carts and next tee sign on a snow covered links golf course in ireland in snowy winter weather Don’t let frigid temperatures outside strip you of the joy of getting in a round of golf this weekend. Yes, it may be cold outside, but that doesn’t have to keep you off of the course. The trick to enjoying a winter game is keeping warm. But how? Take Mom’s Advice Mother really does know best – even when you’re a grow-up. When you were a child your mother likely had a lot of rules when it came to playing outside. Well, those rules still apply!
  • Keep Your Head Warm: it is a fact, your head leaks body heat. Be sure to wear a tight (but comfortable) hat that covers both your head and your ears.
  • Dress in Layers. Yep, mom was right; dressing in layers can help keep you warm no matter what the weather. Plus, it enables you to easily take off a jacket or sweater in order to swing better. Depending on how cold it is outside, start with a thermal layer and then add a long sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt and jacket. Look for thin temperature controlled clothing at your local sports store. There are plenty of lightweight options available designed to keep you warm while leaving your arms free to swing.
  • Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry: be sure to wear long, heavy and moisture wicking socks while playing in colder temperatures. Warm toes make for a more pleasant game.
Keep Your Hands Warm One of the biggest problems golfers face when playing in colder weather is keeping their hands warm. After all, stiff hands can’t hold the club properly and that can mess up even the best shot. Invest in a good pair of gloves that you can easily take off while hitting, but wear in between shots. Strategically placing hand warmers in your jacket pocket is an inexpensive option for keeping your hands warm and limber during the game. Keep Moving Cold weather is not the time to be lazy. Leave the golf cart behind and walk the course. The extra exercise will keep your blood flowing and help warm your entire body. Walking golf is best if you are using a remote control golf cart. This will allow you to keep your blood flowing but not have to lug around your clubs. Have a Drink Along the Way Now, you may be tempted to fill your thermos with a little whisky toddy, but keep those alcoholic warm-ups for after the game. Alcohol may feel like it is warming you up; but it actually has the opposite effect. Instead, fill a thermos with coffee, hot chocolate or even tea. Staying hydrated in colder weather can help warm your body; plus the warmth of the liquid feels good. Keep drinks, heat packs and extra snacks all in your electric golf caddy for easy transport on a cold day. Don’t Forget To Warm Your Ball Okay, so switching out your golf ball by keeping one warm in your pocket isn’t going to do anything to keep your body toasty during the game, but it will make you play better. It has been shown that playing with a cold ball loses 3-5 yards per swing. Simply using a covered ball or keeping one in your pocket and switching it out between holes can improve your cold weather game tremendously –and that will make you feel warmer inside. Playing golf in the cold can be fun if you are prepared for withstanding winter’s whipping winds and freezing temperatures. Take the time to dress properly and warm up your body with plenty of stretching before heading outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Don’t be fooled. Golf isn’t just a warm weather sport. You can enjoy a round or two no matter where you live or what the temperature is outside.
October 20, 2015 — Natalie Montoya

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