Closeup golf in a golf club, outdoor Playing golf can be a rigorous sport for your mind and your body. Yet don't forget the equipment that you are using each time you are on the course. Being more aware about your equipment and things that can happen to it will allow you to prepare yourself before each tee time so you will have working equipment that provides the optimal performance based on your skill level. Here are several things that you should keep in mind about your golf equipment. Grips Don't Last Forever In fact, if your grips seem to be lasting forever, it means you don't use your clubs often enough and you need to head out to the course more. Otherwise, the grips will begin to crack and split. You don't have to buy new clubs. Instead, you can regrip the clubs. Ask a clubfitter for the best recommendation for grips. Then make sure the new ones last longer by using dish soap to tackle the signs of wear-and tear. Having the Right Balls Matter Not every ball is the same and it will perform differently based on the skill level of the player. Check out both the less expensive and premium priced balls to see how they work with your swing as some will give you less spin and are better to work with if you are a mid-handicap player. Remove the Rust Irons and wetness produce rust as there really is no way to prevent it. Yet you can remove the rust from your clubs by using some home cleaning solutions that won't damage them. Using a small bit of vinegar is the best solution as you can scrub the rust off gently with a toothbrush. Then rinse the irons with clean water and dry them off. They will look as good as new and your performance won't be negatively impacted. The Clubs Might be Holding You back If you have worked consistently to improve your golf game, using everything from high tech gadgets to having the professional lessons, then the clubs might actually be the problem. They may not be the perfect fit for you based on several factors including your height and the length of your arms when gripping the clubs. A clubfitter can help you get the perfectly fitted clubs that will work to improve your skills tremendously. You may see a notable improvement with a pair of fitted clubs versus the ones that you just purchased right off the rack or online. Always understand everything there is about your equipment to take proper care of the items and to ensure that you are working with equipment that is right for you. Don't forget to think about the equipment that can help you have a great game of walking golf such as electric golf trolleys and remote control golf caddies. Here at CartTek, we offer all the caddies, caddy parts and accessories so you can have an easier time traveling with your clubs along the course. With a variety of electric trolleys and caddies at great prices, you can tackle any terrain and enjoy the beauty of the course even more when walking to each hole.
November 12, 2015 — Natalie Montoya

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