility clubs can provide. Utility clubs are replacements for irons as they have deeper and lower centers of gravity with their mass. This characteristic helps to get the ball airborne for long shots. So it is another club to have in your arsenal for your game. New Mallets Blade putters became customary for good golf players. Yet mallets have made a comeback as new technology provides weighting in the mallet so the mallet's face angles downward once the putter is balanced in your hand. This manner provides better alignment and aim. You game more stability when sinking the ball into the hole. The year 2018 will bring some major changes to the way golfers play their game. Check out the amazing technologies that are being introduced into clubs. You will find the right technologies that will allow you to improve your performance.
July 19, 2018 — Natalie Montoya

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